the night everything change for me and my wife!

This Night was a ordinary night out with me and my wife! We came to this small bar next to down town probably around 12 am. Me and my wife where drinking just injoying our business on the second floor looking down on all the people. I remember seeing this young couple walk in and I saw his girlfriend and I said to my self she’s gorgeous so just let it go the night went on around 1 the couple was playing pool on the pool table so I went and ask if they wanted to play couple vs couple loser buys drinks so they agreed we where getting talking and laughing and so last call came down around and we ask the them if they wanted to keep drinking at the hotel! And they agreed!

So they gave us a ride the our hotel since we took a lyft to that bar. Once we approached I could hear the tone on there voice of if they wanted to or not to go up stairs. So I just told them the room number and said we will he drinking up stairs so me and my wife get to the room we kept on drinking and probably 15 minutes later we hear a knock it’s them so we let the couple in and we there drinking and talking so we begin to talk about tattoos and the other girl says I got a lot so she starts to count them and Says I got more but there under my shirt so my wife gets up and starts to take off her jacked and the other girl us surprise but she keeps on showing us her tattoos and we get to talking about sex toys and stuff so I pull out our sex toys so I bend my wife over on the bed and I give the dildo to the girl and she pulls my wife’s pants down and starts to fuck my wife with the sex toy and she takes her pants off as I just sit back as I see the girls boyfriend take off his pants as gets close to my wife as my wife sucks his cock and I just watch this couple giving my wife pleasure as I sit back watching my wife just injoying her self in the moment she probably forgot I was in the room as she moans I just saw the glow in her I felt so turn on to my wife and I just knew this is what I love! Watching my wife have fun in bed with out me! The next day I just felt more attracted to my wife I just don’t know how to say how It felt!

NSFW: yes

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