The Naked Professor Butt-Rapes a Student, 1/2

On Monday morning Dr. Duncan sat down in his office chair and opened his email. He saw too many emails in his inbox, then he saw one that stood out “re: Naked Day on Thursday” from the department head. He opened it, and read: “To our staff, we would like to remind you of our university’s policy of creating a safe and inclusive space for our students and staff, both to facilitate learning and to enhance the student experience. It has come to our attention that multiple student organizations are planning a “Naked Day” this coming Thursday, March 1, to encourage students to exercise their First Amendment right to the unclothed state. As you know, the Supreme Court struck down public nudity laws in 2026, and while since then few people have used their new right it is legal for anyone to be nude. As staff of our law-abiding institution, it is your responsibility to build a safe space for all students who abide by the law in exercising their spectrum of rights, and to lead by example in accepting all students. We look forward to encouraging continuing excellence. Sincerely, Dr. Barlowe.”

What a load of corporate-speak bullshit. For weeks faculty had been hearing rumours of the nude-is-normal movement on campus, and had been asking very specific questions to the faculty heads. How do professors interact with nude students? Could they be charged with something for accidentally looking at students’ breasts? Did they have to protect female students from harassment by male students? Were erections covered under these rights? Would the janitorial staff be cleaning chairs used by bare butts? What if nude students came to office hours? After all these questions, the only thing the department could do was send out a dumb email that said next to nothing. Dr. Duncan suspected that the university was terrified of getting sued for giving the wrong advice, so they were saying nothing to shift the legal burden to the staff.

That was the issue with this new right. When some states let women go topless it was kind of only done in places where men would go shirtless, like beaches. But the nude-is-normal movement wanted to make nudity everywhere ordinary for those who chose. Dr. Duncan wondered it was a load of bull. Nobody was harmed by wearing clothes.

By Wednesday his colleagues were resigned to what would happen. Nobody could get straight answers, no amount of googling could discover legal precedent for naked students in class, the legal studies department wasn’t answering emails, and while professors were hearing rumours about the plans they knew nothing firm. Supposedly it was female rights groups on campus planning it. That was weird. It made sense that women’s rights groups led the female topless movement, because they were the ones with tits, but the public nudity laws applied to everyone. Why would a bunch of young women want to walk around naked?

On Thursday morning Dr. Duncan got to his office late and sat at his desk, despondent. His first class was at 11, and he had no idea what to do. But as he wondered about the stupid situation, he had one idea. What if he pre-empted the students? If he could seize control of the situation he would determine what happened. Was he crazy? I mean, he had the right to go naked too. Would showing up to class naked count as creating a safe atmosphere for his students?

Fuck it. He was sick of this modernist, uber-rights bullshit, it was time to show people what happened when they wanted rights. If they wanted to be naked, he will give them middle-aged male genitalia to show them the consequences of their rights. He stood up, undid his belt, wiggled his dress pants off, and took off his cheap dress shirt. Soon he was naked in his chair. He got on his computer and tried to get on porn sites, but the university content blocker stopped him. So he used his imagination and managed to cum twice before 10:50. He wanted to make sure he had a limp dick for class.

Soon he was walking down the hallways towards the classroom, past way too many students. Just about everyone stared. Some smiled. A few appeared to be restraining the urge to puke. He became very conscious of how low his middle-aged balls hung and about how his chubby man boobs jiggled as he walked. He had been wondering how many students would be naked, but he didn’t see any.

By 11:00 his class was almost full, there were about 60 third-year students awkwardly carefully looking at him while he went over the assignment from last week. None of the students were naked. For an hour he lectured, pretending that nothing was different. But then he turned back from looking at the whiteboard and saw tits. Nice tits. There was a young woman in the front row who had removed her shirt and bra, revealing cute B tits. The type where the bottom curve is perfectly round, but they curve gently from the chest to peak at the nipples, they don’t bulge out above the nipple. She was beetred and obviously embarrassed, but she gave him a little smile. He preferred chesty blondes, but he could handle a petite topless brunette.

From that point on it seemed every time he turned around another shirt came off. Within the next hour ten young women were fully topless, a few more shirtless in bras. About ten guys had their shirts off, but Dr. Duncan wasn’t looking at them. Two of the girls were fat, one had weird udder-shaped tits, and one had a face like Susan Boyle, but the others were hot. One girl was too skinny to have real tits, but it was still a good look. He was glad he’d jacked off, he was having to flex his thighs to keep blood out of his dick.

Near the end of class he was drawing the Rational Choice Theory diagram on the board when a voice said “um, Dr. Duncan? Can I ask a question?” He turned around, it was the B-cup brunette. “Can I ask you why you are naked? I didn’t know you were part of the nude-is-normal movement.”

Dr. Duncan laughed casually, to indicate it was a fair question. “I’m not. I just feel like it’s my job to make my students comfortable in my classroom. I was worried that the students who were naked today would feel exposed, so I thought I would join them. I’ll be honest, I was expecting to see a few naked people when I walked in. Not that anyone has to go naked of course, but I was hearing about this event all week. but out of curiosity, how do you know I wasn’t involved?”

The girl (Dr. Duncan didn’t know her name, he didn’t care enough about his job to learn his student’s names) shyly explained that she was the junior co-treasurer of the Womyn and Gynder Studies Student Association, they had been coordinating the Naked Day, so she had a good sense of what was going on. But late last night a lot of the participants got scared, so they called it off, people had been texting all night and all morning to make sure everyone knew it was canceled. So she was surprised to come into class and see his penis. His name hadn’t been on any contact list.

“So if the Naked Day was cancelled, why are you now topless?” Dr. Duncan asked. The student replied that she felt bad that he was naked because of something she helped spearhead, she didn’t want him to be the only naked person. How considerate. And apparently a lot of other students felt the same way.

By then class was over, so the students put their shirts back on and left. Except for the girl, she stood up and removed the remainder of her clothing and approached Dr. Duncan. She asked if they could go talk in his office. Of course they could. He had stuff to do, but he wasn’t gonna say no to her. As they walked through the hall he was happy to have a topless young woman beside him, almost everyone was looking at her tits instead of his dick. The halls were crowded, so he had to walk close to the student and brushed up against her several times, when they got to his office he was semi-erect from the proximity.

The student sat down in the chair across from him, and started asking him questions. Why did he think it took so long for the court to recognize nudity rights? How did society decide that the body was shameful? Why didn’t people go naked right away when the court struck down the law? Dr. Duncan struggled to answer them, he reminded her that he was just an economic historian, not a historian of social norms. So the student asked him about his views on the nude-is-normal movement. He struggled to answer that honestly, he wondered it was bullshit, but it clearly meant a lot to her.

Then the conversation took a sexual turn. Did he think that nudity was inherently sexual? Or did he think sexual responses to certain body parts were conditioned? Did he think that body-oriented sexuality could be deconditioned? Did he think that it could become ordinary for naked students to interact with professors without sexual tension?

Now Dr. Duncan was really struggling, this was out of his field of expertise. He was also fully erect, it had been almost four hours since he last orgasmed, and he had a hot student in front of him naked, talking about sex. Then he noticed something odd. She looked a bit distracted, and he realized that one hand was between her legs, doing a gentle motion. Shit, this was not good.

And then for a third time the conversation shifted, she started asking questions about the term paper. Now he was in his element. Until she asked a specific question about one of the journal articles on the syllabus, and Dr. Duncan pulled it up to look at it. The student got up and walked around the desk to see it. Instead of standing beside him to see the screen she sat on his lap, and wiggled in so his hard dick was between her thighs, up against a mysteriously warm and wet area of skin where her thighs joined her pelvis.

For five minutes Dr. Duncan explained the difference between Marx’s concept of the economic bourgeoise and Gramsci’s concept of the cultural bourgeoise, while the student gently ground her ass on his crotch. Dr. Duncan was hoping she would mention her name, he’d never gotten this intimate with an unnamed woman before.

By this time he’d accepted that he would soon cum in her bellybutton if this continued. But then she got off his lap, turned around, and without saying anything got back on him, sinking her pussy onto his cock. She made it look natural, but climbing onto someone who is seated in an office chair is hard, the arms get in the way. She gently ground on his dick while they made out, until he pushed her back so he could suck and kiss her dark nipples on her pale, petite breasts. He could faintly smell strawberry shampoo.

She was breathing heavily when he came, and she kept grinding until she came on his half-limp dick. She gently kissed him, and climbed off. She went to her pile of clothes and got dressed while Dr. Duncan looked around for a napkin or something to clean his dick with. He was wiping their combined gunk off his floppy disk when she came back to the desk. She informed him that she appreciated his help, and after what she did to earn a good grade she was sure she would get an A+. Then she flashed him a big smile, kissed his forehead, and walked out.

Oh fucking hell shit what? Did he just fuck a student for grades? That’s fireable. Yeah, he was naked in front of a whole class, but that was legal. Technically. But sex for grades was academic disintegrity. And was he allowed to fuck students? How was he so stupid? Ok, he knew the answer to that. He was a man who saw tits. But fuck, this was not good. And how was he supposed to give her a good grade if he didn’t know her name?

For a few days he lived in moderate fear of what would happen, but he also had a lot to do. On Monday afternoon he was at his desk when he got a call from Dr. Barlowe. “Hello Dr. Duncan! Are you aware of why I am calling? No? Why don’t you go find a copy of the most recent edition of the student paper and call me back once you’ve read it?” Ok, odd, but clear instructions. Dr. Duncan went to the department lobby and found one of those at all times bent, kind of wobbly and mysteriously sticky wire racks with the free student paper and picked up a copy.

Penis. His penis. And saggy balls. Right on the front cover. There was a picture of him and the unnamed student walking down the hall, buck naked together. He was glancing down towards her smiling while she looked up and said something. You couldn’t quite tell if he was looking at her face or somewhere else. And he was clearly semi-erect, he was more erect than he remembered being. The picture was poorly framed and poor quality, it was probably a quick snap someone took to seize the opportunity. It was grainy, but there was enough resolution to see her light smattering of pubic hair and her barely there hip divots. What the hell was the student paper doing publishing a nude picture of him without his signed consent? That’s student journalism for you.

He opened the paper and read the article on the first page. It didn’t make things better. The article said that “the majority of students who had agreed to go naked had backed out, but the day was saved by the bold action of the nude-is-Normal Movement’s faculty sponsor, Dr. Blake Duncan, who bravely taught his lecture naked and inspired half his students to go naked. Here he is pictured leaving class with the Womyn and Gynder Studies Student Association’s Junior Co-Treasurer Blake Madden, who was one of the few students to go fully naked, inspired by Dr. Duncan’s leadership.”

Welp, Dr. Duncan was now apparently the faculty sponsor for nudity. Who came up with that? That’s what he got for trying to pre-empt creeps who might treat his female students like a peepshow. At least he now had a name for the student. And it was easy to remember, she had the same first name as him.

Dr. Duncan went back to his office and called Dr. Barlowe back. They spoke a bit about what happened. Dr. Barlow assured him that he had done nothing wrong. He had the legal right to be naked. It was good to see faculty supporting student initiatives. Dr. Barlowe reminded him that any faculty sponsorship positions had to be approved by the faculty head, and Dr. Duncan hadn’t done that, but the faculty fully approved of this. They had felt like he hadn’t fully pulled his weight in extra-teaching initiatives, they were happy to see him contribute to student life.

But then Dr. Barlowe’s tone shifted. “oh, and um, well, I would just like to say one thing, outside of my professional capacity, person to person. Is that acceptable? Ok? I am sure you, as a nudity activist, have read the Supreme Court ruling, so you know that, um, all parts of the human body in all…natural states…are legal to be unclothed and visible. But I would just like to let you know, person to person, that some people who uh, don’t understand that legaleze, may…misinterpret the physical appearance of parts of your body that have in the past had sexual associations. I want you to know that the faculty, and me, know your rights, but I want you to consider the possible…misunderstandings your body could cause.”

Dr. Duncan was trying to not laugh. “You mean my partial erection? You’re saying that when people see me looking at a young topless university student while partially erect they misinterpret it?” there was a long pause, then Dr. Barlowe just said “yes.” Dr. Duncan laughed, and assured Dr. Barlowe that he would be considerate of that problem. Right. He didn’t mention that he boned the student just after the picture was taken.

The next month the student associations involved with the nude-is-normal movement held a rally. There hadn’t been much nudity since the first Naked Day, but he had seen a few nude students tanning on the lawn when the weather was good. Dr. Duncan was asked to speak at the rally. He stood naked on a stage in the University Commons lobby in front of almost two hundred naked students and gave a little speech. He had to, he was now the faculty sponsor. He spoke about the role that clothing norms had played in the systemic oppression of the working class throughout history. It was pure bullshit, but he figured he had to link it to his academic specialty. Then Blake Madden got up, she gave an impassioned speech about how they were helping build a better future where the exposed body was desexualized, and sexual feelings were reserved solely for consensual couples and multi-partners in private. Dr. Duncan stared straight ahead, he knew if he watched her speak he’d end up looking at her tits and get hard.

Afterwards he spent almost two hours answering questions and talking with students. About 80% of participants were female, and most of them were good looking. The fat girl and the udder-tits girl were there, but they stayed away. Some of the guys were even hot, it seemed shaved pubes was in. Dr. Duncan had jacked off twice before the rally, but by the end he was flexing his thighs and gently rocking back and forth to redirect blood, he was getting hard again. When the rally ended he rushed back to his office and jerked off until he came on his belly. He had started making sure had paper towel in the office.

The day after the rally was the day that students submitted papers, it was near the end of term. He opened up Blake Madden’s paper first, he technically owed her a good grade for the fuck she gave him. As he read her paper he got angry. She had a rudimentary thesis, that homeowners with equity and home values decoupled from economic trends were the modern bourgeoise. Why did almost all students do Marxist theory? Economic history is way more than Marx. But her research sucked and she wrote like a high schooler. She used mostly news sources or blogs, even a couple Reddit posts. It was like she didn’t try. Did she throw this together last minute because she wondered she’d fucked her way to a good grade?

It was the longest time Dr. Duncan ever took to mark a paper. He ended up giving it a C-. He had to. His academic reputation mattered more than pussy. He went back and forth about whether he could give it a good grade, but it was impossible. Once he’d entered her grade he marked the rest. Well, over the next few days, it’s not a short process.

The best paper used dynamic computable general equilibrium and tried to apply it to the Great Migration of African-Americans in the mid-20th century to see how it affected labour markets in the South. The student misunderstood CGE and applied it as a theory instead of an actual statistical method that required hard economic data, but it was a refreshing take on an understudied topic. Most students wrote about early modern medieval economies or flipped a coin between Marx and Adam Smith and applied rudimentary understandings of their theories to the current economy. Dr. Duncan was a straight male, but he got a hard on when students actually tried to learn the lesser-known parts of economic history.

Three weeks later Dr. Barlowe called him and asked if he was still in the city. Yes, he was. Could he come in to the university? Of course. Three hours later Dr. Duncan walked into the faculty boardroom, and was surprised to see a significant portion of them there. A lot were on vacation, but there was over half. Dr. Barlowe motioned for him to sit down at the end of the table, where everyone could see him. He handed Dr. Duncan several pieces of paper, and asked him to read it and explain it.

Dr. Duncan read through them, they were screenshots from an online forum. It was difficult at first, students use a lot of slang. Then he realized what was going on. Blake Madden was bitching on a nude-is-normal forum that she fucked Dr. Duncan for a good grade, and he gave her a C- on her paper and a C+ overall. Oh holy hell no, the faculty knew. He looked up, and saw Dr. Barlowe looking at him disappointedly.

Then Dr. Barlowe spoke. He informed Dr. Duncan that, after a long discussion, the faculty could not do anything about the situation. Faculty members had the right to have sex with students over the age of eighteen, the university could not limit that. No formal complaint had been raised about his behaviour, an anonymous email address had sent them the screenshots. Multiple members of the faculty had read the paper and Madden’s final exam and confirmed the grade was fair, so there was no sign of sex for grades. And until anyone from one of the student organizations that he was involved with raised a formal complaint nothing could be done to remove him.

And Dr. Barlowe assured Dr. Duncan that no one was accusing him of doing this, the faculty could not ask him to confirm alleged facts about his sex life until a formal complaint was raised and the legal services were involved. The one thing Dr. Barlowe reminded Dr. Duncan about was that the university policy dictated that any faculty member in a romantic relationship with a student disclose it to the faculty head. That had not happened, however, Dr. Barlowe understood that the hypothetical situation raised by the student may have been interpreted as a one-time event and not a relationship.

But the faculty was aware of the optics of the situation. So they were implementing two new policies to ensure that the reputation of the college was protected. First, from now on all office doors had to remain open while students were consulting faculty. Fair enough. Second, there would only be co-sponsors of student organizations, so that no sponsor was alone with students. Dr. Barlowe pointed towards Dr. Hansley, he said she had volunteered to co-sponsor the nude-is-normal movement with him. She smiled and gave a little wave.

Damn. Not a good damn. Dr. Hansley was in her 60s, overweight, and smelled like a combination of unwashed fat folds and lavender perfume. Would she be attending meetings and rallies naked? Hell no. At least he wouldn’t have to worry about erections anymore. She could make Priapus himself go limp.

The meeting broke up after that. On the way out Dr. Duncan noticed that the majority of his female colleagues refused to look him in the eye. As he walked down the hall, one of them took him apart, and quietly told him that everybody knew what he was up to, and it was disgusting. The moment they saw the front page with him staring at the girl’s tits while erect they knew he was a massive perv preying on female students who considered themselves activists.

When he got back to his office he was mad. At first he had no idea what to do, then realized there was only one thing to do. He opened his email, emailed Blake Madden, and set up a meeting to go over her final grade. He informed her he had just met with the head of faculty to discuss whether her grade had to be altered. That enticed her, she agreed to come in two days. Soon after sending the email he got one from Dr. Barlowe, it was a summary of the meeting, explaining he had done nothing wrong.

Two days later Dr. Duncan was sitting in his office, naked, when Blake came in. She saw he was naked, and closed the door and stripped. So far so good, she must be used to taking her clothes off around him. She sat down, and he explained to her that the faculty had reviewed the paper and final exam, and he had the results on his screen. He invited her over to see it. She stood up and walked around to see the screen. Dr. Duncan slid back in his chair to let her past.

Then he stood up and grasped her waist. He had been masturbating before she came, had taken three Viagras (just to be sure he was rigid enough), and had pre-lubed his dick. Before she knew what was happening, he had moved his dickhead to her butthole, and in one swift thrust pushed himself in to the hilt. It was hard, her butt was clearly not used to this. She leaned forward and screamed, and began begging him to stop as he pumped in and out. It didn’t get easier, she was not relaxing. He had to firmly grasp her waist and use his core strength to thrust.

Once she realized begging wouldn’t she began to squirm, so he pulled her up by the hair and wrapped an arm around her to hold her still. This gave him access to her gorgeous tits, so he groped them and pinched her nipples. They felt a bit looser than he remembered, he thought if she’d lost a bit of weight. When she started yelling for help he clamped his hand over her mouth. But this position made it hard to thrust, he could actively feel her trying to use her anal muscles to push him out. So he pushed her down a bit onto the desk so he could use his body weight to pin her down, and began thrusting again.

He held her there for almost five minutes. It didn’t get easier. Dr. Duncan had been fit in his youth, but 30 years of academia had made him soft. Blake was small, but she clearly did sports or something, her body was tight and she had energy. As Dr. Duncan pumped his dick in her ass she squirmed. She kept coming up with new methods to get out. First she went limp to slide out below him. He had to pin her down with his hips while thrusting upwards to keep her from falling to the floor. Then she arched her back to push him back, and he had to squeeze her torso to his. When he got his rhythm going again she stayed rigid for a bit, then started bucking her shoulders until Dr. Duncan pinched her nipple until she stopped.

Eventually he came, dumping his hot semen into her asshole. He pulled out, and saw only a tiny bit of poo on his dick, nestled in his urethra. He sat down on his chair and pulled Blake onto his lap, still covering her mouth. He glanced down, he could see a linear bruise on her hips where he had been pounding her into the edge of the desk. He slid the chair forward, and showed her the email from Dr. Barlowe.

While she squirmed and tried to bite his hand he explained that the faculty knew he fucked her, and that they did nothing, because they couldn’t do anything. He was allowed to have sex with students, and he didn’t have to give good grades for it. They reviewed her shitty paper and found the grade fair. Honestly, he didn’t know how she got to third year, she was a dumb bimbo who must have fucked every prof to pass classes. She shook her head at that, tears leaking out of her eyes. So he explained proper research ways and argument structure to her while she gently held in sobs, her body twitching as she refused to admit she was crying. He was hoping that she was crying from how poor of a student she was, and that hopefully being raped over a bad essay would help her improve. He was a good professor, he wanted his students to do well.

Dr. Barlowe’s email was fairly generic, it was a high-level summary. He didn’t mention that the decision to do nothing happened in the absence of a formal complaint, he just said the department had reviewed Blake’s paper, found the grade fair, and did nothing. When Blake heard that he felt her body wilt, like something in her gave. Then she began to sob openly. So he held her and stroked her hair, while keeping his hand over her mouth until she calmed down. He wasn’t a monster.

Eventually she calmed down. Dr. Duncan told her that she was not gonna tell anyone that she fucked him. She was a leader in the nude-is-normal movement who was speaking about how nudity had to be desexualized, if people knew she was fucking for grades it would destroy her reputation. And she had no proof. And no backing from the university.

He let her stand up, and she glared at him, eyes still wet and with her hip-bruise turning a darker shade of purple. She grasped her head and pulled her head in, and took a long lick of the salty tears on her face. He then let go and she went to get dressed. He made her give him her panties. When she walked out she turned to him, and informed him that she would never tell, IF and only IF he stayed the hell away from her. She would never again be in a room alone with him, not as a student, not as an activist. He agreed to that, it wasn’t a concession because the faculty had already forced that.

He stayed in his office for another two hours, masturbating with her panties. Taking three Viagra was a mistake, he had to ejaculate two more times to get his dick down. He vaguely remembered those commercials that if you have an erection for four hours to call a doctor. He sat there stroking away with cheap cotton panties that probably came in a 12-pack from Target and had a mild yellow stain, dreaming of the feeling of forcing his dick into her tight asshole and groping those gorgeous Bs. Honestly, if he had known this would be the result of lecturing naked he would have done it as soon as the Court decision dropped.

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