The Lottery: Part 2 [M+/F, FF, inc]

The Lottery (Part 2)

[Continued from Part 1](

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Sex content: M+/F, FF, incest (F/d, M/s, b/s), humiliation, exhibitionism, impregnation.
WAM content: eggs, honey, flour, clothing destruction

The mayor strode back to the podium. As he walked, Eve prayed that the rumors she’d heard weren’t true, that the ritual would end with being stripped. But her worst fears were confirmed when he picked up the microphone and announced: “You may have sex with the winners!”

The crowd rushed the stage. Some people ran fast. Others were slowed by frantic decisions to disrobe and walk at the same time. Men were unzipping their flies and women were pulling their shorts to their knees or reaching under their dresses to take off panties. At the head of the crowd, Tessie Hutchinson nimbly scaled the stairs.

“Tessie!” exclaimed Jake.

“Jake!” smiled Tessie. “I was hoping you’d win. I’ve had a crush on you for ages, and I just didn’t know how to tell you.”

“M–me too!”

“I fantasized about making love to you here at the lottery. Good thing I came prepared.” Tessie pulled up the skirt of her cheerleading uniform to reveal that she had been going commando the whole time. At the sight of her bright red pubic hair, Jake’s overstimulated cock twitched and involuntarily ejaculated. It launched a stream of cum, which arced through the air and landed on Tessie’s chest.

“Oh, Tessie, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to…”

“It’s OK. Just show’s you’re eager. If you’re anything like my ex, you’ll be hard again in no time.” Tessie moved to embrace Jake and kissed him passionately while grasping his cock. Jake had never imagined that he would have his first kiss while he was covered in mess and a splatter of his cum dried on the woman’s clothes, but he was happy regardless. “I can tell you’re a virgin,” Tessie whispered in his ear, “and I think that’s real cute. I know what I’m doing. Just let me take control, and you won’t be a virgin much longer. Let’s start with some tongue kissing, and I’ll take you around the bases.”

As Jake began to make out with Tessie, Mandy rolled her eyes in annoyance. Of course, this would happen. Her brother was about to have his V-card punched by his true love, and meanwhile Derek was nowhere to be found. She wanted her first time to be special, but now it seemed she would be deflowered by someone else. Maybe it would be the stranger cupping her breasts from behind, or maybe it would be her volleyball coach who was running his hand through her pubic hair and gazing into her eyes with something in between lust and an attempt to romance his teenage student.

“Out of my way!” a voice cried out. “Step aside! That’s my girlfriend there!” Derek pushed his way through and stood before Mandy, stark naked.

“Oh, Derek, there you are! I want you to be the one to take my virginity.” And with that, Mandy wrapped her legs around him to pull him close. She had intended for them to caress each other and have some foreplay, but she squeezed too tightly, and inadvertently pulled him so close that his cock slipped into her dripping-wet pussy. “Oh, Derek!” Mandy cried, surprised by the sensation of a penis entering her vagina for the first time in her life. “This feels so good. Oh, Derek, fuck me right here! Make me a woman!”

Ted moved his head from side to side in disbelief. On one side of him, his son was making out with some redheaded tart he’d never seen before. On the other side, his daughter–his baby, his little girl–was giving up her virginity and shouting about it like a whore. All that was left was for his wife to cuckold him with one of the men starting to make their moves on her. There were two approaching her chest, each sucking a breast, and another squatting below her, licking honey from her pussy.

“Looks like they’re having all the fun,” came a voice, snapping him out of his trance. It was Chastity Jones, wearing nothing but a pair of panties. Ted found his gaze drawn to her breasts. They were swollen, and drops of milk were forming on the nipples. Chastity noticed what he was looking at. “Can you help? I’m still nursing, but sometimes I make more milk than I know what to do with,” she said as she lowered a boob into Ted’s mouth. Ted knew he was being seduced, but he didn’t care. The rest of his family was getting laid, it was only fair for him to get some action. “Did you get the snip after having the twins?” Chastity asked.

“No,” Ted came up for air. “Eve went on the pill.” He lowered his head and began suckling her other breast.

“Well, I’m not on it. So be careful. Pull out and cum on my back.” Chastity turned took her breast out of Ted’s mouth and turned around. She was wearing a thong, and the sight of her shapely ass made Ted’s cock even harder than it already was. She lowered her panties to her ankles and bent over. Thrusting his hips, Ted was able to get his cock inside of her and begin fucking her from behind. But he got carried away, and before he knew it he was cumming inside her pussy.

Chastity stood up and faced Ted, shocked but not unhappy. “You naughty man! I guess you wanted to make a baby with me. Perhaps I’ll see you in nine months.” Chastity gave him a peck on the cheek and walked off. Ted felt a bit guilty about what he’d done, but he was also too horny to care if he was gonna be the father of Chastity’s next child. The thrill of being covered in mess and fucking his teenage neighbor overpowered all other considerations. As other women began to approach him with lust in their eyes, Ted felt his babymaker start to stiffen again.

Meanwhile, Eve was the last holdout trying to preserve her family’s honor. She was motivated in part by a strong sense of morality, and in part by practical considerations. Although she was on birth control pills, Eve had remembered that she had forgotten her dose that morning, and her doctor had warned her that hyperfertility could result from a missed dose. Too many men surrounded Eve for her to avoid their touch entirely. Instead, she had to focus on twisting this way and that to avoid any cocks, resigning herself to being groped, fingered, licked and sucked. It was exhausting and humiliating. Still, Eve couldn’t deny the effects that the men’s attention was having on her. Her arousal was building, and then she made the mistake of looking at the rest of her family. She saw her daughter fucking some guy. She saw her son mounting a slut in a cheerleader’s uniform. And she saw her husband brazenly cheating on her. Somehow, the humiliation pushed her over the edge, and she felt her body start to spasm with a deep, throbbing orgasm.

As Eve came, she lost her bearings in a haze of pleasure. When she regained awareness of her surroundings, she found herself looking into a familiar face. She couldn’t quite place a name to it until she remembered. It was Dennis, a nerdy student who sat in the front her class but rarely spoke. In an instant, Eve realized that he had been attracted to her, but too shy to say anything. Now, he had the opportunity to act on his desires. Eve stopped trying to avoid getting penetrated by a cock. If her husband was gonna sow some wild oats, so was she. And if he was gonna risk knocking up their neighbor, she was gonna risk having him raise another man’s child. She smiled at Dennis, and spread her legs to allow his cock into her pussy. He began to tenderly kiss her, and the thrusting of his hips was less like fucking and more like making love. Eve appreciated his gentle touch, and when he squirted his cum into her unprotected womb, she felt her entire body tingle with another orgasm.

For all of the Dunbars, their first sexual encounter had been gentle, even romantic, but after that they were treated much more roughly. They were free game to be used by anyone: man or woman, friend or stranger. Many of the villagers were farmers, and Eve felt herself roughly handled by strong men with calloused hands and dirty nails. They plowed her pussy with the same industry they might bring to their fields, and Eve soon lost track of the number of loads she took. All social boundaries collapsed. Mandy was taken by her algebra teacher, who was almost three times her age. Several of Mandy’s classmates popped their cherries on Ted’s cock. Meanwhile, the college nurse, Mrs. Coogan (called “Mrs. Cougar” behind her back) hitched up her dress and straddled Jake. The high college football team lined up and gangbanged Mandy. Then, they gave Eve the same treatment and entered into heated discussion comparing the merits of mother and daughter.

Eventually, the villagers’ lust seemed to subside. The mayor ordered their ropes cut, allowing them to stand freely on the stage. Rubbing their wrists, the Dunbars assessed each others’ state. They were a mess. During their ordeal, the villagers had wasted no opportunity to smear the honey/flour paste all over them, sometimes even gathering large handfuls and smashing it into their faces like pies. Mandy was still wearing her shoes and socks, but her skirt had been pushed up almost to her breasts. All of her private parts were on display. She stood a bit bowlegged. The hair on her head was matted with mess; her pubic hair was matted with the same, as well as copious amounts of cum. Eve was a curvier carbon-copy of her daughter, but without the skirt and shoes. Jake and Ted looked messy but unscathed, except for scratches where a woman in the throes of orgasm had dug her nails into them. Eve and Mandy had fewer such scratches, but many sore spots all over their bodies that they knew would develop into hickies soon.

The mayor and his wife came onto the stage, both completely naked. “It’s not part of the official tradition,” said the mayor, “but it is customary for my wife and myself to conclude the ceremony.” Eve looked below the mayors large belly and gasped when she saw the size of his cock. It was a foot long, and almost as thick as a wine bottle. Eve felt nervous about taking such a massive cock. Her trepidation must have showed, because the mayor said quietly to her, “At this point it’s completely optional. You can go home now if you’d like.”

Eve glanced over to the rest of her family. Ted and Jake were both getting to work on the mayor’s wife, each taking one of her pendulous boobs in their mouth as they began to spread her legs. Looking at Mandy, she saw that her gaze was fixed on the mayor’s cock. As though daydreaming, her hand was making its way to her crotch. Jealousy and competitiveness overruled any hesitancy Eve might have had. “I wouldn’t want to break with custom,” she said, lying on her back and opening her legs to display her well-used pussy.

Eve was already wet, and full of cum to boot, so there was no need of foreplay. The mayor just slipped his cock right in. Eve involuntarily moaned as she felt herself being stretched more than ever in her life. The mayor’s belly rested on hers. His body was hairy and not particularly attractive. Yet, Eve felt intensely aroused. It was a combination of the huge cock, the humiliation of getting fucked by such a fat and ugly man, and the thrill of cheating on her husband with–and possibly getting impregnated by–a high status male like the mayor. After only a few thrusts, the mayor started cumming, and Eve was right there with him, bucking and thrusting under his bulk as his thick pecker filled her with jism.

As the mayor lifted himself off of Eve, another figure came to straddle her. It was Lucy Crawford, back to gloat some more. “My husband fucked me while watching you get used up on stage,” Lucy boasted. “I know he’d never do it with a lowlife like you, but maybe you can lick his cum from my pussy.” Before Eve knew it, her face was filled with the scent of pussy juices and semen. Eve had never pleasured a woman before, but Lucy was giving her a crash course. “Get your tongue in there. Yes, like that. Now, lick my clit. Now, suck it! Oh, you’re a natural! Too bad you’re not a professional rug-muncher. That might be something you might be good at.” Eve stuck her tongue into Lucy’s cunt and felt the telltale muscle contractions that indicated her rival was having an orgasm.

Desperate to get her own back, Eve pushed upwards and managed to topple Lucy to the ground. She began rubbing her crotch into Lucy’s face, spreading semen over it like mayonnaise on a slice of bread. “How do you like that now, you haughty bitch?” she bellowed. Then, her clit brushed something, and she was surprised to feel an orgasm of her own.

Eve sat down, gasping for air. Lucy was similarly breathless. The two women locked eyes. “You know,” said Lucy, “maybe things would go better if we worked together instead of fighting.” They both leaned in for a kiss. It was wet and slimy, but Eve started using her tongue. Lucy began to reciprocate, until their focus was broken by a loud moan.

Eve looked over and saw her daughter underneath the mayor. He was fucking her hard. Eve could tell from the tempo of his long, deep thrusts and her daughter’s heavy, ragged breathing that both were approaching climax. After only a few more moments of having her delicate frame pounded, Mandy began to cry out in orgasm. The mayor, balls-deep in her barely legal snatch, grunted as he emptied himself into her. He pulled out and walked away, leaving Mandy with a river of cum flowing out of her gaping pussy.

In that moment, Eve felt closer to her daughter than ever before. They’d suffered the same torments and been mated by many of the same men. Eve crawled over and hugged Mandy. She kissed her cheek and tasted the sweetness of the honey. Mandy turned kiss Eve’s cheek, but their lips collided. Their eyes opened in surprise, but neither pulled away. Their lips stuck like magnets. Two pairs of blue eyes stared each other, both with love.

Eve was suddenly aware of how their legs were intertwined. She sensed how Mandy’s thigh was pressing on her vulva and stimulating her genitals. She could feel a warmth and a wetness between her daughter’s legs. Mandy had clearly enjoyed herself. Eve realized how selfish she’d been to try to restrict her daughter’s pleasure. Sex could be a gorgeous thing, and everyone should get as much as they’d like. It would be cruel to repress someone, especially someone as shapely as Mandy. Eve realized that her hand was resting on Mandy’s cute little butt and that she was alternately stroking and squeezing it. Eve knew that what she was doing was inappropriate, but she just loved her daughter so much, and after the events of the day felt like the usual rules didn’t apply any more. Besides, she just found Mandy’s body so alluring. Maybe Lucy had been right, and she was a natural rug-muncher. When Eve felt Mandy’s hand between her legs, stroking and fingering her sex, she knew her daughter was experiencing the same feelings of lust.

The two women began exploring each other’s bodies, running their hands over each other and kissing places a mother and daughter would never think to kiss. Before long, Eve and Mandy found themselves lying on their sides in the 69 position. Mandy seemed to have inherited her mother’s natural aptitude for cunnilingus, because Eve soon found herself bellowing with orgasm into her own daughter’s quivering pussy.

Eve and Mandy stood up and saw that Ted and Jake had finished with the mayor’s wife and had been watching their incestuous display of sapphic pleasure. For a moment, Eve was afraid that Ted would be angry with her. But he was a ordinary male, and his grin and erection showed what he really wondered of his wife and daughter’s wonton demonstration of sexuality. Her husband walked over and embraced her, then gently pulled her down to to ride his cock. Out of the corner of her eye, Eve saw that Jake was holding Mandy up to fuck her. Her arms were wrapped around his neck, her legs were wrapped around his back, and her face had an expression that was bemused but not unhappy with the liberties her brother was taking. “Our children are fucking,” Eve said, and then felt her husband cum inside of her.

If that turns him on, he must be an even bigger horndog than I wondered, Eve reflected. “Well, well, well, this is quite a show, folks,” the mayor announced from the podium. He hadn’t even bothered to get dressed. “The family that lays together stays together, that’s what I always say. And from the looks of things, this family will be staying together for a looong time! What do you say?”

“I say,” Eve shouted from the stage, “watch this!” Then she turned to her children. “Mandy, go with your father. Jake, come here.” She lay on her back and spread her legs, making her intentions clear. If the villagers wanted a show, they were gonna get the show of their lifetime.

Jake approached his mother nervously, grinning and blushing. His erection was rock-hard, but he kept it out of her and just played with her boobs, like he was unable to believe that his mother actually wanted to fuck him. Desperate for the cock she had been admiring for almost an hour, Eve grew impatient. “Put it in me, Jake. Mommy’s horny.” Jake did as he was told, entering the very vagina that had brought him into the world. Eve’s pussy was wet and slimy inside from a mixture of vaginal juices and cum. Jake knew the sensation was evidence of his mother’s horniness and promiscuity, and that just turned him on more. Mother and son smiled, enjoying the taboo thrill of what they were doing. Jake hardly needed any more encouragement at this point, but Eve couldn’t withstand telling him, “I’m not on the pill.” Jake exploded inside her. Eve was surprised by the large size of his load, especially for a man who had already cum multiple times that day. She just hoped that Tessie Hutchinson didn’t mind sharing. As the realization of what she had done–and that she might even end up pregnant by her own son–sank in, Eve came too.

Meanwhile, Ted was fulfilling every father’s forbidden fantasy: fucking his daughter. The fact that they were both covered in mess and watched by an audience of hundreds only heightened the excitement. “Oh, daddy, fuck me! Fuck me harder, daddy!” bellowed Mandy. “Fuck your baby girl’s pussy!” She’s become quite the screamer, Ted wondered to himself. Even louder than her mother.

Ted fucked his daughter deeply. Her feet, still in their patent leather shoes and soiled knee-socks, rested on his shoulders as he bred her with the same penis that had once conceived her. “Oh, daddy, I’m cumming! Your big, thick cock is making your little girl cum!” Mandy shouted. Ted could feel that she was indeed cumming, and that pushed him over the edge. Mandy’s quivering pussy was flooded with another batch of the same semen that had been used to make her. When they were done, father and daughter lay together and cuddled tightly, comforting each other after the events of the day.

The Dunbars spent several minutes on the ground, catching their breaths and caressing each other. The paste coating gave each a kind of grimy look, as though their appearance were required to reflect the dirtiness of their actions. As they looked out from the stage, they noticed that many of the villagers had been turned on by the show they put on, and, despite their earlier exertions, begun to openly masturbate or fuck while watching them.

“That. Was. Spectacular!” the mayor shouted from his microphone. “I don’t think I’ve seen such a show! That was even better than when Meredith O’Malley was covered in chocolate and gave her brother-in-law a blowjob at the lottery three years ago. Folks, let’s hear it for the Dunbars. This year’s lottery winners!”

After the applause died down, the crowd began to disperse, with the exception of a few couples still finishing up. The Dunbars tried to get dressed. Jake and Ted managed to discover their briefs, but the rest of their clothing had been destroyed. Eve was still wearing what was left of her shirt, and managed to discover her panties. Mandy still had her skirt, but her panties were nowhere to be found. Presumably, some lucky villager had taken as a souvenir. She was the only one not barefoot, but she was topless and commando. Holding hands, the family walked home. The lottery was a brilliant way for the community to come together, and for this family, it had brought them closer than they could ever have imagined.

* * *

The next morning, the Dunbars were at home, eating french toast with honey. No one had spoken directly about what had happened to them the previous day. If it weren’t for the post-coital glow in their faces and slight soreness between the legs, it might have all been a dream.

“Mandy, I was thinking your father might take you to the mall, to get you some new panties. Maybe something from Victoria’s Secret, as a treat. Jake, maybe you’d like to come along? You could even bring a friend. Is Tessie Hutchinson doing anything else today?” Eve was trying to make conversation, talking about what had happened without actually mentioning what they had been through. She still hadn’t told her husband that she had forgotten her pill the previous morning, nor had she told him that Mandy had never been on the pill in the first place. She wasn’t sure how to bring it up, and wondered that maybe he would just get a surprise or two in nine months.

Ted interrupted the conversation. He had just unrolled the morning newspaper and exclaimed “Wow!”. On the front page was a large picture of the family, tied up, covered in mess and humiliated.

“Oh, my,” was all Eve could say. Her focus on the newspaper was so complete that she lost track of what she was doing. She had been pouring some honey on her toast, but in her distraction poured it all down the front of her nightgown. “Oh, how clumsy of me,” Eve said when she realized what was happening. “I better take this off.”

Eve pulled the nightgown over her head, revealing that she had been wearing nothing underneath. There was a tense silence, until Jake finally spoke. “Gee, mom,” he said “I wouldn’t mind bending you over and fucking you at this breakfast table.”

“Wouldn’t be the first time you had my pussy,” said Eve. She bent down as he came around the table. Her tits landed in the toast, but she didn’t mind, and she suspected no one else would have any objection to eating it later. Eve groaned with pleasure as her son entered her once more.

“Daddy, can I sit in your lap and watch?” asked Mandy. Ted did not speak. He just spread his legs, letting his growing erection become visible beneath the bathrobe he was wearing. Mandy knew what to do. She straddled him, also naked beneath her short nightgown, which rode up and displayed her butt. As her father’s cock penetrated her pussy, Mandy made eye contact with her mother. The four of them fucked in unity, until Jake picked up another jar of honey and emptied it over his mother’s head. The room was filled with the sound of four simultaneous orgasms. The lottery had brought the family very close together indeed.

The End

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