the man who loves power series: Alex pt1

It was the very first time I had done what I was doing. It was somewhat unnerving but also so enticing I couldn’t withstand.

We will say my name is Tyler for the sake of the story and to keep my actual identity safe.

I was 19 at the time it feels like ages ago now at 30 but here we are as clear as day recalling it.

I had been introduced to a couple who I baby sat for while they worked at a bar. The husband (Jake) was what most would consider to be as manly as anyone. Short well kept hair on his head and face along with tattoos about 6′ tall and a military special forces background.

His wife (Alex) was the most barbie doll looking woman I have ever seen. Straight blond hair all the time in makeup she didn’t need with soft blue eyes standing about 5′ tall with DD tits and a slim waist with a perky but smaller booty and toned legs of a runner.

I’m about 5’11 190 lbs with the muscles of a football player and curly medium length brown hair and eyes. No tattoos and a boyish face with no facial hair.

I’m watching their young son one night while they were working when I got a text from the Alex: be home soon the bar was slow.
I don’t think to much of it just because it was a Thursday night and they were really hit or miss in my home town. It was about 11:30 when she got back and walked in without Jake. He was still at the bar working security.

We sit and talk for about 30 minutes before she tells me she is gonna get in the shower and after she gets out I can go home. I of course at the time had no idea what was about to happen when my phone went off with a text from Jake: just remember to have fun kid. Is all the text said making me wonder what that was supposed to mean when all of a sudden hands were over my eyes. I hadn’t heard Alex walk up behind me when I hear her soft voice say in my ear “keep your eyes closed and follow me Tyler” as she reaches down and takes my hand leading me to what I know is the direction of her bedroom.

As we come to a stop I hear her say “now I want you to know Jake knows what I want and knows that tonight I’m at your disposal to do whatever you want with. Now if you open your eyes and say you want to do this we will begin but if you leave I understand. So Tyler what will it be open your eyes”.

I open my eyes to literally a blonde headed super model completely naked except her panties standing infront of me a few feet away. This is where I was at in the beginning of the story. I knew what I wanted but every fiber of my being told me to run fast and far. That was except my hardening cock in my gym shorts. My full 7 inch cock was as rigid as could be as our eyes locked.

Now for reference I had been with several ladies and knew I was dominant but this was on a whole other level that sent me into what I am now. A truly dominant bull.

As our eyes met I took a step forward putting a hand on the back of her head pulling her into me as our lips met immediately kissing urgently like the dream will end if I stop. Our tongues dancing in the others mouth as my hands start to explore her body. When my hands hit her ass I picked her up her legs wrapping around me as I carried her to her marital bed and laid her on her back with me on top of her.

I pull my shirt off right before I start kissing and nibbling on her neck while my hands start to play with her nipples by rolling them between my fingers and pulling on them as her moans begin to increase.

As I kiss lower I suck her nipple into my mouth as I slide my shorts down. I swap to the other nipple as my fingers discover her wet folds and I slowly rub her clit while applying gentle pressure. I kiss lower sliding off the bed as my fingers slide down and into her sopping wet hole the takes both my fingers as she let’s out a load moan as she leans up to watch.

I finger fuck her until I feel her body start to squirm uncontrollably and just as she was about to cum I pull my fingers out and my lips lock onto her clit. Her body telling her to run as I lick and suck on her clit I grab her hips and hold her still as her body shakes and juices pool on her bed.

I let her get herself under control as I pull her off the bed and onto her knees. She was face to face with my hard cock. You would have wondered by the look on her face that someone handed her winning lottery numbers. Her eyes widened her mouth hanging open as she slowly grabbed my shaft. She licked every inch admiring it kissing it while she slowly stroked it. She told me so many compliments on how perfect my cock was and how ready she was for me to put it inside her between kisses and licks……….

Let me know if yall want me to continue the story thanks for reading!

NSFW: yes

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