The Naked Professor, Part 2/2: The Student Gets Revenge

Part 1:

It had been almost a year since Dr. Duncan had become the faculty co-sponsor of the nude-is-Typical student movement at the university. It was awesome. Once a month the organization would meet in the student lounge of the Womyn and Gynder Studies Student Association, it was basically him sitting around with a bunch of naked students, most of them hot young women. Plus a couple of hot guys, Dr. Duncan wasn’t gay, but these guys worked out and knew how to use trimmers. In the meeting they would plan events. Naked rallies, naked bike rides, naked restaurant trips, naked board game events, etc. They had been all over the university and the surrounding neighbourhoods, walking around with their tits, pussies and dicks visible.

You see, a few years ago the Supreme Court had struck down all public nudity laws as unconstitutional, they somehow violated free speech. Dr. Duncan wondered that was a load of modernist bullshit, but he was happy to pretend to care about nudity rights to hang around naked students. It only happened a few times, but sometimes after a meeting or rally a student would come back to his office, supposedly for some guidance from a faculty member, and they’d fuck.

He had fucked three different young female students. He got good at making them give him their student number first so he could make a show of pulling up their student account to check their grades. He was actually checking their date of birth, just to be safe. Every one of them was legal, so he fucked them. One was a virgin, it was quite a compliment that she wanted to give her virgin pussy to him.

He even sucked one cock. In October a young male student, Shawn, had come back for advice, and after the discussion he asked if it was true that Dr. Duncan was fucking students. When Dr. Duncan said yes, the guy shyly asked if he’d suck his cock. He was feeling bi-curious, but hadn’t found any guy eager to blow him. Dr. Duncan had no desire to get sexual with a young man, but he felt a responsibility to his students. So he made out with the young guy for a bit, then got on his knees and put the guy’s boner in his mouth. He sucked on it for a few minutes until the student groaned and came in his mouth. The student offered to blow Dr. Duncan but he declined. He was still flaccid, making out with a guy and sucking dick wasn’t enough to get him hard.

There were two downsides to being the faculty co-sponsor. The first was Dr. Hansley. After the faculty found out that Dr. Duncan was fucking students (it’s allowed and legal, but not highly regarded) they decided that he had to have a female co-sponsor with him when attending student organization events, so that he wasn’t fucking while in his official capacity. She was ugly. Late 50s (she was actually younger than he had originally wondered), overweight, didn’t shower but wore perfume, and had a face that desperately needed surgery. At nude-is-normal events she went naked like everyone else, and Dr. Duncan could see little drips of sweat coming out of her rolls. The only positive was her gut hung down so far there was no chance of seeing her pussy.

The other downside was Blake Madden. She was the first student that Dr. Duncan fucked. She had fucked him for a good grade, and when he gave her the grade she deserved she complained online, and someone told the faculty. That’s why they knew he was fucking students. In revenge he anally raped her and blackmailed her into telling no one, she was still mad about it. Every meeting she sat in the back, arms crossed across her gorgeous tits, glaring angrily at Dr. Duncan. At a recent nude picnic she had threateningly buttered a bun with a plastic knife while staring at him, as if she wanted to cut his balls off with the knife. Every time Dr. Duncan saw her he was reminded of how awesome her pussy and asshole felt on his cock, and was reminded he’d never feel that again.

Now something new was happening. Over on the West Coast a couple had been arrested for having sex on a beach. They had wondered that public nudity being legal meant they could have sex in public, but the police disagreed. The internet was in an uproar over that, it seemed half of Americans wondered the couple was clear and half wondered they should go to jail. The couple didn’t want trouble, so they accepted community service to avoid charges.

Today the nude-is-Typical movement was meeting to discuss what they need to do about it. Normal university activism, something happens halfway across the country and a bunch of entitled middle-class students think it’s their company. When he got to the meeting the students were already arguing over how to support the expression of healthy sexuality in public. It was stupid, last year the students were arguing that nudity needed to be desexualized, now they wanted to support public sex under nudity rights. But that is how the rights movement works, as soon as you get one right you cross every reasonable boundary to make up more rights.

Eventually the students came to a radical idea. They figured a statement, rally, or campaign wasn’t enough. The only thing that made sense was a public display of support by imitating the couple. As in, have sex in public. Dr. Duncan tried to talk them out of that, he reminded them that the couple had bene arrested. As the faculty co-sponsor he couldn’t allow this. But the hot naked students were adamant, they told him it was technically his job to represent their issues to faculty, not to tell them what to do. One Indian girl with enormous breasts and an untrimmed bush made an impassioned speech that rights mattered more than freedom (WTF?) and kept on passionately gesturing in a way that made her breasts wave back and forth. She was like an angry Italian, just the wrong skin colour and hair type.

So Dr. Duncan went to the legal services. They came and informed him that the university did not condone public sex, but the university could not stop the students. Nothing in the university charter gave it the rights to infringe on students’ sex lives. When Dr. Duncan passed that on to the movement they began to determinedly plan a public sex event, that would be held on the university front lawn.

For the two weeks before the event it became a gigantic deal. The movement posted it on the city’s local subreddit, and it blew up. People were demanding the mayor stop it. The university president had to problem a statement condemning it but accepting the students could do it. Several churches held competing events to keep their members who attended the university away. Every newspaper was full of letters to the editor. One bomb threat was issued, it was traced pretty quickly to an overweight Redditor in a different city who had never gotten laid.

On the day of the event Dr. Duncan showed up a bit early to get ready. He went to his office and spent some time with pubic hair trimmers. When he got to the front lawn he was blown away. There was already probably two thousand people there. He saw maybe three hundred naked students in the center of the lawn, but they were way outnumbered by spectators, media, and police. He pushed through the crowd, found a picnic table, and undressed.

For a few minutes he milled around with naked students, talking. Then the Womyn and Gynder Studies Student Association’s president got up on a table with a megaphone. She was pretty nice. Tall, almost 6’2” very thin, small breasts and just enough butt to have a curve. She didn’t shave her pubes but didn’t need to, they were sparse. She also didn’t shave her armpits, which detracted from her mostly good looks. She looked like if she ate more and did less long-distance running she’d have more ass and tits, but Dr. Duncan liked the athlete look. She gave a long, normal over-the-top speech about rights and supporting progress. Then she announced that everyone should discover their pre-arranged partners and start having sex.

Dr. Duncan looked around, and suddenly saw sex happening. Was there supposed to be pre-arrangement? He had figured he’d show up and discover a pussy. Was he gonna miss out? then he felt a tap on his shoulder. He turned around, and saw a pig smiling at him. No, it was just Dr. Hansley. She told him, as if he would be happy to hear, that the students had seen he hadn’t put his name on the partner sign-up sheet, so they paired him with her so he wouldn’t be left out. Hallelujah! Because fucking a pig was better than jacking off watching hot students bang on the grass.

He desperately tried to discover a way to respectfully say no, but she gave a nervous giggle and stepped in, wrapping her fat arms around him, pulling him in. Soon they were making out, and he could feel her saggy body pressing against his. He kissed back while trying to not puke.

“Dear! What are you doing!” the kiss suddenly ended, and Dr. Duncan felt the warm blob step back. He opened his eyes, and saw a fat, hairy man looking at him in confusion.

“Oh my!” Dr. Hansley looked flustered. “Dr. Duncan, I would like you to meet my husband, Tim. Tim, I didn’t know you were coming today! Why didn’t you say something?”

Well that’s just great. The fat pig had a husband, and Dr. Duncan had made out with her in front of him. Tim explained he wanted to surprise her, he didn’t know she had picked another penis. Dr. Hansley apologetically asked Dr. Duncan if it was ok for her to fuck her husband instead, and Dr. Duncan happily released her.

He helped Dr. Hansley get onto a picnic table so her husband could fuck her, but he got away quickly. He didn’t need to watch them hold their guts out of the way so they could make genital contact. He walked around for a bit, enjoying the absurdity of what he saw. Over two hundred couples were in all sorts of positions on the lawn, fucking. Most were obviously students, but there were a few faculty members, plus what appeared to be members of the public who came to fuck in support of public sex. Pretty soon he was hard from how many tits and pussies he saw.

More absurd was the media. There was about ten reporters and photographers walking around, taking pictures. It was like a enormous porn shoot. There was one reporter with a camera crew shoving a microphone in the faces of fucking students, trying to get them to answer questions while grunting and moaning. The most absurd thing was the middle-aged man in an ill-fitting dress shirt with a sign saying “Hebrews 13:4, 1 Corinthans 6:18”. He was walking up to couples yelling at them that they were gonna hell and that they were making Baby Jesus cry. Well poor baby, maybe he should stay home in the stable in Bethlehem if he doesn’t like public pre-marital sex. Eventually campus security took him away.

“Dr. Duncan! Dr. Duncan!” a young woman ran up to him. she was naked except a shirt that said “Event Coordinator” it was odd seeing her wearing a shirt with her pussy exposed. “Could you come fuck Blake? Shawn can’t get it up! She’s horny and has no dick in her pussy.” Dr. Duncan followed her to one of the lawn corners, and there he saw a gorgeous sight. Blake was lying on the grass, legs spread and eyes closed, gently playing with her nipples and flicking her clit. Shawn, the student Dr. Duncan had blown, was standing over her, looking embarrassed.

“um, hey Dr. Duncan. Could you fuck Blake for me? Since October I’ve only been with.. umm, you know, not girls, and I can’t get hard without a guy anymore.” Shawn went beetred when he admitted he was fucking not girls. Dr. Duncan offered to suck his dick for a bit to get him hard so Shawn could fuck Blake. Dr. Duncan had no desire to have a dick in his mouth, but he didn’t want Shawn to miss the pleasure of fucking Blake. Shawn declined, he actually looked relieved to have an excuse to not fuck a hot young woman who was passively waiting for his dick with her legs wide open.

Dr. Duncan got over Blake, and planked while lining up his dick. Then he plunged it into the waiting pussy, and Blake gasped. Her eyes popped open, and when she saw it was Dr. Duncan fucking her she looked angry. She headbutted him and rolled to the side, ripping her pussy off his dick. She leapt up, and Dr. Duncan got up facing her. “What the hell are you doing, asshole!” she whispered at him. “I told you I’d never fuck you again!”

Dr. Duncan leaned in, putting his arms around her to draw her in. She resisted, but he was bigger. He whispered in her ear “we are activists at a public sex rally. We are expected to fuck. I am your professor, you are my student. You will fuck me whether you like it or not. Do you understand?” he leaned back a bit and looked her in the eye. She glared at him angrily, then grabbed his head, pulled him in, and tried to bite his lip off. For almost five minutes they fought with their tongues, lips and teeth, trying to injure each other unsuccessfully. To most observers it looked like passionate kissing, they didn’t see the danger.

Then Dr. Duncan had enough of that, so he wrapped his fingers into her hair for grip and forced her to her knees. He put his dickhead on her closed lips and pushed until she stopped resisting and took it in her mouth. He began to mouthfuck her, having to use his strength to force his dick in and out, she was resisting. At one point she bit his dick, so he kneed her chest to warn her.

Click. Click. Click. What the hell? Dr. Duncan looked around, and realized that two photographers were taking pictures of him mouthfucking a student. Great. Blake looked upset at that, but she wasn’t strong enough to get away. At one point she gagged when Dr. Duncan went in too far, he was tempted to force in further so she’d puke with an audience. He didn’t, he wasn’t that cruel.

Then he felt the familiar feeling of the orgasm building. He maintained speed so Blake wouldn’t know he was gonna blow. When he felt the first wave he pulled out and blew his load on Blake’s face. She tried to squirm to get away, but he held her in front of his spurting dick. The cameras clicked away. Once he was done he let go. She stood up, gave him a fake smile, thanked him, and walked away. He stared at her ass as she walked away, and remembered what it felt like to have his dick in it. he wanted to go discover a professor from the English department and ask them for synonyms for amazing ass.

Dr. Duncan walked around for a bit, observing what was going on. He saw Shawn getting fucked in the ass by a ripped bodybuilder, bent over a picnic table. He must have gotten over his inhibitions about public gay sex pretty quickly. Or he couldn’t withstand a bodybuilder. Dr. Duncan was just getting hard again and wondering if the Event Coordinator girl wanted a dick. When he couldn’t discover her he went to Shawn, and Shawn quite graciously agreed to suck his dick while still getting ass-pounded. While he was enjoying a gay blowjob, Dr. Duncan heard a commotion. He looked around, and saw a lot of police officers forcing their way through the crowd, which began to disperse quickly.

Within ten minutes over one hundred students and faculty were arrested for public sex, including Dr. Duncan. There had been three hundred students who started fucking, but the cops made a mistake by waiting more than thirty seconds to intervene, the majority were finished. It was funny to see police officers pulling guys off young women when they refused to stop boning, but it was also distressing to see. A few of the young women wondered they could incentivize the officers to not arrest them, and after kissing them were knocked down and cuffed. A few officers have visible bulges in their pants by the time they were done forcing the university girls into the cop cars.

The court case didn’t go well. The student organization had crowdfunded tens of thousands of dollars to pay for legal fees to rise up through the system to the Supreme Court, but it didn’t work. No higher court would hear the appeal. 103 students and faculty were charged with public lewdness and given community service. Quite a few students had finished early, the police only arrested people who were actively having sex when the raid happened. To spite the system they served the community service naked, they were picking up garbage on the side of the road. Three accidents happened because drivers weren’t watching where they were going. It was a first-time sexual offence for all of them, so no one had to go on the sex offenders registry.

Fortunately nobody was molested while they were being held at the station. The police officers were surprisingly respectful of the naked students. They even let the guys who still had erections take turns in the bathroom to get rid of them. The cops might be violent assholes who beat people with little regard for safety when they feel threatened, but they are surprisingly decent people when you comply.

But the event and the court case made national headlines, at least it raised the account of the nude-is-normal movement. Almost every newspaper had a coverpage pictures of fucking students. Multiple newspapers had a picture of Blake with Dr. Duncan’s semen on her face. One newspaper got called sexist for showing a picture of two students fucking where the genitals were blacked out and the female student’s nipples were blacked out, but the male student’s nipples were visible. It was hilarious, she had enormous boobs (at least DD, maybe more) and the tiny black boxes covered just her nipples, as if that mattered. Another newspaper ran a picture of Dr. Hansley getting fucked by her husband, and later had to problem an apology. Not to Dr. Hansley, to everyone who saw the picture. They still lost 25% of their subscribers.

The university sued multiple papers over the pictures. It claimed that the papers couldn’t publish pictures of students having sex, even if nudity was legal. The papers countersued, saying they had been invited to a public event held by the students. The judge came down in the middle, he decided that the papers had to have written consent from anyone to publish a sexual image of them, and gave the papers one month to retroactively obtain the consent. Several students made good money. Dr. Hansley graciously said her picture could be used for free.

In the mid-summer Dr. Duncan was in my office marking mid-terms from the summer course he was teaching when he hear a knock on the door. He looked up and saw Blake standing in my doorway, looking apprehensive. He motioned for her to come in. She sat down, and told him that she had contacted the paper that had published the picture of her with his semen on her face. They had not contacted her for approval to use the picture, they said because no penis was inside her mouth, butt or vagina there was no sexual activity in the picture, just a young woman exercising her right to be naked. Blake had countered that having semen on her, which came out of a penis, was a clear indicator she had just been in contact with a penis. The newspaper didn’t care.

Dr. Duncan asked Blake why she was telling him this. Turns out she wanted to sue them to withdraw the paper, but she had no money. Well, she had money, she had $8,000 of student loans in her user account but $11,000 of tuition to pay in September. Student riches. She wanted him to fund it because it was his semen on her in the picture. He asked her what she would give me in exchange for the funding. She looked at me with a look that was a combination of sadness and resignation, then said “my pussy.”

Just what Dr. Duncan wanted to hear. He stood up and walked around the desk. He grabbed her ponytail and pulled her to her feet, then grabbed her button-up crop top (only slutty students and step-moms wear those) and ripped it open, sending buttons flying. She was braless. She looked at him with a look of defeat, and removed her pants and bent over the desk. He dropped his pants and began to masturbate his semi-rigid dick. It took a bit of time to get it up. While he did that with his left hand he rubbed her pussy with his right hand to get her warmed up.

When we were ready he put his dick between her lips, and pushed in. She gasped slightly, but she didn’t tense up. he gently fucked her from behind as she breathed in a measured pace. She didn’t withstand this time. Dr. Duncan got a good pace going. He usually liked some variety in sex moves, but right now he had a consenting student bending over his desk after telling him she’d never fuck him again, he wanted to enjoy this. He was content with the stead in-out sensation of boning her.

When Dr. Duncan felt the tingle at the base of his dick that indicated he was close he grasped her hips, pulled out of her pussy, lined up his dick with her asshole and thrust in, no lube. She screamed. “oh shit! Fuck! Ow! Ow! Ow! Stop! Please, it hurts!” Dr. Duncan kept going as she begged. He only lasted 30 seconds, he blew his load in her ass. He didn’t stop, the cum made good lube, and as she thrashed he pounded her ass, enjoying the weird post-orgasm sex feeling and the sound of her begging. He was still not over the fact that she fucked him for good grades.

Blake hadn’t closed the door, it was wide open. Dr. Duncan hoped nobody would walk by and hear Blake pleading with him to stop. Fortunately it was summer, most professors were on vacation or marking papers at home. Dr. Duncan could feel his dick slowly wilting, but he kept going as long as feasible. Something about the way Blake’s voice was quietly dying down as she realized her pleas were futile was amazing. He eventually got to the point where it was like trying to thread frayed thread through a needle, so he stopped. When he withdrew there some pink on his dick, it looked like blood from her anus mixed with his semen.

Blake turned around, and glared at him. She wasn’t crying this time. She had been yelling and begging, but not crying. She walked around the desk and sat back down in the chair. “Well?” she asked defiantly.

“Well what?” Dr. Duncan asked. Blake asked if they would set up a transfer so she could have the money to sue. Dr. Duncan said no, she would not get any money.

Blake’s eyes narrowed, and her whole body went tense. When she tensed her upper body in preparation of an argument her flexed pectoral muscles pulled her breasts up slightly so her erect nipples were aimed directly at Dr. Duncan’s face, instead of his Adam’s Apple, like a Fembot threatening Austin Powers. “we had a deal. My pussy for money.” Dr. Duncan said yes, but he came in her ass. Blake said his dick went in her pussy, it counted. Dr. Duncan countered that what matters is where the cum goes. It’s not really sex until ejaculation, before that it’s just penetration.

Blake looked furious. She stared at Dr. Duncan for almost a minute, then bent down, picked up her clothes and stormed out of the office naked. By now she was used to being naked in the halls. Dr. Duncan could see a hint of pink ooze on her buttcrack, he thought if he knew that she was walking through the halls with evidence of her consensual rape on her butt. A few minutes later when Dr. Duncan walked by the chair and glanced at it there was a dried blob of cum and blood where her butthole had been.

For two weeks there were no consequences. Then graduation came. Dr. Duncan had been asked to participate in the academic procession. He had to wear his stupid academic regalia and bonnet, walk with the student parade, and sit on the stage for three hours while students got their diplomas. It sucked, but it was visibility for career advancement.

After almost an hour of random students getting their diplomas, he heard a familiar name. “Blake Madden!” he saw a familiar ass walk forward. What a nudity rights activist/slut, she came to graduation naked when all the other students wore robes. Blake received her diploma, then reached out and wrested the microphone from the hands of the surprised officiant. She turned towards the seated faculty, and pointed at Dr. Duncan.

“Dr. Duncan anally raped me twice in his office and ejaculated in me with no condom. He didn’t pay for my STD test. He used his position of authority to blackmail me into silence to protect himself. He uses his role as the faculty co-sponsor of the nude-is-Normal movement to prey on clueless students. He pretends to care about nudity rights just to be able to spend time with naked young women. He has had vaginal sex with at least three other students, and sucked at least one cock. If someone doesn’t stop him he will keep raping students. The faculty head, Dr. Barlowe, knows about this and has been covering up sexual crimes against students for a year now. The only reason Dr. Hansley is co-sponsor is to provide cover for the departments systemic exploitation of young nudity rights activists.”

The entire auditorium was dead-silent, staring in shock at the naked young woman with great tits and a shaved pussy (did she do that just for this moment?) announcing that she had been raped by her professor. Blake turned to Dr. Duncan, gave him a triumphant smile, and aggressively shook her tits at him. It would have been more dramatic if they were bigger, but Bs still have some bounce. Then she handed the mike back to the shocked officiant and confidently strode off the stage. As she walked away Dr. Duncan checked out her tight but curvy ass, and remembered how it felt to have her butthole gripping his cock as his hips bounced off her buttcheeks, while she cried “ow!” with every thrust. But now he was the one feeling violated.

Dr. Duncan wished he could disappear. He could see his fellow faculty members glaring at him. Especially his female co-workers. What is it with female colleagues all the time assuming their male co-workers are creeps? In the corner of his eye he saw security leaving the doorway of the auditorium and approaching him on stage. He saw another security guard approaching Dr. Barlowe, who was in the front row, looking like he would have a heart attack. Dr. Duncan could her the sound of a flushing toilet in his mind as his career in academia went down the toilet.

NSFW: yes

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