The night I was shared by my husband

I’m f30 been married for 10 years husband is also 30 well one night me and him were talking about kinky sex and I mentioned how sexy it would be if him and his friends used me how ever they wanted but the catch is I didn’t want to know who was who so I wanted to be blind folded so he walks out of the room maybe 15 mins I wondered he was upset little did I know what he was actually doing was calling four of his friends

then he finally came back in the room and I blurted out are you mad at me he smiled and said no that he just had to make a phone call for work which he does at all times so I didn’t think anything of it and then said that is was really sexy and we talked a little more and teased each other a little until it was time for bed so I got undressed and slipped under the covers we started making out and he started sucking my hard nipples and rubbing my clit making my pussy wet as it throbbed aching to be fucked that’s when he puts a blind fold on me and says I have a surprise for you

I could feel the bed move as he got up and then I heard the door open I was really confused what he was doing that’s when I felt hands all over me as he whisper surprise I knew then he was giving me what I really wanted at first they took turns fucking my pussy then they spit roasted me then they filled all my holes I couldn’t help but cum and squirt over and over again and the thrill of knowing my husband is watching his friends use me like this was incredible by the end of the night I was covered and filled with all of their cum it was amazing feeling all that cum ooze out of me and being used in that way

This is my first story and I was never vary good in English so be nice please I hope someone out there likes this

NSFW: yes

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