The Nanny Secret [M35F33/F28] [Couple] [Nanny] [First Time] [Girl-on-Girl] [Guy-on-Girl] – Short Sex Story

[This is a longer one and is told from the perspective of a Nanny who has always had a crush on her bosses]

You’re on your couch. After another day at work you’re washing away your frustration with a glass of wine. Thinking back to earlier today when Nancy, the mom of the family, got home from work. She came through the door and it was like every other day. She looks so stunning. Beautiful in her nice satin blouse and pencil skirt. You could feel the butterflies in your stomach flutter again and your face gets a little flush.

How is it that such a gorgeous woman like her got to be your boss. You could have ended up with a grumpy old couple, but instead you have two of the best looking people you know. They’re so sweet and gentle. Just being near them makes your heart flutter a bit. Oh, who are you kidding? They’re your bosses. This isn’t some porno. You need to keep those thoughts elsewhere. And yet, it’s so fun to think of pulling her in close and kissing her. Right in front of Sean, her husband. Give him that awesome birthday gift he’s at all times wanted.

You drift off into another daydream about when all is quiet in the house and you three begin a late night of lustful passion. There will be wine. There will be laughing. Kissing. Gentle touches. Shivers go up and down your spine. You lay back and notice your hand caress down your neck. You feel warm. You smile. You’ve only had two sips of wine. Was it hitting you? Or were you getting a little flustered?

A vibration jolts your butt awake and you realize that you’re sitting on your ringing phone. It’s Sean! This late at night? You answer, “Umm. Hello.”

“Hey, sorry to call you so late. I didn’t wake you?”

“Oh no. I was just sitting down. Perfect timing. Is everything ok? Are the kids ok?”

“What? Oh, yes. Yes. Everything is fine. Nothing to worry about. Would you be able to stop by tonight just an hour or two? I have to run to the office to pick up some stuff. I’m going to be working from home for the next few days, and Nancy could use some help. I feel bad leaving her here. I hope you don’t mind. ”

“Oh, yes. I’m free. I can be there in 10 minutes. Or.. oh shoot. I need to get changed. Make that 20.”

“Oh don’t worry about changing. I’m sure your PJs are fine. They’re all in their PJs already.”

“Ok. 10 minutes then. I’ll be there.”

You hang up and begin to collect your things. As you walk to the door you notice how silly you feel “running” out the door in your PJs. You head over to their house and begin up their driveway. Then you stop cold in your tracks. You’re in your PJs. Your PJs. You don’t wear underwear in your PJs. No bra. No panties. Wearing PJs in your bosses’ house is one thing. You’re about to go without underwear. Well there’s no turning back now and as you realize there’s nothing you can do, you begin to get a smirk. Hey, maybe you’ll have a little fun in bed when you get home tonight. This is a little exciting.

You reach for the handle as Sean already pulls open the door. He was just on the way out and is little startled seeing you at the door, “Oh! Perfect timing. Nancy’s inside now. I should be back in 2 hours or so. He rushes by you and you walk into the house. You head to the kitchen table where Nancy is sitting there in a conservative, but sensual nightie. Nothing overtly sexual, but it definitely compliments her body.

You’ve never seen her like this before and you try really hard to convince yourself it’s the two sips of wine that has you feeling warm. WHY DID YOU NOT WEAR UNDERWEAR! Oh, what a night. Nancy smiles at you, “There you are. Just in time. I’m really sorry to call you over this late. It’s been a crazy week. Oh to be young and free again.”

“Good evening. Don’t worry. I’m always happy to help. I’m just glad you called me.”

Nancy smiles. or did she blush? She looked away too fast to tell. Hmm, maybe she’s just embarrassed about the situation.

“I’m always here to help. You know that.” You say to reassure her

The two of you work perfectly in tandem getting things ready. You’re not sure if they expected there to be a big ruckus, but it was actually very easy. It’s at all times strange how Nancy acts like she needed your help. Maybe she’s just intimidated and nervous. You don’t mind though. Spending some time with her is never a dull moment.

By the time everything has been settled it’s only been an hour since you got there. You won’t even get to see Sean come back. You’d have like to see him again, even if it was only for a few minutes.

“So is there anything else I can do? It looks like Sean will be back in an hour. If there’s nothing else, I can see myself out.”, you say. You catch yourself midway through. You originally sounded depressed that there was nothing else to do, but then you change your tone back to a professional sound.

“Oh, are you in a rush back home? I’m sorry. Here I am taking you away from your night off. I’m so sorry.”

“Oh, no! Not at all. I actually had poured a glass of wine and got two sips in. You didn’t interrupt anything at all. I had plans to just watch some Hallmark movies. It wasn’t anything exciting.”

“Wow, really? I always find myself doing the same. A glass of wine and a cozy Hallmark movie while I wait for Sean to get done with work or whatever he does on that computer. If you’re not in a rush, we can drink some wine and watch some Hallmark together?”

“Yes!” You exclaim. Immediately follow by, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?” in your head. “You sound like a giddy high school girl getting asked to prom!” Luckily for you, Nancy may have been just as excited for some business and two glasses of a nice red sit on the coffee table as the two of you relax on the couch and begin the movie. Luckily for you, Nancy starts back up the conversation with you as soon as she finds the channel.

“It’s really funny. Sean didn’t expect you to answer the phone. He said you were probably out on a date or with a man.”

You let out a yelping laugh, “Hah! Really? Me? Oh, I don’t think that would be happening.”

“What, why? You’re a gorgeous woman. I honestly thought you were married, but Sean told me you weren’t. I at least thought you had a boyfriend.”

“Me? No. No boyfriend at all. I’m not like that.”

“What do you mean?” Nancy says. At this time you’re looking over at her. As she says these words you can see she’s staring intently at you. Biting her lip.

“Oh. I just mean, I don’t men too often. I mean.. I don’t really often. Umm. Sorry. Hah, I think I’m a light weight with this wine. Ehem. What I meant to say, is I don’t really date men.”

“Oh. Do you mean you don’t date too many men? Or you don’t date… men?” Nancy says. She stirs a bit. Maybe her foot is asleep. Or maybe she’s moving closer to you.

“I don’t date too many men. Or I don’t date men? I don’t really date… anyone at the moment. I just. Never found the right person.”

“Oh.. or maybe you just didn’t find the right girl?” She looks up at you. Her eyes meet yours and her hand falls on your thigh.

A shock courses from your thigh and travels up your leg. It moves up your spine and stands the hair on the back of your neck. You’re blushing a bright red and we don’t even need to mention how much you’re twitching in your non-existing underwear. There’s no getting out of this. She can see you’re interested. She knows you loved that touch more than anything you’ve ever felt. In that one moment you became powerless. Whatever happens tonight happens. Rain or shine. It’s gonna happen.

You let out a sigh. Or a moan. Or whatever you want to call that feeling you get when you give up. When you cannot hide how you feel anymore. That feeling you get when you just want it to happen. Forget the consequences. Forget what people think. Forget everything. You deserve to feel alive. You deserve to feel pleasure. You deserve to be happy. And right now, you’re happy. You’re on the precipice of what might be the most amazing sexual experience of your life. It might change your whole life. You just want to feel it. You cannot take it anymore. You want it to happen. You need it to happen. Please just happen

Your hand shoots out and reaches behind her head. You pull her in, meeting her halfway and your lips lock. This isn’t a time to think about what you’re doing. “Is it right? Is it wrong?” The ideas leave your mind. You want to feel her lips. Kiss her. Kiss her like you’ve imagined doing every day since you started this job.

Her lips are better than you imagined they’d be. They’re soft. Wet. Full. The press against your lips it send shivers down your spine. Her initial shock passes and she meets your passion equally. No, more than that. She shoots her tongue between your lips. Forcing her way into your mouth. Her tongue slides up and over your tongue. The two dance as your lips stay locked. Her hands are on your neck and back, pulling you closer to her. The intensity of her kisses are almost double that of yours. Whatever you wondered was happening in this house, you were completely wrong. This wasn’t this kiss of a slightly tipsy married woman. This was passion and lust, built up of time. You realize that she’s been fantasizing about you for just as long as you were of them. And she’s been enjoying those fantasizes. You mind starts to wonder how many nights she laid in bed and wondered of you. Did she tell Sean? Did he know? Did they both talk about you? Did they roleplay with you in it? The questions are piling up and there are no answer.

Your thoughts are blasted from your mind as she pushes up against you and lays you back on the couch. She’s now on top of you. Kissing. Pushing her tongue into your mouth. Her hands begin to roam over your body. You reciprocate with your hands caressing her curves. You’ve at all times had a thing for her body and you now have it in your hands. You take benefit of this moment and wander over her shoulders. Down her back. Over her sides. Exploring how she feels. Her tone muscles and her soft skin soaked up by your hands.

Her kisses start to leave your lips as she explores the rest of your face and neck. Finding every sensitive spot you never knew you had and leaving a long sensual kiss like little flags claiming her the rightful owner of your skin. You close your eyes and just let all of the senses rush to your brain. The kisses, her body in your hands. It’s all like a dream, but it isn’t.

If anything, it’s a runaway train. You know where it’s going, but it cannot be stopped.

You don’t even open your eyes. You know the look on her face just by the gasp as she’s finally discovered you have no bra on. Which, to be fair, she may have noticed your nipples poking through your PJs. But what you cannot see is how wild it drives her. This cannot be the first time she’s been with a girl because she works your chest and nipples like she’s a master at it, but at the same time, there’s this craving in the way she does things. Like she’s been in prison for years and now is finally free and the one thing she’s been thinking about all these years is what she will do to you. And she does it so well.

She knows where to kiss. How long to kiss. How much tongue to use. Where you want to be licked. She finds all the sensitive spots on your chest and down your body. Each one sending pulses to your brain of pure excitement.

Her hands work her way down.. further down your body until they’re sliding up and down your thighs. With each pass getting closer and closer to your slit. She lifts your PJs as she brushes closer and closer until you finally feel her hand slide over it. You can hear how wet it is, let alone feel. You’ve been waiting for this moment and it definitely shows. With ease her hand works all around. Teasing your clit at first, and then she slides her finger into you. What catches you off guard is that when her fingers enter you, she moans louder than you.

She immediately lays near you kissing her way up your body back to your neck as her finger tease in and out of you. When she kisses up to your ear, she stops.

“I’m so sorry. I know we shouldn’t. I know it’s wrong, but I can’t do it anymore. I’ve been thinking of you every single day of my life. Ever since we hired you.” She continues, all the while fingering you has become second nature to her. It’s like she driving her fingering based on how passionately she tells you about her desires. “I have wanted you to sit on my face. I’ve wanted to taste how sweet you are. I’ve wanted bury my tongue deep into you. Mmm… feel me.” She grabs your hand and reaches it between her legs. “This is how you make me feel. This is how you drive me crazy. I can’t do it anymore. I want to taste you. And I want you to cum. And then I want you to cum again. And again. And again. I want you to cum so many times that you don’t ever think of anyone else ever again. You just think of me.. my tongue.. my fingers.. my body. You are my muse. And I’m going to give you the best performance of your life.”

She slides back down and feel the moment when her tongue reaches your pussy. The technique she has, the feeling of her hair brushing against your thighs. You hold her head in your hands. No one can paint a picture so elegant. It wasn’t porn. It wasn’t perversion. It wasn’t raunchy. Instead, it was passion. It was the culmination of time spent fantasizing about a woman and that lust building and burning for an eternity. It was now being acted out on you. I could tell you about how her tongue felt. I could tell you about how she knew all the tricks and hit all the spots. However, nothing I could say would ever explain the work she did at even a fraction of how well she did it. The only thing I can say is that when you did finally orgasm (and you did) you explained it as the feeling when you’re completely dehydrated and all of your muscles are turning numb. You tightening up so much that you couldn’t open your hands correctly and your toes curled and stayed that way.

You had shut your eyes tight during the whole orgasm. Mostly involuntarily, but even as you body comes back to ordinary you just lay there with them closed. Maybe you’re a little ashamed of cumming so hard. It wasn’t your fault she was so good. You keep letting out deeper and deeper breaths until you feel like you can act ordinary again. Before you open your eyes you feel something soft, warm, and a little wet hit your lips.

When you open them, you see Sean standing over you. His cock pulsing hard and the tip resting right against your lips. Precum is dripping down. “That.. was…….. wow.. I raced back as fast as I can hoping I didn’t miss anything. You two were incredible to watch.” Sean must have snuck in at the early stages of the act. You were so busy focusing on Nancy that you didn’t notice him peeking in on you two watching. “So what do you say? Did my wife tire you out? Or do you have a little energy for me?”

You soon realize.. Nancy had this night all planned out in her head. What you also don’t know about Nancy is that she hasn’t just fantasized about you all this time. She’s also fantasized about Sean and you together. Maybe she’s not a cuck, but she loves Sean. She burns with desire for you. Nothing would set her off more than if she could sit in the recliner near the couch, lay back, and watch you two.

You begin by just parting your lips. This lets Sean’s cock into your mouth and you reach up to stroke it while you let your tongue and mouth swivel around the tip of his cock. He must have been watching for a while because his cock drips of pre-cum and it tastes so good in your mouth. After your wild ride with Nancy you now need a moment to just savor the feeling of Sean’s cock. He has a long, thick shaft that’s so soft to touch. The head of his cock is also just as smooth and it feels great against your tongue. You reach further down his shaft until your hands wrap around his balls. They’re warm in your hands and you enjoy the feeling of rubbing them. It’s actually something you’ve at all times fantasized about. His cock in your mouth as you suck away. He balls in your hands. Then you’d swap. You love the idea of his cock being available to you every day. Oh this is exactly how you at all times wanted to taste it.

He’s looking down at you. Admiring the work you put in. Enjoying how sexy you look on your back. Cock in your mouth. He looks up and down your body as you keep toying with him.

“I’ve had so many thought of you. How good you’d look with my cock in your mouth. Nancy said you’d know how to suck it. She’s right. You’re gorgeous. however, I’m sorry dear. I’ve been yearning for such a long time and I want you bent over this couch. I have so many years of built up cum that I want to fill you up with.”

You hesitate. You’d like nothing more than for him to pump you full of his warm cum, but Nancy sapped a lot of energy out of you. You still don’t know if you can stand. “Umm, I’m a little.. winded at the moment.”

“Oh don’t you worry about that.” Sean lifts you up. The strength in his body is impressive and you realize he’s mostly carrying you into the next position. Talk about sweeping someone off their feet. Here you were being carried around. He set you down with some pillows so you were comfortable on all fours. Your butt is up in the air and between the work that Nancy did and how much you played with Sean, he’s ready to slide right inside you. He eases himself in even though he has no need. It’s extremely wet already and you instantly feel his cock fill you up. What then occurs can only be described as the best pounding of your life. Sean must have jerked off the entire car ride or something because he showed no sign of slowing. His stamina is amazing. You admire the situation you’re in. One fabulous orgasm in and now on to another eye blinding climax as Sean fucks right through your second orgasm. Only slowing down to let you catch your breath.

Even propped up on pillows you struggle to take his cock after each thrust as you pass your third and fourth orgasm. Maybe it was a match made in heaven but his cock looks to angle in such a way that he hits the perfect spots on each thrust. Maybe this was a sign of things meant to be, or maybe it was just good genetics. You don’t really care. All you know is that as you feel your fifth orgasm on the horizon you can tell that Sean is starting to tighten up. It appears the cum has finally built up and it’s ready to explode.

“Are you about to cum for me?”

“Oh god, yes.” Sean lets out. Having to hold back his excitement so he doesn’t wake up the neighborhood.

“Oh, baby. Yes. Cum for us.” You hear Nancy give an encouraging cheer for her man and her #1 nanny. She gets closer. Wanting to hold his balls to feel them explode.

“Oh god. Yes. I’m going to cum.” He says and pull his cock out of you ready to jerk his whole load onto your ass. Before he can get his hand wrapped around his cock Nancy grabs it and shoves it back into you.

“No, baby. Fill her up. I want you to fill her up with your cum for me. Please baby.” This is too much for Sean and his cum explodes inside you. You can feel the rush of warm cum begin to fill you up inside. You feel his cock pulse with each spurt. It feels so good and the excitement gets you right to the edge of your fifth orgasm. You don’t want to miss out on it so you move your hands to your clit and begin to rub it.

“Omg, I’m so close” you say as you stroke your clit.

Luckily for you, Nancy is inches away and she instantly plows her tongue inside you. The feeling jolts you into your fifth orgasm and you let it wash over you. This orgasm is extended a bit as Nancy’s tongue is still probing inside you. Perhaps what started as helping you finish may have turned into her searching for more of Sean’s cum inside you. After she grabs the last glob she pulls away and you collapse on the pillows again.

NSFW: yes

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