The Mind Fucker Part 4 (request)

We laid there for a few minutes then I got up, grabbed some more ‘water’, and handed one to each of them.

‘Drink up ladies’ I smiled ‘we’re not even remotely done and I’ve still got to get through one mouth and two pussies to try on for size and then.. it’s your assholes. By the end of the day when you leave here you will have been fucked in every one of your holes and you’re gonna love it aren’t you?’

‘Yes master’

‘Oh yes master please’

‘Yes master’

Music to my ears.

The girls sat sipping on their water bottles while I checked the feed from the cameras. Lighting good, focus good, angles good, recording still running GREAT.

I had already broken in 2’s pussy so it was time to take a shot at the other two.

‘1 I want you to get down on your knees and elbows and get ready for me to fuck you. Do you want me to fuck you?’

‘Yes master please fuck me’

She scurried into position and I knelt behind her

‘Now 1 I want you to play with your clit while I fuck you… I want to hear you scream. 2 and 3 I want you two to just sit there and watch. I want you to get horny and ready for the same treatment and I want you cumming within me reaching 100 strokes in each of your pussies. Then we’re gonna open up all of your assholes’
1 was vigorously rubbing her clit and I found the right angle and slid slowly in listening to the sweet sound of her mix of sigh and groan. I decided I didn’t need preamble so I immediately started pounding her for all I was worth and wanted to test something.
‘1 you are cumming I want you to cum RIGHT NOW’

And she did. Her hand froze, her face hit the bed, and she let out a wail as her pussy clenched around me. If it hadn’t been for my magic medicine I would have cum right there and been spent for 30 minutes even with all the wonderful motivation I had around me.

I pulled out of her and she collapsed on her side in a semi fetal position jerking and gasping

‘3 it’s your turn.. over here on your knees and same thing.. begin playing with your pussy. 2 I want you to go over to that cabinet. In it you will discover a large purple bottle of lube and a small yellow dildo. Sit back down on the couch, lube the dildo up, and begin playing with it in your asshole. It will make my entrance much easier on both of us and way less painful for you’ 2 docilely got up, went to the cabinet, sat back down on the couch and lubed up the dildo before positioning it at her asshole and gently pushing it in.
‘ssssshhhh.. umm’ she hissed.

‘feels good doesn’t it?’

‘It hurts some’

‘No it doesn’t. it feels good doesn’t it?’

‘Yes master’

‘Well work your asshole well because I won’t take long with this slut then you’ll have a real dick in there’

She began to increase the pace of her strokes in and out her asshole while, in the interim, 3 had positioned herself on the bed and was vigorously stroking her clit.

‘3 I’m gonna fuck you now do you want it?’

‘Yes master’

‘How bad do you want it?’

‘I’ve never wanted something more in my life’

‘Beg for it. Talk dirty. Tell me what you want me to do to and with you’

‘Oh master please fill my pussy up with your meat’ she gasped ‘I want it and I need it. Please help make me cum’

I knelt up behind her and rubbed the head of my cock around to discover the right angle then in one quick thrust I slammed all the way home. Again my girl lost her balance and went face first on the bed but I didn’t care. I was balls deep in a teenage hottie and I intended to enjoy it.

I started giving her fast powerful strokes and when I reached 30 I said ‘you’re gonna cum now.. do you feel lt?’

‘Oh yes I feel it master please don’t stop I’m almost there. Please don’t stop fucking me’

‘Cum on my cock slave’ I said and immediately she screamed ‘GOOOODDDDDDD YESSSSS’ and collapsed on to the bed shuddering’.

Again my cock felt like it was in a wet velvet vice and I waited a minute until I pulled out and approached her face.

I pulled her up by her hair loving the dazed look in her eyes and said ‘you haven’t had the pleasure of my dick down your throat yet. Now I’m about to ass fuck your friend on the couch over there ad you’d be doing her a real favor if you got my dick nice and wet so open your mouth’

She obliged and I pushed my dick in until I hit the back of her throat. I wasn’t really feeling teaching right now so I held myself against the back of her throat until the muscle gave up and I popped all the way in for a few more inches. I pulled out, let her catch her breath, and went down her throat again holding my hands on both sides of her head.

‘2 get over here and lay back on the bed with your ass in the air. I want to see your face when I fuck your ass’.

2 came to the bed and got in the position I wanted and I said ‘1 and 3 I want you to watch this because in the next 30 minutes it’s your turn’.

I didn’t want to waste time so I positioned the head of my cock at her asshole and started pushing. It took quite a bit of force before the head popped in and I had to restrain myself from just going balls deep on the first stroke.

‘uhhh…. Ahhhh’ she gasped.

‘Feel good slave?’

‘I don’t know… it feels strange’

‘Well don’t worry about it. In a few minutes you’ll be begging me to fuck your ass harder. Once I’m done you are gonna be an ass slut that can’t wait to get it as well as your pussy and mouth fucked’.

To make my point I started pushing again and slowly eased up her backside. When I was all the way in I said ‘how do you feel slave’
‘mmmmmmm… ‘ she moaned but I could see a slight smile forming on her lips.

‘Play with your pussy slave. I want you to have two fingers in there so you can feel my dick sliding in and out’

I could feel her fingers tracing across the top of my dick as I started a slow gentle stroke in her asshole. I watched her face closely and it was a look not of pain but pure pleasure.

‘How do you feel now slave?’ I asked

‘So full master’

‘Can you imagine having a good hard dick in your pussy, one in your asshole, and one in your mouth?’ while I kept stroking inside of her.

‘Oh God master’

‘You’d like that wouldn’t you’

‘Yes.. oh yes master’

I sped up my pumps and looked at the other two ‘would you like a gangbang?’ I asked

‘yes master’

‘very well I’ll make that happen for all of you where you’re the center of attention for at least five guys for the weekend soon but for now slave I want you to cum’

By now she was meeting my strokes and her breath was coming in shorter and shorter breaths then she clenched almost painfully around me, gasped, jittered, then fell back on the bed with a dreamy smile on her face.

‘Good job slave’ I said pulling out.

Then I looked at the other two.. ‘1 get over here and get on the bed face down, ass up, so I can start training your asshole for me’.
I went to the bathroom to clean off my cock. I liked being nasty but ass juice shared was beyond my limit. I gave my junk a good cleaning then returned to the bed

‘Now girls’ I said ‘I’ve used all your pussies and they were wonderful. However I want to make sure everyone has had a chance to suck my dick before I fuck your asses. Once you all have cum with my dick up your ass our session will be mostly concluded. I say mostly because we have a few more things to deal with before I let you go home with freshly broken in pussies mouths and assholes. Are you ready?

‘Yes master’ was the unanimous reply.

‘You are happy to be my slaves aren’t you?’

‘Yes master’

‘Then okay girls raise up. I’m gonna stick my dick in each of your mouths and use your throats and we’re gonna have a competition. The one that sucks my dick the best wins a prize. Are you ready?’

‘Yes master’

‘Okay, I said’ scooting over in front of #3 ‘#3 start working my cock’

3 immediately attacked my dick and balls like she owed me money taking me straight down her throat. I grabbed two hand fulls of her hair and violently fucked myself down her windpipe. I gave her 100 strokes then pulled out.

‘Well done slave’

‘Thank you Master’

‘2 it’s your turn’

Two took a different approach kissing my dick and stroking it with one hand while lightly teasing my balls then took me in and sucked and stroked me for a bit. Then she took me down her throat and went long slow and gentle for her 100 strokes.

I pulled out of her mouth reluctantly knowing that quite soon she was gonna get to repeat the performance and I’d be painting all of their faces.

‘1 you’re up’ I said

1 was an interesting mix of 3 and 2’s styles. She went balls deep down her throat on the first penetration and did about 15 strokes like that. The she slowed down and gave me a loving blowjob for a bit before reverting to hard core throat sucking.

Again I reluctantly pulled out of her mouth patting her on the head and saying ‘well done’. Then I moved to the foot of the bed and was presented with three glorious teen asses. I could see their assholes winking at me and I couldn’t wait to be the one to open them up for their first of many future invasions.

I went to the cabinet and got some wipes. I wanted to be clean from the first girl before I went in the next, being sanitary even in the moment, I picked the lube up off the couch and crawled behind #1.

‘Are you ready to get assfucked #1?’ I asked

‘Yes master’

‘Okay now I want you to enjoy this so I want you to finger yourself until you cum. I’m gonna get my dick all the way up your ass and then I want you to fuck yourself on it. I will not move. You have 100 strokes to get off. Do you find out?’

‘Yes master’

I dropped a dollup of lube on her asshole, rubbed it around, and stuck my middle finger in then began working it back and forth. I could feel her aggressively fanning her pussy in the meantime.
Pulling my finger out I lubed up my dick and aimed it straight at her starfish. It took me a little maneuvering but I got the right angle and applied pressure. In a second or two her ass opened up and I was in.

‘OOOFFF’ she gasped.

‘Hang in there slave it gets better’

I kept the pressure on until I was deeply embedded in her asshole and wow was it a tight one. I wasn’t sure I could hold out and not nut deep in her bowels but I really wanted to save that for another day.

She began fucking herself on my dick moving back and forth, rotating her hips, and aggressively seeking orgasm and it wasn’t long, 3 minutes by my estimation, before she collapsed on the bed digging at the sheets screaming a muffled something I couldn’t make out.

I popped out of her ass and left her laying there shaking. I still had company to attend to. I had already used all of 2’s holes so it was time to skip her and ass fuck #1.

Again I instructed her to fan her pussy while I lubed her ass up. I was a bit surprised when my finger slipped in easily but didn’t really think about it.

‘1 I want you to start fingering yourself while I fuck your ass. Are you ready?’

‘Yes master’

‘Beg me to fuck your ass’

‘Please master fuck my pretty asshole. I can’t wait to feel you all the way up inside of me’ she almost screamed.

I placed my dick up against her asshole and was suddenly balls deep. How odd.

‘1 have you ever had something up your asshole before?’ I asked
‘Yes master’

‘And what was that?’

‘I started with a hairbrush handle then I bought a dildo and when I masturbate sometimes I use my asshole and sometimes I use my pussy’.

‘Fair enough that explains it. Has any other man been up your asshole?’

‘No master’

‘Okay fuck yourself on my dick and finger yourself to orgasm’
And again her technique was different. Without hesitation she started stroking my dick hard enough for me to have to grab her shoulders so she wouldn’t knock me off the bed. She started moaning after about a minute then 30 seconds or so later froze, arched her back, and screamed ‘FUCK YES I’M CUMMING’ and jittered around my dick for a minute or so before she, too, collapsed on the bed jittering.

I got off of the bed grinning. The video from today alone was gonna make me some serious bank and that was just from my private collectors. The way my drug was working I could ship any of these three overseas for a weekend that they could never talk about but would remember forever. ‘hmm… now there’s a wondered’ I mused.
I headed to the bathroom and once again cleaned and sterilized my dick. Ass to mouth is just nasty in my comment. Okay if it happens in the moment I can live with it but, when you have the time, cleanliness is a good thing.

I headed back to the room to discover all three girls sprawled out on the bed with dreamy looks on their faces. I was happy for them. Society represses sexuality so much and by basically freeing them from that bond I had a group of happy, relaxed, slaves.

‘Okay okay get up lazy girls’ I cried cheerily ‘now we’re gonna have a contest. The winner out of you three gets a prize. The losers on the other hand.. well they get something else. So over here now, get down on your knees, and I’m gonna allow you to suck my dick. The one of you who makes me cum gets the prize’
The girls all rushed in front of me, knelt, and stared at my crotch.
‘girls you have free reign to make me cum with your mouth. Share and don’t be greedy #1 you may proceed’

1 grabbed my cock and immediately had me down her throat. I loved her technique of alternating between taking me balls deep then pulling back and licking and sucking around the head. I let her go for about 2 minutes then said ‘okay 2 you’re up’
2 had a different technique. She actually seemed to worship my cock starting by holding it up and licking and kissing from the base to the tip while slowly jerking me. Then she very slowly took the entire length down her throat and built up a slow deep rhythm. I suspected she was one of those sort of girls that simply loved giving head which would advantage me greatly in the future.
I gave her a couple of minutes but somewhat felt myself getting close to cumming and, to be honest, I wanted 1 to win the contest. She was the prettiest of the three. 3 had been watching 1 and 2 and did a fair job of mixing techniques and I truly appreciated her efforts. It took all my effort to pull out of her mouth and say ‘1 your turn’.

1 eagerly grabbed my cock and had, apparently been watching as well, she encircled the head of my cock with her lips and ran her tongue around and under the head then grabbed my hips and slammed me down her throat.

‘girls’ I gasped ‘you need to get closer.. put your faces together’ I gasped as 1 sucked what felt like my soul out of me. The girls did as I asked and I said ‘mouths open, tongues out and I’m gonna cum on all of you’. Again as instructed they complied. It took me two quick jerks before I said ‘Ahhhhhhhhh’ and erupted on ones face, aimed at two and shot another respectable rope across it covering her face from chin to forehead. 3 got a medium squirt most of which went in her mouth. I didn’t want to deprive her so I said 3 suck on my dick a bit and get the rest of the cum out of it. She did as I ordered and after a few minutes I stepped back, pulled my pants back up and fastened them, grabbed my shirt and shoes and put them on then looked over at them. They all looked a bit disheveled and I couldn’t send them home looking like that. Besides a good performance deserves a good reward doesn’t it?
‘okay girls’ I said ‘I’m assuming you can discover your way to the bathroom. I want you all to go clean up, take a shower, wash and dry your hair, and be back here in exactly one hour and 15 minutes. Show up a minute late and you will be punished. There’s a clock in there and I assume you can read so go now and quickly’.

They scurried out of the room and I set a timer on my watch. I checked the recordings for quality, sound and visibility and found them to my satisfaction, then I uploaded them to my private server, copied the link, and sent it to a friend who did video editing in Hollywood that was as big a pervert as me.

‘Hey Hank
Came up with a wonder drug that makes anybody who drinks it become a sex craved slave for 36 hours. Here’s the live feed of todays action. Can you edit it to look seriously pro and send back? I’m gonna make some serious cash off of this and in payment I’ll send you a 36 pack of my special water. Then you can have some fun with any starlet or pop star you want. Or if a male star has pissed you off they’ll even let you film them getting ass fucked which makes a great extortion tool.

I checked my watch.. 45 minutes to go so I headed to the basement and grabbed a 36 pack of water and took it to my lab. I injected each bottle with enough compound to keep my new slaves happy and compliant until I needed to use them again and following my every instruction while, to the rest of the world, looking like nothing had changed.

I took the 36 pack out to their car and tossed it in the back seat and returned to my office. Hank had received my email and replied.

‘You son of a bitch are you serious?’ He wrote ‘I just did a quick scan of the video and saw you fucking shit out of those hotties.. were they legal dude? Your wonder drug does that? Let me know’
I replied ‘Yes.. today was the field test and it worked better than I could have expected or imagined. One bottle of my water and you have an immediate slave that will do any and everything you want. Not only that but they will remember it happily and enjoy the memory. I have a couple more tests to run and I’ll let you know how they go. And yes they were legal but I have no doubt that if I tried it on a 16 year old it would work but you know my very adverse feelings towards pedophilia. I might field test it in the future on younger people to see if I can suggest them doing better in college, being more respectable, etc. But not for sex. For now I’m just testing the limits on legal people so I’ll let you know how it goes.

NSFW: yes

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