The Life Long Lessons Chapter 1 [m40+/f20+] [spanking]

(The first chapter in a series with the same main characters, the unnamed woman and the man she lives with. Enjoy!)

She nervously fiddled with her ring as she waited. She had never been in this much trouble before. It was one thing to sneak out to go to a party at Andrea’s, she’d done that before and gotten away with withholding monthly payments, but this… Andrea’s parents coming home, the wild escape out the window that took along the expensive flower vase, the fall into the flower bed that destroyed the expensive gold necklace Robert had bought her when he was in China, and finally being caught by the police and driven home where she wobbled along the roadside in tattered clothes.

Robert had opened the door as she stood there between the two policemen. He had just listened and nodded as the policemen told him how they had found her, and shortly afterwards Andrea’s father had called and told him about the earlier events that he had apparently gotten out of Andrea.
Robert hadn’t said a word to her, just grabbed her arm firmly and led her into his study, then walked out and closed the door.
She couldn’t hear him outside, but she knew that he would soon have to come in and decide her fate.

It was really extremely stupid. What she should have done, of course, was to have stayed and been scolded along with Andrea and then slept there as planned. Andrea’s parents would have called the next morning, and she would have gotten another scolding from Robert and maybe a month’s money less. But now the whole year’s monthly allowance might not be enough.

Robert had been reluctant at first when she shyly asked if she could stay in his nice house near the city. He had suspected that the next question would be about finances, as she couldn’t really afford her studies, and indeed she needed a small loan. After some hesitation, he had agreed to finance her studies as long as she lived with him, in return for her taking care of herself, her studies, part of the house, and finally, when she got a job after her studies, paying him back.
She had sworn that she would take care of everything because her university studies were crucial, and Robert had made it clear to her that as long as she lived in his house, his rules applied. She would study, get good grades, keep appointments and do some chores. If anything went wrong, he was perfectly entitled to punish her.
She had no intention of leaving, the housing situation was impossible, and Robert’s money enabled her to study and become a lawyer. So far she had behaved reasonably well, she wondered, and where things had gone wrong she had kindly accepted whatever punishments Robert had devised. Usually grounding or withdrawal of money, but on a couple of occasions Robert had grabbed her hair and tugged, growling that he should spank her. She hadn’t really taken it seriously, but Robert seemed to think that you couldn’t get too old for that sort of punishment.
So was that really what was in store? A spanking? It had never gone that far before. How did it feel? She was so nervous that her legs began to shake.

So the wait was over. The door opened and Robert came in. He looked collected.
“I thought I had made my rules clear.”
She didn’t answer, just looked down at the floor.
“Do you want to move out tomorrow?”
She looked up and felt the panic welling up.
“No! Please don’t throw me out, I promise…”
“Thank you, that’s enough. You promise not to do it again. I’ve heard it before.”
She fell silent and looked down again.
“You have two choices. Either you move out right away tomorrow, or you get a very harsh punishment right here and now.”
“I’ll take my punishment”, she replied immediately.
Nothing could be worse than moving out now, there were several semesters left of her studies.
“Very well. What do you think your punishment will be?”
She fiddled with the ring again and shivered involuntarily.
“You have made me extremely angry and disappointed today. I had to take a moment and calm down so as not to do anything rash. But now I am calm again, and can guarantee that your punishment will be well thought out, elaborate and very instructive.”
She sobbed a little. The lecture was unbearable.
“I think you’ve already guessed what’s going to happen.”
He paused deliberately.
“You’re going to lie across my lap on the sofa and then I’m going to give you a really good spanking.”
She hid her face in her hands and felt the tears burning behind her eyelids. There was no turning back. She had to take the punishment if she didn’t want to move out tomorrow. And she just couldn’t.
He let her agonise for a moment before continuing:
“You’re going to spend a good while over my lap, and when we’re done you’re going to apologise properly, thank me for spanking you, and then you’re going to go to bed immediately. But a word of warning – the punishment may not end there. If tomorrow morning I feel you need another reminder of the rules here at home, we’ll go back in here and repeat the procedure. Is that understood?”
She sobbed again and felt her hands shake.
She nodded in response, feeling infinitely pitiful and remorseful.
“Very well. Have you been spanked before?”
“No”, she got out.
“Well, then. Then I can’t ask you to refrain from weeping and wailing. To be spanked for the first time and in the amount I planned is no picnic.”
Though his words frightened her, somewhere a small spark of defiance was awakened. Crying like a little kid? She was an adult, after all. She’d probably show him. Maybe he would even be a little impressed with her if she was quiet and took the punishment without a murmur.
He went and sat down on the sofa.
“Come over here and lie across my lap.”
She got up on shaky legs and walked over to him. Inside her, thoughts raced. There was no way out of this. She was actually gonna get spanked. He was gonna spank her across the knee. It was so embarrassing she didn’t know where to turn.

She stopped beside him, and began to crouch a little awkwardly. He quickly got tired of her antics and grabbed her arm and pulled her down over his knee. She felt him adjust her position until her feet were no longer touching the floor, and her face was buried in the sofa cushion. She gasped as she felt his hand discover its way up her skirt and start to pull down her panties.
“Oh, you didn’t think you’d get spanked without your bottom being bare, did you? Otherwise I can’t see the effect of the punishment.”
He slid her panties down to her ankles, and she whimpered as she felt his hand return upwards, slowly pulling her skirt over her bare buttocks and up her back. Her bottom was now unprotected and she felt him stop.
“Now it’s high time you learned what happens in the future when you don’t behave. I’m tired of you not realising the seriousness of your partying and sneaking and lying. In the future, I will spank you every time you break my rules, no matter how small, until I see an improvement.”
He let the words sink in firmly and then placed a hand on her bottom.
“Now I think we’ve talked enough. Now I’m going to spank you.”

And with those words he lifted his hand, and suddenly she felt something cool and hard instead of his hand.
“This is a wooden brush. You can give punishment with your hand, but as much as you’re going to get, I prefer something more gentle on the palm, and that stings a little extra.”
He grabbed around her waist, and with the sharp sound of wood meeting skin, she realised the punishment had begun. The pain in her buttock was excruciating from the first second. She whimpered but forced herself to be quiet. She wouldn’t start to whimper already at the first hit! Surely he wouldn’t go on for very long, what with the force he’d let the brush land.
When the second buttock got a taste of the brush, she began to realise that he had been truthful – this was not gonna be a bed of roses. This was gonna hurt… terribly.
The brush landed again and she whimpered, and soon she felt him pick up the pace. Rhythmically and with great force, Robert let the brush dance across her unprotected bottom, up and down, then right, then left. She hugged the sofa cushion tightly and felt the pain spread like wildfire, it stung and burned and she couldn’t stop the tears. Still she forced herself not to cry and scream, some dignity she would have left, but the crying simply could not be stopped. She soon began to wriggle her legs with each smack of the brush, and felt his grip on her waist harden.
“Now I think you are beginning to realise the seriousness of what you have done.”
Robert picked up the pace slightly, and she soon tried to pull away from the searing dance of the brush, but was firmly stuck in his grip. How strong he was!
“I should have spanked you a long time ago. I should have known that a long time of having your bottom burning with pain is the best lesson. And tomorrow you’ll be reminded every time you sit down.”
She bit her lip and pounded her fists on the couch, but nothing could relieve the terrible sting that the brush created. Robert had now also increased the power of the smacks, and now she was really getting a feel for what it meant to be spanked. He let her whole bottom taste the hard brush, and he did it without stopping. It was a single, stinging, burning rain of blows.

After what seemed like an eternity, the brush stopped falling. She was shaking with tears, but inside her burned the stubborn little flame of defiance. Hah! I didn’t scream!
She felt his hand caress the burning, stinging buttocks.
“Now it really shows that I’m dealing with a disobedient girl. Naughty girls get spanked on their bare bottom until it gets really red and sore. Isn’t that right?”
She knew he was taunting her. She felt her cheeks burn almost as much as her bottom. But she’d made it!
“Get up.”
She stood up and wiped her tears. Her skirt fell down over her bottom, and she bent to pull up her panties.
“And what do you think you’re doing?”
She stopped and looked up in surprise. He smiled a little.
“I see. You thought it was finished. Well, I think I’d better explain the situation a bit more.”
He grabbed her arm and pulled her away to the desk.
“That was just the warm-up. For minor misdemeanours, perhaps I can settle for spanking you with just the brush. But when something this serious has happened, you should expect your punishment to last much longer, and in increasing degrees of pain.”
He turned her away from him so that she was looking out of the window on the other side of the desk. Terrified, she watched him walk away and pick up one of the sofa cushions and place it on the table in front of her.
“Now, you will bend over the desk so that your hips rest on this cushion. This will put you in a very suitable position to be spanked with the bamboo stick.”
She started crying again. She had seen the bamboo sticks in the large pot in the living room, but had never considered that it could be anything more than decoration. She couldn’t imagine anything but a horrible sting if one landed on bare skin.
“There you go. Bend over.”
She had no choice. Slowly, she lay across the desk and felt him settle the pillow under her hips.
“Hold the edge of the table. If your hands happen to find their way back to your bottom, I advise you to stop them quickly. A single attempt to stop the punishment will lead to more spanking.”
She grabbed the edge of the table and pressed her forehead into it. She managed the brush without crying and making a fool of herself. Now she just needed to get through this for a while too.
She felt her skirt slowly being pulled back up, exposing her already stinging bottom once again. Soon she could also feel the cool, sinister bamboo stick resting against her buttocks.
“Soon you will understand just how serious I am about what happened tonight. Hopefully, you’ll realise that a spanking was just what you needed.”
A loud slap was the first thing she sensed, but soon she was gasping for breath and whimpering loudly at the stinging sensation that flashed in a line across both buttocks.
“The next one will land here, right where your bottom meets your thighs, where the skin is the thinnest.”
The slender stick landed with force right where it promised, and she howled in pain. She had forgotten the defiance in no time, and her whole interior was now filled with the new level of pain that had flared up.
“Now I firmly believe you are beginning to learn something.”
The smacks came at just the right intervals for her to hear the thwack, feel the pain explode in her bottom, and cry out loud. She gripped the edge of the table so tightly that her knuckles whitened.
“Please, no more!” she screamed as the stick landed for the seventh time, exactly at the same spot as the second had.
“You know very well that you have earned a spanking.”
Another smack made her drop the edge of the table and scream loudly, but she quickly grabbed the table again. More spanking if she let go, she didn’t forget.
Another thwack.
“No, no more! Sorry! I’ll never do it again, please…”
He didn’t answer, he simply let the bamboo cane back down on her butt. She kicked her legs and threw her head up with a howl.
“Are you learning anything from this?”
Another smack before she could answer, and she twisted her behind back and forth to try to still the sting.
“Yes”, she squealed. “I am learning! Please, no more!”
Another stinging crack and she screamed loudly again.
“You’ve needed a good spanking for a long time now.”
The bamboo stick landed on the middle of her bottom and she released her grip with one hand and grabbed again in another place. She wailed loudly and cried uncontrollably.
“Please no more! Please, I’ll never…”
One more smack turned the end of the sentence into a scream and her buttocks burned with infernal heat.
“Now listen carefully. I’ll give you five more thwacks with the bamboo stick. After that, you’re going to lie there for a while with your bare bottom out and think about what you’ve done. Then I want you to apologise to me, thank me so much for spanking you, and tell me what you have learned from it. Then you go to bed, and if you’re lucky, maybe punishment will be enough for this time. Understand?”
She sobbed out a yes.
“All right. Let’s finish with five good smacks.”
The first one took her breath away. It must have been twice as hard as the previous hits. When she regained her breath, the next one came in almost exactly the same place, and she screamed out in agony.
The third one landed again where her buttocks and thighs met, and she howled, stomping her feet.
The fourth smack landed high up and she screamed that she would never break the rules again.
The fifth lingered a bit.

“Last one. Now I want you to think carefully about what it feels like to have your bottom spanked, so that you can evoke that memory the next time you think about being naughty.”
The blow was hard and landed in the same place as the previous one, and she collapsed in tears across the table when she realised it was over.
He let her lie like that for a while, and soon the crying subsided. Her buttocks were still stinging and burning, but the worst was already beginning to subside.
“Now I firmly believe you have something to say.”
She sobbed again. Ashamed, she hid her head in her arms.
“Oh, no. Hold on to the skirt so that the bottom remains bare, and turn and look me in the eye.”
She fought the shame and finally managed to grab the skirt and hold it so that the bottom remained bare, but the private parts were hidden by her hands. She turned slowly and looked at his chest.
“Look me in the eye, or we’ll go straight over to the sofa and fix you up for some more spanking.”
Startled by the threat, she looked up and said in a trembling voice:
“I’m really sorry for behaving badly tonight. I’ve learned never to break the rules again. I apologise… and… thank you…”
“For what?” he said sternly.
“Thank you… for… spanking me.”
Quickly she looked down at the ground again, overcome with shame.
“You’re welcome. Rest assured, there will be more if you need it. Now go away and go to bed.”
And away she went, grateful to leave the terrifying spanking devices behind her, and she slept on her stomach that night. Fortunately, Robert wondered she had learned a sufficient lesson the night before, so there was no more spanking the next day as he had threatened. But she was well aware of what he’d said – the slightest infraction and she’d be back over her knee with her bottom bare.

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