The new woman Priest at church part 2 [40s][M/F][Cheating][Church][Straight]

I get out to my car trying to wrap my head around what just happened. My cock more sore then it’s ever been. Claire’s fingernail scratches still leaving a trail of pain down my arms. 

Surprisingly I feel good as I drive home some how I feel accomplished. I did it some how I really did it my fantasies became reality. I’m not as wrapped up with guilt over my infidelity as I wondered I would be. 

A few Church members call and ask how I was apparently they bought the sickness story. I told my wife that I didn’t feel well at Church. She doesn’t ask much about it. 

I ware sleeved shirts to cover the nail marks. Reverend Claire is surprisingly silent. And maybe that’s for the best. The I wonder did she enjoy it? Maybe I went too far? Maybe she expected more? I consider calling Claire many times but I stop myself. I guess I’m just gonna have to wait till Sunday to figure out. 

Out of nowhere my wife says Reverend Claire called she said you volunteered to help with the rummage sale at Church on Saturday. My mind goes blank. My wife says why didn’t you tell me you volunteered. I say oh ya I forgot Claire asked me last week. My wife buys my lie without questioning it. She looks at me and says well you better go it’s already going on. 

I get going when I get to the Church the tables are all set up outside with Claire sitting there. I walk up to her and say I had no idea I volunteered. She says everyone else bailed on me and I was bored. A few people come and look at some items then they leave. Claire says those are the first people I had today. I say looks like a slow one. She smiles and says I sort of like it slow. 

I lift up my shirt showing her nail marks on my arm. She says ouch you might need matching ones on your back. She stands up and pretends to straighten things out on the table unnecessarily bending over in my face.

Even with her black Clergy collar shirt and pants her cute ass shows. I reach up and grab her ass as she pretends not to notice. Giving each cheek a good squeeze. I smack her ass hard without warning. She says hay you and gives me a wide eyed angry stare as I reach between her legs and rub her through her pants and panties. I take my other hand and reach up and grab her breast as my cock starts to stiffen. She wiggles her ass against my hand. She moans faster dam you. I rub faster and harder as she moves her ass faster. She moans dam you make me sin. She grips the table as her body shakes and she struggles to breathe, moaning oh Lord oh as her hips shake. 

We hear some people walk up. Claire hurries up and sits down. A small group of people come and look at a few items. Claire reaches under the table and rubs my hard, straining and aching cock through my pants and underwear. She smiles and says there, there boy. Some of the people walk up and buy a few things. They leave then it’s quiet again. 

My hand quickly goes back between Claire’s legs again. Her wetness soaking straight through her pants. She unzips my pants like she’s unwrapping a present on Christmas morning. My cock pops straight up into the air as she pulls my underwear down. She leans over and spits on my cock as she strokes it. Claire smiles and says aren’t you glad I invited you. I moan oh yes Reverend. My hand is cramping and sore as she moans rub me harder and faster with those big strong hands. I loosen her belt pull up her shirt and shove my hand under her panties rubbing her sticky wet, swollen, hot pussy. Her hips shake as she orgasms oh yes oh yes. 

I moan oh Claire oh as streams of cum shoot out of my cock on the table, Claire’s arm and hand. Claire licks the cum off of her hand. We hear some people approach. Claire says I have to use the restroom and walks away. I straighten up quickly. I take a blouse and wipe up the cum off the table. To my shock a lady picks it up and buys it she doesn’t even notice. 

NSFW: yes

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