The night I almost bred my friend

This happened c. 2019, when I was 19 and the girl of this story had just turned 18! Some details are altered for privacy!

With my then girlfriend we had this friend. Actually, she was the best friend of my girlfriend. I had known her for a couple years, but we weren’t too familiar with each other, not before she turned 18. I went to her birthday party with my gf, and it was her first time drinking. I was surprised by how much she wanted to cuddle me and in general wanted my attention after a couple drinks, and even more so after I noticed my girlfriend wasn’t even jealous!

Some weeks later she came to my place to have a small party with a couple of my friends and my girlfriend. After she once again sat on my lap, I accidentally felt her nipple poke me and instantly got turned on. My memory is a little fuzzy on how it went forward from this point, but in just a few moments we all were squeezing and feeling her perky AA tits! I probably gave the most attention to them, and when everyone else were having a smoke I asked her if I could suck on them, too! It was the best pair I had ever tasted, and I was hooked! I had to stop pretty soon when others came back, but I did sleep next to her, spooning her and having my hands playing with her nipples… We didn’t sleep much that night.

We saw the next time a couple weeks later, this time just her, my girlfriend and myself. We drank some, but my girlfriend got really sleepy and went to sleep early. We continued chatting, and she told me about her previous sexual encounters (there weren’t many) and how she occasionally wanted more action in the sheets. At some point we went to bed next to my girlfriend where we continued chatting, but I noticed I couldn’t keep my hands away from her body. She didn’t seem to mind at all, and even occasionally moved my hand deeper under her clothes until I realized I had her nipple in my mouth and my fingers playing with her clitoris and about to enter her. She was so so wet, and I easily got a couple fingers in while I continued rubbing her clit. I tried to keep it silent, as I worried my girlfriend would wake up but luckily it didn’t happen. Not soon after her pussy got wetter and her breathing deeper, before I felt her pussy suddenly squeeze my fingers. I felt a bunch of her wettness spreading in my hand, and after some light playing with her clit I eventually pulled my hand from under her clothes and back onto her tit before we fell asleep… We didn’t tell my girlfriend anything about what happened after she fell asleep.

About a week later I had a day off work, and I planned to meet up with her for some drinks at my place. We had been chatting for the last week about what happened last time, and while we didn’t plan on anything, we both did agree we wouldn’t mind in happening again… Once we had a couple drinks, we started talking about it face to face, too. She soon sat on my lap and my hands were free to explore. She knew I had a strong kink for breeding and fucking raw in general, and once I noted I didn’t have any condoms, she kinda just shook it off and didn’t say anything. After a few more drinks she suddenly got up, took all her clothes off and jumped on to my bed, laying on her back. I followed and as soon as I got naked and on top of her, she started grabbing my dick (a bit too violently) and shoving it in her pussy. I warned her I wouldn’t last long as it was a pretty long time since I last cummed. I did try to ask if I should pull out when I felt close enough, but she straight up told me she didn’t care and I could cum in her pussy if I want to seed her! It’s hard to say how long it took, but not long before I felt the pressure building and told her I’m gonna cum in her. She wrapped her hands around me and kept me going until I came probably the hardest since my first raw fuck!

We stayed in bed, just moved a bit from the puddle of cum formed under her on the sheets. We kept playing around, chatted about how fun that was and how we shouldn’t tell my girlfriend about this.. Atleast not about how I filled her. Sometime later she felt my cock getting hard against her ass again, and she guided it back in to her cum dripping pussy and we started all over again! This time it was a lot slower and I didn’t cum in a long while. We tried many positions, spooning, doggy, cowgirl.. Cowgirl was her favorite, she could really easily orgasm there and we found out she was a squirter! I remember her orgasming maybe four or five times before I was fucking her from doggy and felt the pressure building up again. This time I didn’t even warn her, just started telling her how I’m going to fill up her pussy and womb with my cum, and how she will be leaving here as a pregnant bitch! I cummed again, with my balls almost hurting from emptying so well! We cuddled and talked a bit, but soon fell asleep naked in our own fluids..

The next morning we woke up late, both sore from the night primal breeding. I teased her about how all my cum is swimming in her now, and she told me her ovulation is today. We shared a bunch of fantasies that morning, before I drove her home. Later that day she sent me a message to complain about the cum still slowly dripping from her womb. We talked for weeks about this night, and had fantasies of doing it again, but we never did.. We eagerly waited if her period would cum, and sadly it did. She never took Plan B afterwards, and about a year later told me she would’ve kept it if she had gotten pregnant! Still one of my best experiences!

NSFW: yes

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