The Live-In Surrogate [M38F23] [breeding] [free use] – Short Sex Story

Today was the day…

I’d woken up as usual, kissing my lovely wife, Susie on the cheek, rolling out of bed, getting in the shower. It was in the shower though, that I realized…

Today was the day…

I felt a deep, warm arousal spring into my blood as I realized, recalled that you were coming. Today was the day you moved in.

…My wife, Susie, and I had been trying to conceive for a year before…well, before the doctor’s gave us the news. I loved- I love Susie with all my heart and it broke me to watch what it did to her. It took me months, hell half a year to convince her that I wasn’t going anywhere, that we could try other options. Everything though…well, it was so damn expensive. Were we really supposed to go into heaps of debt just to attempt to have a child? It was maddening.

We had been running out of hope, when a friend of mine, well, a coworker really, recommended this new business. It was, kind of a matching service, designed to connect us with live-in surrogates, women who were medically proven to be fertile and eager to exchange their…skills, for room and board.

It was Susie who pushed for it, to my surprise. I was on the fence. What would that do to us? To have a woman living with us whom I’d be…fertilizing? Could we really stand it? It took Susie a month to convince me. I realized then, how much she wanted a child of our own, how much she wanted a family.

Now, we’re here. Today is the day.

I had just sat down to breakfast when the doorbell rang.

Susie’s back was turned away from me, which I wondered was a little odd. She seemed frozen.

“…I’ll get it,” I said, setting my spoon down.

As I walked across our living room, I realized how nervous I was. I’d never been with anyone besides my wife. I felt the tension, nervousness rising in my chest as it competed with my arousal. When we matched with you and found out you were really coming to join us, I started saving up. I hadn’t masturbated in two weeks, nor had I been intimate with my wife. I felt like I was brimming, ready to burst.

I took a deep breath to try and calm my nerves, then opened the door.

There you were. God’s own symbol of fertility. A generous, nearly over-flowing bust, thick thighs, wide hips, and, well, an ass so big I could see it from the front. You were a pale beauty, luscious lips, freckles, and dark, curly red hair, and big, gorgeous eyes. As I drank you in, I stumbled over my words, mumbling. “H-Hello. Welcome.”

“Mr. Harlow?” Your voice was a song, low, resonate, with a lilting finish.

I managed to nod. “Bruce is fine. Monica, right?”

You smiled. Nodded. Arrayed around you were two suitcases. All of your belonging’s as you’d mentioned in your email. Behind you, I saw a taxi pulling away and out of sight.

“Ah, let me get those for you. Come right in. Let me show you to the guest room.”

Your bags were light. We’d had the sense that you’d fallen on hard times, but the weight of your luggage told me more than I was comfortable with.

As we crossed the threshold, I called out, “Susie, Monica’s here. I’m- I’m just going to show her to her room.”

…I didn’t hear a response. Maybe I’d just missed it though.

I led you up the stairs and into the guest room, placing your luggage on the floor.

As I turned, I saw you near me, gazing around the room. I- Your cleavage was too much for me to withstand, I gazed into, between your tits, the promise of pleasure your body whispered to me…

You were looking at me, smiling.

I blushed and stammered. I was taller than you by a foot or so, but still I felt so…helpless somehow.

Relax, Bruce. Nothing you won’t be seeing shortly.”

Your smile was warm, but not nice, it was predatory, hungry. I felt something stir within me. I laughed. “Right, of course you’re right. Just…I guess a lot to get used to.”

…Neither of us said anything.

As I stood there, something finished shifting within me. You were gonna be the mother of my child, or at the very least the one to give birth to my child. Your body was…

“So, Bruce, it looks like I’m all moved in,” you said, smiling. “When do you want to get-”

I lunged for you, grabbing you by the shoulders and locking my lips onto yours. I felt your hands, your nails grasp onto my sides. I felt your hot breath on me and the soft moan that escaped you set me aflame. I heard the door close. You’d slammed it shut with your foot. I pulled back and we gasped for air.

You smiled so wide at me, wiping your lips. “I’m yours, tiger. Whenever you want. Whenever you need me. You’re going to fill me up.” I watched you sigh, running your hands down your belly as you did. “Bend me over the bathroom sink. Fuck me in the shower. Crawl into bed with me and wake me up with your cock driving into me.”

Your words washed over me and the animal, the thing that needed you, stirred.

You watched the impact and smiled wider. “I think we’re going to have a lot of fun together.”

I grabbed you then, gripping your ass cheeks in my hands, delighting in your squeal of pleasure and surprise. I threw you down on the bed. As you began unbuttoning your blouse and wriggled you out of your skirt. No panties. Your sweet, pink pussy lay bare before me, a slight tuft of red pubic hair clinging just above it. I inhaled, devouring your scent. I needed you. I needed to bury myself inside of you.

I tore myself out of my clothes as fast as I could, then began lowering myself to eat you out, something I’d at all times wanted to try, but Susie had at all times been too shy.

You put your hands on my shoulders to stop me, then a finger under my chin raised my eyes to yours. “That’s sweet, Bruce, but I was fingering myself in the cab the whole way over here. It’s not every day a girl finds her bull. I promise, I’m ready for you.”

I gazed over your pubic hair, your milky white tits, into your eyes. You were so gorgeous. I leapt, throwing myself on top of you onto your bed. I spread your thighs aside with my hips and braced myself against the bed frame, finding the leverage I’d soon need.

A shock, a thrill shot through me as you grabbed hold of my cock, a big smile of naked lust playing over your face. “I’ll guide you in,” you whispered.

Together, we lined my head up with your soft, wet lips, then the blinders went down. I grappled you, filling my hand with your breast as I wrapped my other around you, lowering myself onto you. My hips bucked, delighting in the shock of pleasure I drove into you as you engulfed me. My jaw slackened, my mouth fell wide as I sank deeper into you. I had no words, no language as I fucked. I’d never fucked before. Susie never let me fuck her.

You were holding onto me, coiling around me, you mouth kissed my neck, your nails dug into my back, your legs locked themselves around my hips.

Naked inside the mind-numbing heat of your wet pussy, there was no way I would last. I didn’t want to last. I wanted to cum. I wanted you to clench down on me as I buried my seed in your womb. I-

There it was. White hot fire filled my cock, clean through to the base and my balls as I poured myself, my love into you. I was grunting, panting, moaning in a torturous pain desperately trying to empty everything I had.

You pulled me in tighter against you as my pounding rhythm fell to slow, feeble bursts of strength. You wouldn’t let me leave. You wouldn’t allow me to withdraw from your depths. You whispered things of longing and sweetness as you held me in your arms, pressed against your breast.

“…Bruce,” you whispered in my ear, pulling me out of near sleep.


You patted me on the back and laughed. You really were gorgeous. You moved your lips, your mouth, your tongue next to my ear. “Like I said, we’re going to have lots of fun together.”

NSFW: yes

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