The Neighbors [MFMF] [21-42] [Swapping] [Group] [Age Gap] – Short Sex Story

*Credit to u/temporary-thoughts for the inspiration. My messages and chat are open if people have ideas they would like me to write out!*

I pour the wine slowly into stemless glasses. Filling the vessels with dark red liquid. Generous pours. I left the sliding glass door open to our back yard porch. I could hear the soft sounds of David’s voice telling a story. Annie’s giggle. I smile.

I step outside to join the other three. Feeling the warm summer evening air on my chest. I’m wearing a low cut blouse. Showing off my ample cleavage.The sky is turning that darker blue as dusk approaches. My eyes flick up to watch a bat flit through the sky. I hand the glasses of wine to the younger couple.

They moved in next door this summer. We chatted a few times across the fence. In the driveway. But this was the first time we had them over. Annie and Kyle. As soon as I saw them I started fantasizing. Told David. He encouraged me. Whispered in my ear as he kissed my neck. Asking me what I wanted the younger man to do to me.

Now they were here and I was feeling a new nervous excitement in my chest. A little tightness in the base of my throat. The anticipation and uncertainty of attempted seduction. We had no idea if they would be open and eager to join us. But we had to try.

I sit down next to Kyle. Across from our spouses. I smile at him and offer a cheers. “To new friends and neighbors,” I smile warmly and place and gentle hand on his thigh. Softly. Fleeting. Just for a moment. He looks at me. I can’t really read his expression.

We chat. Getting to know each other a little better. I watch Annie closely. Watching how she interacts with my husband. He is good looking. Charismatic. I can see her connecting with him. As most people do. Her body language slightly changing. Turning toward him. Opening her body toward him. Drawn into him. Subconsciously offering her self to him.

My husband keeps looking over at me. Our eyes meeting. All of the information I need is in his eyes. His look. They way he is scanning the thin, fit, younger woman next to him. How I can see the gleam in his eyes as he looks between me and my couch mate. His smile telling me his confidence. His certainty that our plan will come to fruition.

Kyle’s body language was a little less subtle. His eyes flicking down to my cleavage. He wondered he was being sneaky. But I caught him every-time. I sat back. Spreading my shoulders. Pushing my breasts against the thin fabric of my blouse. The buttons straining to contain them. Putting on a little show for the younger man.

I scoot a little closer to Kyle. I lean in. Whispering in his ear. Annie not paying attention to us. I put my hand back on his thigh. I give it a little rub. “You know… I think your wife is kinda into my husband.” I give him a playful squeeze on the leg. I raise my eye brows and flick my eyes across the porch. I keep my voice low.

“Have the two of you ever… you know… swapped?” I ask trying to be as casual as that question can be. I could feel him begin to tense up next to me. His breathing speeding up a little. He shook his head slowly. I could tell he didn’t know what to say. What to do.

I don’t wait for him to respond. To second guess. I act. I reach down and grab his hand. Interlacing my fingers into his. I pull him up out of the couch. My husband and Annie turning to look at us. I see Kyle give a fleeting little bit panicked but excited look to his wife. He doesn’t know how to warn her. Tell her what is happening. Explain where the night is headed.

“I was thinking hot tub.” I say quickly pulling Kyle with me across the lawn to our secluded tub in the back corner of the lawn. I open it. The soft blue glowing water the only real light on this side of the yard. Kyle looks over his shoulder. The other two are staying where they are. “I um… I’m not sure…” he mumbles.

I step toward him, my hand finding his hand again. “You don’t have to do anything that makes you uncomfortable.” I say softly. “But I think you don’t have to worry about Annie.” I nod toward our spouses. He turns.

They are in the bright light of our patio. Stark against the now dark sky and surrounding neighborhood. Shining across the dark lawn as if they are in a stage. Annie is straddling David. Her hips moving gently back and forth on his lap. Their lips locked in a kiss. I slide my hand to Kyle’s waist. Pulling him back against me. I kiss his neck. “See nothing to worry about.” I pull him back toward the hot tub. Reaching down to undress.

I don’t look back at my new companion until I’m sliding into the water. I stand in the middle of the tub. The light under the water reflecting off my naked body. The ripples of the water running over my skin. I smile at Kyle. Beckoning him to join. He nervously strips. He stew forward. I can see his cock is semi hard. Heavy but not erect. It leads back to clean shaven balls.

He steps into the water and slides toward me. I let him pull me close. Draping my arms around his neck. We kiss. Tentatively at first. Then opening our mouths to each other. Our tongues sliding over our lips. His strong young body pressing against me. He seems to gain a little confidence as we kiss. His hands slide under the water to grip my ass. Squeezing it. Groping it. I moan my approval into his mouth. Encouraging him. I reach under the water and gently grasp his cock. Stroking it under water. He is uncut. My hand pulling his foreskin back and forth over his cock head.

I break the kiss. Using my other hand I push Kyle down to my chest. “Suck on my nipples…” he does eagerly. My moans are more audible now. A little performative. But I like that. It’s fun. Especially in this context. I want to create his confidence. I don’t want him to stop. I feel his tongue swirl around my nipples and areola. I look across the lawn toward Annie and David.

I watch as the woman slides off his lap gracefully. They are talking but I can’t hear what they are saying. They look over at us. Kyle’s face buried in my breasts. Going back and forth with his mouth, fully engaged in pleasuring my breasts. I wave. David waves back. I can see the wide smile on his face as he says something to Annie before she leans down to put his cock in her mouth. I gently urge Kyle’s face out of my cleavage.

I gesture toward our spouses. He lets out a soft gasp as he sees his wife bobbing up and down on my husbands cock. Her eyes are locked on his. We have a side view of them. A user account. David’s cock. Annie’s lips. The bright patio lights framing them perfectly. Kyle turns more toward them. Transfixed with the scene in front of him. I slide next to him. Pressing my curvy body against his more athletic frame. My hand has never left his cock. Still stroking it.

I say in a ordinary volume. There is something extra erotic about not whispering sometimes. The comfort of our actions. The normalization of using a regular voice. No reason to whisper. I let my voice dip a little lower. Become a little raspier.

“How fucking hot is that? Annie looks like a good cock sucker. Does she give you nice blowjobs?”

I hear Kyle audibly swallow. “Yeah… I mean yeah… she does a good job.” I feel his cock pulse in my hand. It’s rock hard now. I stroke it gently under the water. Making little ripples as I do. A soft sound of the waves hitting the side of the tub mixes with our voices. “I wish she did it more honestly…” he says his eyes not leaving his wife pleasuring another man.

“You should be proud of her.” I say “she is making David feel so good. I can see it on his face. I can see him telling her how good she is doing. Encouraging her. You should be so proud. Your wife is so hot. Such a good little cock sucker.”

I begin to stroke him a little faster. I can feel his body tense. “You like it don’t you?” I smile. He just grunts and nods. “It’s going to make you cum. Watching your wife suck my husband’s cock. You’re going to cum nice and hard for me aren’t you?” His breathing is quicker. Harder. Faster. He reaches down and grabs one of my ass cheeks. Holding it hard. His body tense. Then he releases. I don’t stop stroking him until I feel his cock stop spasming with pleasure. “Fuck…” he moans as he cums. His seed squirting out into the warm water.

As if he could tell Kyle and I were at an inflection point David moved over to us. Pulling Annie with him. They approached. I caressed Kyle. Whispering in his ear soft encouragements. My hand still on his cock although it was softening. We watch as David undresses the younger woman. Pulling off her tank top. Undoing her bra. Unbuttoning her jean shorts. Peeling off her panties. She climbs into the tub. Her eyes turning away from my husband to her own. Her eyes are on fire. She is so aroused. So turned on.

They kiss as David strips and joins us in the warm water. Slipping in easily. I’m still holding Kyle’s cock as he kisses his wife and David steps behind her. He leans in and wraps his strong arms around her smaller body. I lean forward to kiss my husband. Each of us kissing our respective spouses. All of us in a cuddle standing in the middle of the hot tub.

David pulls Annie away. Picking her up easily and setting her down on the side of the tub. He slides his hands down the inside of her thighs. Opening her legs as he kneels in front of her.

“You’re in for a treat…” I say smirking at Annie. I move through the water and climb on the side of the tub next to her. Spreading my own legs. Kyle gets the hint and moves to mimic David. I feel his breath and then his tongue. He is tentative. Clumsy. It obviously is not a regular occurrence in their marital bed.

David buries he is face between Annie’s smooth legs. I know what he is doing. I can see Annie’s face flush. Her breathing deepen. I’ve been the recipient of my husbands magical tongue before. They way he drags it slowly up and down to begin. Pressing it firmly against her labia and clit. Flicking it against the sensitive beam before deliberately sliding it all over her woman hood.

I turn my attention back to Kyle. His movements not much of a distraction. I decide to help. To instruct him a little. “Focus on my clit. Mix it up. Go a little faster then slow. Explore it. Feel it in your mouth. Suck on it.”

Kyle followed my instructions. His motions starting to illicit some sensation for me. I glance over at Annie. I see a look of pure pleasure on her face. David’s head is moving back and forth and up and down. His tongue teasing and pleasing her expertly. She reaches over and holds my hand. Steadying her self on the edge of the tub. I can see she is already begin to tremble. I know David won’t let her cum that quickly.

I begin to narrate to Kyle his wife’s experience. Telling him how sexy she looks. How her face is glowing with pleasure. How she is starting to shake. How hard David is gonna make her cum. My words urge him to continue. His attention more direct. As if he wants to compete to give me as much pleasure as my husband is giving his wife.

David starts to use his fingers and tongue in tandem. I tell Kyle, and he slide a hand out of the water. I feel his wet fingers press into my wet vagina. Spreading my labia then entering me. One finger. Then two. Shallowly thrusting as his tongue continues to rub against my clit.

“Push them further in… turn them around… hook them. Yes right there. That’s my G-spot. Rub them there…” I reach down and rub his hair with my hand not intertwined with his wife’s fingers. David is fucking her hard with his fingers. Then slow. Bringing her to the cusp of an orgasm before backing off. She is moaning loudly. I see her watching Kyle occasionally. I hope he takes this back to their own sex life after seeing how much Annie is enjoying it.

I can feel an orgasm building. Slowly but surely building up intensity. “Yes Kyle… like that. Lick my clit fast. Faster! Faster!” His tongue is working hard. His fingers rubbing inside of me. I cum. I moan louder than the feeling demanded, but I still feel the blessing of a sexual release flow through my body. I feel Annie tense next to me. Knowing spurred on by my own orgasm that David is now gonna let her cum too.

I pull Kyle up. “Suck her nipples…” I urge him. And he does. Cupping her small breast with one hand and sucking her erect nipple into his mouth. Annie moans louder and shakes more violently. Then her voice stops. She doesn’t breath for a couple seconds. The stillness in our back yard is palpable. Then she lets out a low long moan of please as her body releases in an incredible display or sexual pleasure.

We move to the bedroom after drying off. The two couples easily conversing and joking. Everyone seems happy with the new arrangement. We head to the master bathroom and the large shower. They pile into the warm water. We switch back momentarily to our respective partners. I slide my lips into my husbands mouth. I look into his eyes. Smiling. Our eyes conveying the message to each other. We both discover them so hot. Can’t wait to keep going. David squirts some body wash into his hand. Sliding it over my skin. I feel Annie close behind me. David hands over the soap to Kyle. The two men wash us both. Their hands sliding over our smooth bodies. I turn to face Annie and slide my hands over her too. All of us washing all of us. A mix of hands and bodies. Of asses and Tits and arms and legs and stomachs and backs. The men are obviously willing for more. Gesture to Annie and we both drop to our knees.

We work together to pleasure both cocks. Taking turns with our mouths and hands. Sharing them. Sliding our lips and tongues over them. Stroking them. Rubbing them. Our husbands looking down in awe as her worship their cocks as a sexual team. I can see in David’s eyes that he wants to fuck Annie. Wants to feel her tight pussy around his cock. I stand and take hold of Kyle’s cock. Pulling him out of the cascading water and into the bathroom. I don’t bother drying off. Our bodies dripping and glistening with water. I bed over the bathroom counter facing the mirror.

I watch in the reflection as David easily lifts Annie’s small body. Pinning her against the wall of the shower. He pushes his cock up into her. She moans. Her legs and arms wrapped around his manly body.

It’s my turn to moan as I feel Kyle’s hands spread my ass cheeks. Grabbing at them before sliding his cock into me. He gropes and massages my ass as he starts to fuck me. Sliding in and out of me slowly at first then faster. I see his eyes, like mine, moving back and forth from our fucking to our spouses fucking. We can see them clearly through the glass wall of the shower. David bouncing Annie’s body up and down on his cock. “Damn… Annie is so small. He can pick her up so easily. He has never fucked me like that…”

Kyle grabs at my ass some more. “I love your ass. There is so much of it. It’s so hot. You look so hot right now. It feels so good.”

David moves turning Annie around he presses her against the glass of the shower. Pushing her forward so her breasts press against the wall. Spreading out on the wet glass. She shudders as he presses back into her. He thrusts a few times then grabs her legs. Pulling them off the ground and holding them against his hips. Just easily moving and using and using her as he wants. His strength and her relatively small body allowing him to push her into new and innovative positions. I love it. Engrossed I forget for a second about the cock pushing in and out of me. “Can we go by them?” Kyle asks and with our saying anything I move to the opposite side of the glass. Pressing my body against it. My face looking right into Annie’s. Her face is to the side. The position holding her tight against the wall. I arch my back a little. Rocking my hips to allow Kyle access to my pussy again. He pushes into me. His growing confidence becoming more of an asset.

“You look so hot Annie!” He yells over the sound of the shower. His voice echoing against the tile walls. “His cock feels so good honey… this is so hot… feels so good” her voice is broken by my husbands powerful thrusts.

I feel Kyle thrust harder. Fucking my pussy with fast strokes as he watches his wife get used by my husband. I look over my shoulder at him. I can see how much fun they are having with this new experience.

“Go join them. Give your wife two cocks for the first time.” He smiles wide. Pulling out of me. His cock dripping with my juices. I step quickly into the bed room. Grabbing a vibrator and returning quickly to the bathroom. I sit on the floor of the bathroom. On the mat in front of the sink. I turn on the toy and press it to my clit as I watch Annie between David and Kyle. My husband still pounding into her. Kyle pushing his cock into her mouth. The wet slapping sound of their lovemaking filling the bathroom.

I make myself cum with the toy. Watching them play. Annie is moaning loudly around her husbands cock. Kyle had her head in two hands. Thrusting up in between her lips. His eyes locked on David’s cock entering and filling his wife’s pussy. David watches me cum and pulls out of Annie. Kyle follows suit. Both men needing a little break. We all dry off. Helping each other distribute David’s and my two towels.

Kyle leads the way out of the bathroom and crawls on the bed. I love how he has embraced this new experience fully. He lays on his back and I follow him. Mounting and lowering my self on to his cock. I begin to ride him. “I want to watch.” I hear Annie’s voice then feel my husbands steps as he walks on the mattress. Standing next to me. I take his cock into my mouth. Kyle watching excitedly as I ride him. My large breasts bouncing. My lips gripping at David’s penis.

I feel Annie climb on the bed too. She lays down her head resting near her husbands. She kisses him. Cuddles next to him. Looking up at me and David. We continue like this for a bit before David can help him self. He pulls his cock from my mouth and steps off the bed. Pulling Annie to the edge. Her head is still close to Kyles and the young couple kiss as David pushes into her. Both me and David fucking them as they make out.

It’s too much for Kyle. I can feel his cock spasm and he cums inside of me. Moaning into his wife’s mouth as he cums. Watching and hearing Kyle cum pushes David over the edge too. He moans and also cums inside of Annie. Both men climaxing simultaneously.

They are breathing hard and are more spent. David gestures and they leave the room. I know he is gonna get some water and snacks to help us continue our fun further into the light.

I pull Annie to me. Pulling her more fully on the bed. She watches with wide eyes. I can tell she has never been with another woman before. I spread her legs. With two fingers I dig my husbands cum out of her pussy. Sucking and eating it. I then lower my head and slide my tongue over her. Tasting the mix of David and her.

I begin to lick her enthusiastically. Running my tongue up and down her slit. Probing gently at her opening, then focusing on her clit. I slide my hand up her toned stomach and discover her breasts. Rubbing and groping at her nipples. I can feel her breathing hard. She arches her back. Pushing her groin against my mouth. I flick my tongue over her clit faster. And she starts to shake a little. Before making her cum I move.

I slide off the bed and grab my vibrator. I hold it against my clit. Not on, and pull her toward me. Pulling her onto my lap. I hold her close and flick the switch. Letting the vibe buzz against both of us. She moans and I pull her lips into mine. Kissing her gently. She is tentative at first but gains confidence as we begin to hump the toy and make out.

Her hands grope at my tits feeling them. Feeling their weight. Holding them in her hand. Exploring my body. I continue to kiss her and hold the toy between us. It’s doesn’t take long for us both to cum. She falls back from me her body still pulsing in the after shocks of her most intense orgasm yet.

Swinging my legs around I lay next to her. Helping her to climb on top of me. We lay perpendicular to the bed head to tail. Both of our mouths finding each other’s wetness. I feel her tongue lap at my pussy. Most of Kyle’s cum had dropped out, but she was eagerly sucking in the remnants. I put my hands on her small round ass. Pulling her to me. I lick fast then slow at her clit. Mixing up the speeds. Feeling her inch toward another climax. I tease her. Bring her up the back off. Postponing her release. I can feel her tremble harder.

We are lost in each other but I hear the soft padding of footsteps as the men renter the room. They don’t disturb us.

I take my time. Letting Annie explore. She is fairly distracted by my attention. Her tongue moving slowly and intermittently over me. I don’t mind.

By the time I’m ready to let her cum. I can feel the boys rustling together. Moving toward the bed for a better view. I flick my tongue fast over her clit. I feel her legs tense on either side of my head. Then release as she orgasms for another time tonight.

I feel a shadow fall over my face and peel out from under Annie’s legs. Kyle is standing over me. He presses his cock into my mouth and I open it willingly. This must have been what the men had been schemeing. As I feel David on my other side. Kyle wets his mostly hard cock in my mouth then presses it into his wife’s pussy. Just as I feel David to the same to mine.

“Now go back and forth.. he instructs Kyle. Mouth to pussy, mouth to pussy.” I feel both Ben alternate. Ben fucking Annie. David fucking me. Then both of our mouths being filled with dick. I can taste Annie’s juices again. And it doesn’t take long for Kyle to become rock hard again. They fuck us for a little bit then switch at David’s instruction. Keeping their routine with new holes.

David seems to be directing and Kyle follows. He seems happy to follow. To do what David tells him to do. I watch David step back and feel Kyle do the same. David grabs Annie, pulling her off of me. He pulls her to him. He puts her on all fours on the edge of the bed. “Let’s fuck each other’s wives nice and hard until we cum.” David declares. I smile and move to all fours to mirror Annie.

I watch as David starts to fuck her hard and fast. Pistoning his cock into her. It’s mesmerizing. Annie let’s out a yelp. Then doesn’t make a sound. As her face is pure shock and pleasure with the almost violent fucking. Kyle must also be stunned because he doesn’t follow suit right away. Then I feel him push into me. He tries to match Davids tempo. Lacking a little bit doing pretty well. His cock rams into me. I dig my hands into the sheets to hold against it.

Annie can hold it. Her arms collapse and David pushes down her legs. She lays prone on the bed as he continues his rough action on her. She still doesn’t say anything. I can’t tell if she is breathing. Watching the scene unfold. The way his wife is being pounded by David. Kyle cums unexpectedly. It surprised him to. He pulls out and paints my ass and back with a small load. Understandable after the night we have had. He stands watching. Breathing hard. His young fit body sporting a sheen of sweat.

David is grunting loudly as he further mounts Annie. Pile-driving his cock down into your young tight body. The he stands up. Standing over the younger woman. A foot on either side of her. His cock is glistening. It bounces with inertia. He leans his head back takes a deep breath. And without touching himself he cums. Spraying cum on Annie’s hair and our bed sheet. He lets out a long bellow of pleasure.

I can’t help but laugh. Kyle joins in. Then all four of us are giggling as we collapse in a sweaty tired pile of sexually satisfied individuals.

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