The Lottery: Part 1

The Lottery

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Sex content: M+/F, FF, incest (F/d, M/s, b/s), humiliation, exhibitionism, impregnation.
WAM content: eggs, honey, flour, clothing destruction

It was a warm, sunny day in June when the villagers assembled for the lottery. Every resident aged between 18 and 50 was required to be there. The elders looked after the children while the younger adults carried out the ritual. Or just watched. The rule was that witnessing the ritual was mandatory, but participation was optional–unless you were chosen. Then, you had no choice.

The earliest arrivers were greeted by Mayor Shank and his wife. Shank loved the lottery. As soon as he came of age, he had sold his interest in the family pig farm to his brother, so he could run for mayor and become the lottery officiant. People at all times said that it was too bad, because he would have made a perfect pig farmer. With his protruding belly and hanging jowls, he somewhat resembled that livestock, and his similarly rotund wife made for an excellent match. But there was no denying, they were a natural fit for the lottery. The flair with which they conducted the proceedings was undeniable, and their participation was at all times enthusiastic.

As the morning sun rose, the crowd grew. As each family arrived, the members would mingle nervously and then settle on a spot together, their gaze fixed on the wooden scaffold and the box in the middle of the town square. The scaffold was a long A-frame structure of unfinished wood that resembled an oversized sawhorse. It had been put together last night by the carpenters’ guild and was supported by a raised platform of highly polished wood. An abundance of ropes were scattered on the platform. Depending on the lottery’s results, the scaffold would need to support anywhere between one and ten people.

The box was also of wood, and older than anyone could remember. It had once been painted (sky-blue, according to legend, to symbolize good weather), but was now so stained that its original color was impossible to discern. A steel padlock held it shut. Last night, the city council had overseen the deposition of over 200 slips of paper into the box, one for each family in the village. Then, the lock had been secured, they key entrusted to the mayor, and the box solemnly carried to its place in front of the scaffold. Next to the box was a small podium with a microphone.

The crowd continued to grow, and the mayor checked off each citizen on his list. The names would be drawn at 11:00, but first all had to be present. One of the last families to arrive was the Dunbars: Ted and Eve, followed by their children, Jake and Mandy. In previous years, Ted and Eve had come alone, but the twins had celebrated their 18th birthday last week, so they were now obligated to attend this, their first lottery.

Jake was a tall man of 40, with a muscular frame and skin tanned from his work in the fields repairing tractors and other machinery. His face was handsome, in a rugged kind of way, topped by short, dark hair just beginning to turn gray at the temples. Jake was every bit his father’s son, and resembled nothing more than a younger version of Ted, perhaps an inch shorter and a shade leaner.

When it came to Mandy and Eve, although the familial resemblance was clear, the differences in their appearances belied the differences in their personalities. Mandy was short and petite, 5 foot zero and a hundred pounds soaking wet. As she recognized friends and neighbors, she would grin at them by way of greeting. Her smile was framed by her long, straight hair, which was such a dark brown it was almost black, contrasting with her pale skin and white cotton tank top. The faintly visible shape of her nipples hinted that she was wearing no bra, and her perky bust, large for her size, strained the fabric of her tank top, which just barely reached the top of her pleated navy skirt. The skirt stopped at the top of her slender thighs. Patent leather shoes and white knee-high socks completed the dainty look of her outfit.

Eve, meanwhile, scowled with annoyance at the people milling about. Her hair, almost as dark as her daughter’s, was curly and beginning to frizz in the summer humidity. Eve was a good half-foot taller than her daughter, and larger in other methods too. Not fat, just curvier. Her heavier breasts were by necessity supported and enclosed in a bra, which was itself concealed by a loose button-down shirt. Also concealed, by a pair of khaki slacks, was Eve’s lower body. Eve had at all times hated when men’s gazes lingered on her legs. She was especially self-concious of her thighs, which had been widened by bearing her twins, and her ass, which had been teasingly described as “bootylicious” when she was in high college and had only grown in size and prominence in the 20 years since then. The khakis were her favorite pair of pants because they minimized these perceived flaws. Although Eve had what might be described as a classic hourglass figure, the components of her outfit worked to avoid giving any hint of voluptuousness to observers. A pair of practical tennis shoes and ankle-socks ensured that, with the exception of her hands, not a millimeter of skin was visible below the collar of her shirt.

Eve’s scowl deepened when Mandy bent forward to pull up one of her socks, causing her skirt to ride up an expose almost the entire back of her white cotton panties.

“If you wanted to show the whole town your panties,” Eve hissed into her daughter’s ear, “you could have just taken out an ad in the paper.”

“Gee, mom,” Mandy turned to face her mother, “maybe there would be more interest if you ever let me buy anything besides plain white.”

Two pairs of blue eyes glared at each other, one with reproach, the other with defiance. “You’re too young to be tempting men with your body,” said Eve. “And if I see any more displays of exhibitionism, I’ll have your father bend you over his knee and spank you.”

“Don’t you think I’m too *old* for that?” replied Mandy. “And I’m sure daddy thinks the same. Last time you had him spank me, he was blushing the whole time. He was so embarrassed, he could barely bring himself to tap me on the butt.”

“Then I’ll do it myself. And I’ll make you *sting*.”

“Girls, girls,” interrupted Ted jovially, “no need to fight.” He had doubled back after noticing that they had stopped following him and Jake. “I found a good spot for us to stand. It’s right up front, so we can see everything.”

“Let’s just stay towards the back,” said Eve. “We can watch the first part of this hick ritual and then go back home in time for lunch.”

“It’s not a hick ritual, it’s a tradition,” replied Ted. “And I wish you wouldn’t put it down just because you didn’t grow up here. It helps bring the community together. And it’s part of maintaining the region’s prosperity. You know what they say: ‘Lottery in summer, else the crops’ll be a bummer.'”

“That’s just superstition. And I don’t know why you defend it so much. You’ve never seen the second half of a ceremony.”

It was true. Every lottery ceremony had two parts. After the first part, spectators were free to go if they chose. Ted had been at school for the first few lotteries after he came of age. Then, he had married Eve and moved back home. They had attended each lottery after that, but she had at all times dragged him away before the second half began.

“What happens in the second half?” asked Mandy.

“What happens in the *first* half?” asked Jake. “We’ve never been to one before, and you haven’t told us anything to expect. We don’t even know what the winners get.”

“You know discussing what happens on lottery day is forbidden,” replied Ted. “And you’ll find out the prize and what happens during the first half soon enough.”

“Will we ever learn what happens during the second half?” Jake persisted.

“There are *rumors*,” said Eve. “I’ve heard that–”

“Eve, stop!” interrupted Ted. “You’ll get us in trouble. Look–here come the Hutchinsons.”

“Looks like they brought Tessie with them. Now that she’s broken up with her old boyfriend, do you want me to tell her you have a crush on her?” Mandy teased her brother.

“Only if you want me to tell mom about you and Derek,” said Jake.

“How did you know about Derek?” replied Mandy.

“You’ve been going steady with him for three months. Everyone at school knows. I’ve even seen you holding his hand and kissing him in the halls. If mom finds out you’ve been *dating*, you’re really going to get it.”

“Well, kissing in the hallway is about as close as I’ve come to going on a date. I wish she would treat us like adults and let us–oh, hi Tessie. Nice outfit you’re wearing.”

Tessie had wandered over from where her parents were talking with Ted and Eve. She was wearing her cheerleading outfit, and the powder-blue color scheme brought out the color in her vivid red hair.

“Thanks, Mandy. Hi Jake, how are you? Excited for your first lottery?”

“It looks good on you–I mean, yeah, excited. I’m excited. I hope you win.” Jake smiled nervously.

Tessie leaned in and said in a hushed voice, “Mom and dad told me a bit about what happens. I’m not sure that I *want* to win. I mean, it could be fun, but do you really have to go through with everything in the ceremony?”

“Oh, I didn’t know–I mean, our parents haven’t really told us anything,” stammered Jake.

“Well, then you’ll see, I guess. We’re going to go get a spot with a better view. It was nice talking, Mandy.” Tessie and Mandy hugged. “Jake.” Tessie hugged Jake, who blushed and awkwardly wrapped his arms around her.

Jake and Mandy walked back to their parents, just in time to hear Eve complain some more. “…and there goes Chastity Jones from next door. Only 19, and already a mother. And no one has any idea who the father is. But her family acts like they’re better than everyone else, just because they won last year’s lottery.”

“You don’t have to be so bitter. Everyone knows it’s good luck when a family has a new baby after winning the lottery. It’s a sign of fertility. And the Joneses are a good family. Chastity’s older brother dotes on the child like it’s his own.”

At that moment, the clock tower began to ring. As the eleven chimes were struck, three large crates, each supported by four men, were carried through the crowd and placed in front the podium. The first two boxes were laid down with great care, but the third was more roughly dropped to the ground. Mayor Shank was already standing at the podium, and when the boxes were in place he began to speak.

“Greetings, villagers! It is my honor and privilege, not to mention great pleasure, to welcome you to another lottery. As you all know, the annual lottery is a venerable tradition, which is said to ensure that all crops are plentiful in the coming year. However, it is also traditional to select three crops to be incorporated into the ceremony, so that they may be blessed with extra abundance. The city council selected those crops by means of divination last night, and I can now reveal them to you.” As he spoke this last sentence, men with crowbars approached the crates and began to disassemble them.

“The first crop is: eggs!” The leftmost crate was opened to reveal a large pyramid of eggs. “We’d like to thank the poultry guild for providing so many eggs on such short notice. They’ve brought a wonderful supply of their finest jumbo-sized eggs, pasteurized for our convenience during the ceremony.”

“Wow, we haven’t had eggs at a lottery in ages,” Ted observed. “This should be interesting.”

“Maybe for the other families. We’ll just watch and then leave when the first half is done,” said Eve.

“The second crop,” continued the mayor, “is: honey!” The second crate was pulled aside to reveal many glass jars of honey. “Our thanks to the Smithers family for providing this honey from their bee farm.”

“Oh, honey. Sweet!” Ted joked. “Get it?” he asked Jake and Mandy. They just rolled their eyes at him.

“And the third crop,” said the mayor, “is: wheat! Here, symbolized in the form of flour. We’ve gone with all-purpose flour, provided by the Delacroix farm. It can be used for *all* purposes, after all.” And the last crate was opened to reveal that it was packed full of paper sacks of flour.

“Oh, eggs, honey *and* flour. This is an interesting combination,” Ted mused.

“And now for the moment you’ve been waiting for,” said the mayor. “The selection of the lucky winners. When I have made the drawing and read the name, will the winning family please make their way to the platform?” He put down the microphone, took a key from his pocket and unlocked the wooden box. Inside the box were hundreds of slips of folded paper. After making a big show of mixing the papers, the mayor took one out, unfolded it, picked up the microphone and read out, “The winning family is: the Dunbars! Ted and Eve, come on down, and don’t forget to bring Jake and Mandy with you!”

Eve’s eyes widened in shock. “No! It can’t be! It can’t be us!” She looked as though she would bolt away, but Ted grasped her hand and began to lead her to the stage, gesturing for Jake and Mandy to follow them. The crowd parted before them. “It’s not fair,” Eve whimpered as they walked up to the mayor. “Well, Mr. and Mrs. Dunbar, you know what to do. Kids, don’t look so nervous. Just follow your father’s lead, and you’ll be fine.”

With Ted leading the way, the family walked up the stairs of the platform and lined up under the scaffold. The two Dunbar men were in the center, with Eve and Mandy flanking them on either side. Ted held his arms above his head. Eve followed, and the Jake and Mandy did likewise. Then, the men who had carried the crates lifted and tied each of them by the wrists, securing them to the scaffold with rope, so that they were hanging with their feet a few inches off the floor.

The Dunbars could see the crowd approaching the platform and clustering around the pyramid of eggs. Some were already taking eggs and weighing them in their hands.

“With the winners chosen,” proclaimed the mayor, “I declare the beginning of the lottery ceremony…now!”

With that, the crowd began to throw the eggs at the Dunbars. They were pelted with a hailstorm of eggs. “It isn’t right, it isn’t fair,” protested Eve, until an eggs cracked on the side of her head and she stopped talking.

The eggs were well-aimed, and few of them missed. Soon, all four members of the Dunbar family were covered with raw egg. Mandy’s clothes were saturated, causing her top to become transparent and show her nipples, while her skirt hung more heavily and emphasized the shape of her legs. Ted and Jake’s t-shirts and jeans were several shades darker and splattered with yolks. The same effect could be seen on Eve’s slacks, which now also revealed the line of her panties across her thighs. Her shirt clung to her body, emphasizing the shape of her figure and size of her bosom. Anyone in the audience could now see that she was wearing a lacy black bra under her shirt. Eve was utterly humiliated, barely holding back tears. Ted was more stoic, bearing his egging with a grim determination to do his service to the community. Jake and Mandy were equal parts nervous and curious about what would happen next.

When the crowd ran out of eggs, several men with brooms came up on the stage and swept off the eggshells. They were followed by the mayor and his wife, each holding a large bowl and a pair of scissors.

The mayor approached Eve first. He ripped open the buttons to her shirt and then used the scissors to cut off her slacks. Shielded by her shirt and slacks, her bra and panties had almost no egg on them. Eve was in a state of anguish. Her favorite pair of pants had just been destroyed, and now her underwear was visible to the entire village. Her humiliation was compounded by the fact that her white cotton panties didn’t match her black lace bra. She imagined everyone in the village judging her. The mayor picked up the bowl, and tossed its contents onto Eve. It was full of more eggs, with the shells removed. The final splash ensured that Eve was covered from head to toe in eggs. The dark shadow of Eve’s pubic hair was now visible through her panties. In an effort to preserve her modesty, Eve tried to curl up and face away from the crowd, but this only succeeded in displaying her ass crack through the rear of her panties. Soon, Eve grew tired and let herself just hang, on full display.

Meanwhile, the mayor’s wife used her scissors to remove Ted and Jake’s t-shirts and jeans, leaving each in just a pair of briefs. These too were covered in egg from her bowl, and while she took the opportunity to fondle their cocks and balls through their sodden briefs, the mayor approached Mandy. Mandy caught on to what they were doing, and didn’t want to have her skirt destroyed, so she lifted her legs and spread them to show that eggs had already gotten up her legs and soaked her panties. After a long look at the shape of her labia visible through the crotch of her panties, the mayor nodded approvingly and opted to simply pour the rest of her bowl over Mandy’s head.

The mayor returned to the microphone. “Time for the honey,” he announced. “You may come up onto the stage and use the honey on our winners as you like, but remember: only my wife and myself are permitted to remove any clothing.”

Members of the crowd began to file up the steps onto the platform, holding jars on honey. Most were content to simply empty their jar over a Dunbar’s head, but some were more personal. Tommy Richardson and Johnny Maxwell, two students in the English class Eve taught at the local high college, walked up to her. They were major troublemakers in college and Eve had frequently disciplined them for pulling pranks that disrupted class. “Having fun, Mrs. D?” asked Tommy, and seeing the anguished look on her face, they both started snickering. They walked behind Eve, and she felt the back of her panties pulled open, followed by a drizzle of honey down her ass crack.

Next up was Lucy Crawford, Eve’s archnemesis who had recently beaten her in a hard-fought contest for leadership of the local HOA. She pulled open the front of Eve’s panties, smirked at the sight of her pubic hair and poured her jar of honey into the panties. Eve squirmed with discomfort as the sticky liquid flowed through her pubes and teased her clit. Then Lucy’s husband came up and poured his honey into one of Eve’s bra cups, but not before pinching her nipple. Lucy’s daughter was with him. “Mom told me to do this to teach you a lesson for how badly you planned the Memorial Day cookout last month,” she said, reaching into Eve’s other bra cup and giving her breast a tight squeeze. Then she filled that bra cup with honey before putting Eve’s breast back into it.

It occurred to Eve that the other members of her family must be receiving similar treatment. She turned her head to the side and saw that women were taking turns pouring honey down the briefs of her husband and son. The flow of the liquid was like a gentle stroking, and both were sporting involuntary erections.

Beyond Jake and Ted, Eve could see that Mandy was the center of attention for many men, and also a few women. Her daughter’s clothes were now completely saturated with honey, and rivers of the amber liquid were oozing down the sides of her legs. Her top had been pulled up to expose her abdomen, which was being rubbed down with honey. Some people were squeezing her breasts through the fabric of her top, while others would reach down the play with her breasts directly, before pouring in more honey. There were multiple hands up both the front and back of her daughter’s skirt, and although it looked like Mandy was trying to use momentum to swing herself away from the groping, at other times she seemed to be grinding her crotch into one of the hands. Eve was mortified to see her daughter treated in such a way, but all she could do was hope that the honey would run out soon.

After what seemed like an eternity, it did. “Time for the flour,” announced the mayor. “Just toss it from a distance,” he added, and relief coursed through Eve’s body. The bags of flour were duly opened and the contents tossed over the family. Eve’s vision was entirely blocked out by a mist of flour, like a whiteout during an arctic blizzard. Blind to the world, Eve was acutely aware of the honey pooled in the crotch of her panties and the egg-honey-flour paste beginning to form all over her body.

As the flour began to settle, Eve saw the figure of her husband emerge from the mist. Covered in white from head to toe, he resembled a statue of a Greek god. The sodden fabric of his briefs clung to his erection, which stood straight out from his body like a monument to his virility. Despite everything, Eve felt aroused, remembering how that cock had satisfied her in the past. As more of the mist cleared, more of his features became visible, and Eve realized that it was not her husband, but her son, that she had been lusting after. Underneath her coating of flour, Eve blushed deeply with shame.

“This concludes the first part of the ceremony,” announced the mayor. “Anyone who wants to may leave.” A few people made their exit, but almost everyone stayed. “Now my wife and I will initiate the second part of the ceremony.” As the mayor made his way from the podium to the stage, the crowd’s gaze turned toward the Dunbars. The look in their eyes made Eve nervous.

The mayor approached Mandy first. He had the scissors in his hand again. With three deft snips, Mandy’s top was removed. It had intercepted the flour before it could reach her breasts. The result was that although the rest of her body was covered with flour, her perky breasts were clearly visible underneath a transparent coating of honey. “I’ll preserve some of your modesty and let you keep the skirt,” said the mayor. Mandy was about to murmur a word of thanks when he reached between her legs and continued. “But these will have to go,” as he pulled down her panties. Turning to the crowd, he tossed them high into the air and laughed with amusement as people scrambled to catch them.

Meanwhile, the mayor’s wife had peeled off Jake and Ted’s briefs and now held a honey-coated cock in each hand. “Hmm…I wonder whose is bigger?” she teased. Both cocks seemed to swell, as though vying for her attention.

The mayor walked over to Eve. “I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time,” said and cut off her bra with the scissors. Eve’s boobs, dripping with honey, now competed with her daughter’s for the eyes of the crowd. Eve’s shoes and socks were removed, and then she felt her panties be pulled to her ankles. Naked, except for the remnants of her shirt, Eve resigned herself to having her private areas ogled by everyone she knew.

The mayor strode back to the podium. As he walked, Eve prayed that the rumors she’d heard weren’t true, that the ritual would end with being stripped. But her worst fears were confirmed when he picked up the microphone and announced: “You may have sex with the winners!”

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