The Lei before the Min [WMAF][Interracial][Drugs][Manipulation][Domination][Teacher][MILF] – Short Sex Story

All characters described in this story are 18 years old or older and this is entirely a work of fiction. Any resemblance to real life people are purely coincidental and unrelated.


Forty out of a hundred, another bummer, at least that’s how Marty’s dad would see it. First biology, then English, now math too. One consecutive blunder after another. At this point Marty was considering completely dropping out and taking up that offer his friend Dylan mentioned about opening a souvenir shop in a beach plot he inherited from his uncle on Chocktaw lake. They lived nearby in London, Ohio, would’ve made things easier staying at home for a few years and piling up some cash to move out. That’s all I’m good for, he wondered, selling souvenirs and t-shirts. Gone were the days of idle daydreaming about being an astronaut, an archeologist, a fireman, hell even spider man. As reality slowly set in and his skills surfaced, or lack thereof, one by one his dreams were shattering. He wasn’t even thinking about collage or God forbid, uni. With his grades he was lucky enough if he didn’t flunk his senior year.

Luckily his parents didn’t really pay too much attention to his education to add on top of his personal guilt, with his dad on the road most of the time and his mother a marine biologist, he was lucky enough to be the man of the house in a manner of speaking most of the time, which might have contributed greatly to his academic failures considering the near non-stop partying. Marty was a pretty famous boy in his high college. One of the rare kids in his generation to be have an actually good car not some training wheels most kids usually get after turning 18. Well groomed and athletic, the only downside in his social life was his damned shyness and near complete inability to talk to girls especially ones he liked. He even shied away from watching porn. He couldn’t explain it to himself, he knows he wasn’t a prude or gay, he knew he liked girls but got cold feet every time he tried talking to one he actually felt some attraction to.

But coming back to the grades, he didn’t really see it as much of a bummer anymore, with each failing subject he knew that the actual day of Armageddon would come when he’d have to present his report card and likely be either kicked out or asked to go work if he fails. He had enough time to sturdy himself for the fallout of his parents, this has been going on for almost a year. It he could maybe fix two or three subjects, but there was no way getting around English and math. He hated to read, anything, not just books but anything written in general, from news articles, social media posts etc. He preferred multimedia, video, audio and countless hours on youtube and spending whatever leftover time he had with friends or at the gym and lake.

And then, there was Ms. Lei, the math teacher, the Karen of Karens, he wondered, the bitch to outbitch them all. Ms. Lei was likely the towns most unlikable person, moved back in the 90s as a kid with her family, signed up for every protest or social justice cause you can name, spent most of her youth blocking streets, cafes, restaurants, police stations, anything a typical person would need on a daily basis, sometimes people believed her groups didn’t even have a cause, they were just bored. Thirty years later and now she’s at her dream job, torturing students with unimaginable amount of schoolwork, harassing colleagues and her daily drive thru stop’s workers. Just enjoyed making life miserable, probably gave her a feeling of superiority, Marty wondered. There was no way he would get around her class, he didn’t hate math but wasn’t really good at it either, she had caught him on several occasions checking his phone, scribbling in his textbooks, or messing around with his friends in the middle of class. Her impression of him as a failed case as well as his latest exam results were almost a sure seal on his future and aspirations.

On top of all that was the attraction factor. Marty didn’t have any particular thing for Asian women, but Ms. Lei was something else. Plump in all the right places and slim in the others, youngish complexion, well kept and neat, she reminded him of one of those oldies magazines sexy secretary advertisement, busty with a slim waist, jet black hair kept tightly in a neat bun. He’d wanted to ask her for some extra activity or work he could do to up his grade a bit but every time after class he wanted to approach her desk his feet felt like the floor was a glue trap, sometimes he not only couldn’t advance towards her desk, but awkwardly walked back and forth as if he forgot where the room’s exit was. Once she even caught him while grading some papers as the students exited the classroom, he was the only one left with her in the room, she raised her head slightly, looked him dead in the eyes and asked with a dismissing annoyed voice:

“Is there something wrong Marty?”

He froze and his shyness caused him to lower his head and look at the bottom of the desk at her feet. They were gorgeous, clean and smooth, painted nails visible in her heel front cutouts, looked befitting a woman in her early twenties not late thirties. Keep it together Marty, he wondered.

“No Ms. Lei, sorry, I think I forgot something under my desk, sorry, let me just” he fumbled around with his hand under his desk as she sighed in annoyance.

“No surprise considering your head is constantly in the clouds” she said continuing to grade papers.

“Yes Miss, sorry, I…. never mind, found It, sorry, thank you, I mean” what the fuck is wrong with me, he wondered as he exited in a rush. She probably wondered something, why I’m so awkward, she’s not stupid, she knows I like her, she probably thinks I’m a perv or something. The thoughts kept rushing thru his head. She just gave him an eyeroll as he exited the room.

That day’s encounter was a painful one that would lodge itself in Marty’s memory and he’d replay several times late at night. Sometimes while playing with himself fantasizing about her, other times in one of those life regret moments he had sporadically.

But he had to work up the courage if he didn’t want to face the music in a few months with his parents, he wondered. He had to talk to her and ask about any extra work he can take on. The opportunity presented itself just two months shy of graduation. He had one more exam to take in her class before finals. It was now or never, a moment of awkwardness versus a lifetime of failure, nothing to loose. He waited until the end of the class and for everyone else to leave to approach her desk slowly as she looked at her laptop.

“Anything I can help you with Marty?” she didn’t even bother moving her eyes from the screen, calling students on a first name basis was just another method of lowering their self esteem and asserting dominance for her. He was frozen solid, half open mouth. God she’s pretty, he wondered.

“I was thinking, Ms. Lei, maybe, if you’d like to…” mumble after mumble “I know I’m not exactly your best student” humbleness and self ridicule, he assumed those were traits she liked seeing in people given her reputation “but if there’s a way I can improve my grades, I really wanna go to collage next year and this is, well this is the only subject I’m about to fail”.

“About?” she finally looked at him above her glasses resting calmly on the tip of her nose.

He didn’t know how to respond, did I fuck up, he wondered, does she mean it’s too late already.

“Marty look…” she put her laptop to the side and set her glasses on the desk, crossed her hands “you’re not a bad kid, I know that, it’s a small town, and I know you have ambitions we all do, but sometimes life gets in the way and reminds us we’re not all meant to be astronauts”

I know she took a swing with that astronaut thing, he wondered, but damn she hit the nail on the head.

“And you can’t expect to be great at everything “ she continued “society runs because everyone has their place and talents, you haven’t discovered yours maybe, but I can tell you boy Math isn’t one of em’” the language she was using to address and belittle him, he knew it, it’s the one she used to put down everywhere she set foot in town. But at least he knew it’s nothing personal, just how she is.

“I know, and I amid Miss my interests are in other areas but” she cut him off.

“But you thought you can guilt me into being more lenient by pretending to at least want to try and do better” no way getting around it now he wondered “and while the attempt is transparent as a glass door, I’m obliged by school regulations to allow it unfortunately. So here’s what we’ll do. Open page 54 in the book.”

Marty opened the math class book to the page as she continued working on her laptop, completely disinterested in him.

“Start marking with a pen” she handed him one after he fumbled around for almost a minute thru his backpack “sigh, I want you to write down every theorem, every formula, every definition and draw every sketch till page 97, memorize them all and report back to me after class on Friday. Understood?”

Two fucking days !? – he wondered.

“Is there a problem Marty?” she asked after noticing his dazed look.

“No Ms. Lei, just”

“Yes? Speak up” that’s all he needed, he felt the blood rushing to his cheeks when she looked him straight in his eyes.

“It’s just, ugh, I’m in a rush, gotta pick up my…”

“Whatever get going, I’ll quiz you hard so be ready by Friday this is your last chance” she accented the “hard”. He couldn’t take it, he just rushed out without looking at her, he wondered he saw a smirk on her face as he left. Did she knew he liked her, that he fantasized about her?

Never mind, he had forty pages of geometry to get thru in two days and memorize it all, which he knew was an impossible task, he couldn’t cram that material into his head in two months let alone two days. She wanted to punish him, she hated him he wondered, and who can blame her, his presence in her class will be remembered as half deviancy and distractions and half awkward memories. He had problems with basic multiplication, advanced geometry like this was way out of his league. But hey a chance is a chance, he wasn’t about to turn it down. Two days, then two months later and you won’t have to talk to her ever again, just get thru this, he tried staying positive.


There was no way, she did it on purpose, he wondered, she wanted me to fail, she knew I couldn’t eat up this much off my plate in two days, it was all just to punish me for whatever crazy idea she had.

Marty was at his nerves end, sitting in the back of his SUV at five in the morning in the college parking lot on Friday, trying to cram every last bit of info from his notes in his head before class starts. No way, he wondered, not a chance, I barely know half of this stuff and I barely slept three hours since Wednesday.

The other classes were uneventful, excluding Marty’s temporary drift offs into dreamland after being sleep deprived for days. He skipped breakfast, spent recess studying and going over any last minute stuff he wondered he forgot.

It’s almost over, just have to get thru chemistry and it’s off to the guillotine, he told himself.

Ms. Lei was waiting for him in front of her classroom as he approached, she was holding some papers in both hands studying them intensely by the look of it. He admired her tall and curvy figure, she all the time dressed professionally yet in unreasonably tight suits for work. Today she was wearing a tight beige skirt just short of the knees, and a tucked in slightly see thru silky shirt. What the fuck is wrong with me? Marty asked himself, I’m about to be academically gutted and I’m staring at her like some freak.

“Mr. Donovan” Mister? – he wondered. I’m toast…”I was just taking a look at your record for the past few years here in preparation for the one on one exam, I must say I wasn’t expecting to be impressed. Why is it you only seem to be having an problem with my class only this much, sure you’re not at the top in a few others as well but you seem to be breaking a lot of leaderboards here, chemistry, physics, economics, you were on the debate team, two times medalist in gymnastics. Is it something wrong with me?”

“Ugh, sorry Ms. Lei, I didn’t mean to, I mean, I’m glad you” she noticed his blabbering and chronic shyness peaking thru and sighed.

“Let’s just get this started, I was just mentioning your achievements in hopes of calming you down and raising your spirits before we begin. What did I do to deserve this” she rolled her eyes again in annoyance “take a seat” they both walked in the room.

There was only one student desk in front of the teachers desk, about four feet away. He could see her legs under the desk when she sat down.

“Alright, we’ll begin now. Let’s start with ways of finding the acute angles of a pyramid”

The whole thing was painful, an hour of awkward mumbling. Marty managed to get some questions right, most of them not so much, some of them he completely froze up. At some point during the questioning she untied her hair and let it flow. Then took her glasses off. A simple gesture, but to Marty it felt like a striptease. He could barely concentrate in the beginning, this was too much. At some point he just stopped answering at all.

“Anything? Flat surface area of a cube? Distance between points in a triangle based on angle sizes? Come on Marty” she started raising her voice to that all too familiar level everyone in town recognized her by if she was in the area “ I’m trying Marty, I’m really trying not to flunk you but with every conversation we have I’m more and more convinced you’re a lost cause”

He couldn’t say anything, couldn’t move, felt like he was in a prison in his own body.

“Well? Anything? A word? A syllable maybe or a vowel? A sigh would be enough to know you haven’t lost your brain completely” she kept riding the ego train on him.

“Ms. Lei…”

“Yes?” she interrupted him before he could speak, then took a deep breath to calm down, she didn’t want to frighten him too much “Alright, lets take a step back Mr. Donovan” she, switched back to surnames again, he wondered, what does this mean, it feels like I’m talking to multiple personalities here.

“Let’s just communicate like two adults. You’re eighteen right? Speak frankly, and try to string together a coherent sentence, why didn’t you prepare as I demanded?”

“Ms. Lei, I mean” there it is again, the mumble, he composed himself “sigh. M.s Lei, I tried my absolute best, I really did, you’ve seen my record, once I start something I’m not a quitter, math doesn’t come easily to me, and I had only two days, and I haven’t really slept.”

I hope I didn’t push him too far, we’ll see soon enough, she wondered.

“That’s enough Mr. Donovan. I can sympathize with you on this, it’s almost end of school year, we all have tight deadlines to meet and not everyone preforms well under pressure. I understand your position, and I’m willing to give you another chance to satisfy me” that’s an odd way to word that, he wondered “obviously very tight deadlines like this aren’t your thing, we may have to take things much slower, it may be more enjoyable for both of us that way. In accordance with school regulations I’m obliged to provide you with tutoring lessons should you want them, and I highly recommend this path as it’s one of the last remaining tools at my disposal to save a student. And since the summer heat is starting I don’t like spending too much time stuck in this building, I prefer my home office. How does that sound to you?”

Did she just invite me over to her house? – he thought. Is this allowed, like am I going to get in trouble? Is she going to get in trouble? Or am I overthinking it again, my perverted thoughts getting the better of me. This isn’t right I shouldn’t be thinking about her this way, she’s a professional woman twice my age. Just then he noticed he’s been idling in one spot for almost a minute.

“Uhm, yes of course, I’d love for you to teach me stuff” just kill me, he wondered “I mean, yeah it’ll be good I think, I learn best when I do it with others in a team.”

“Very well, if you insist” I still have to frame it as if he wanted it, she wondered “I’m going to give you my address, write it down since we both know your memory isn’t very good, and here’s my private phone number, don’t call me before eleven in the morning I don’t like my beauty sleep disturbed. Call me after that tomorrow and we’ll schedule your tutoring session. Clear up your entire schedule for the day. You’re all mine for the day, understood?”

“Yes Ms. Should I bring my…”

“Get out” she interrupted him calmly continuing to read from her lap top screen.

Marty was mortified, the entire one hour experience was too much to take, he had maybe seven mood swings, from anxiety, to utter disappointment, fear, calm, then fear and anxiety again, and then anger, he felt being pushed around by the end of it. Marty wasn’t a pushover by any means, he was usually the pack leader in his friend circle, outgoing, social, well mannered and spoken. But she had some sort of hold on him he couldn’t explain, she was a gorgeous woman, that had the attitude and personality of a grumpy old hag. She was dominant, aggressive and constantly on edge. He considered throwing the books in her lap and storming out at one point, but her hold on him was too strong, he was like pudding every time he glanced at her sharp facial figures, her slanted ivory black eyes. Damn it Marty get a hold of yourself, he wondered.

For the rest of the night he just tried to relax, went to the gym for a few hours, hanged out with Dylan and talked about the souvenir shop because it was becoming an ever more efficient option after the day he had with Ms. Lei. Had a few beers, maybe one or two too many and went home.


He set four alarms on his phone just in case, all at ten AM just to be safe, he had an hour to prepare that way. He woke up, tidied up and sat patiently at the table. Waiting for that clock handle on his lock screen to cross past eleven. Not a minute later or earlier. Why was he trying to be so precise to her instructions, he thought. And there it was, eleven o’ one. Should I call her or just text? Oh my God, what did she say, I forgot, the panic, the anxiety, it’s all back. Damn it, damn it, damn it, she’s going to be pissed at me if I get this wrong. He started sweating, no going back now. He started typing a text message, asking if it’s alright to come over. He added the phone number in. Hit send. Then a ding, message sent. Then another ding, new Whatsapp contact automatically added. The phone automatically registered the number. Min Lei. He opened the app to check on her user account. She had a account picture, but nothing resembling her. Gone was the professional teacher with her modest prudish attire. The picture featured a braless Min, much younger than she appears, with a tank-top so tight her nipples were about to puncture thru it. Heavy make up, shorter hair with pink streaks in it. It’s probably from her youth he wondered, maybe from collage? She probably hasn’t used Whatsapp in years, how old even is Whatsapp? Never mind, I should focus.

And then another ding. New message in Whatsapp.

“Hello Mr. Donovan, let’s communicate here from now on, it’s more convenient plus cheaper this way, yes you can come” and at the end something that shocked Marty “ ^_^ “. Is that a smiley face? Is this the same Ms. Lei I talked to just yesterday that left her emotions somewhere in a ditch 30 years ago? The town menace? No way this isn’t sarcastic, she’s probably supper pissed I should’ve called. Marty was now in even bigger panic although he couldn’t find out why, it was a simple mistake. Why did he care so much about her comment, it couldn’t be just because of the grade.

He drove fast to her house to avoid making her even more mad than she probably already was he wondered, luckily it was a quick five minute drive, she lived just at the other end of town. Her house was pretty big and looked a bit too upper class for a high college teacher. Probably inheritance money, he wondered. He’d heard her father was a Chinese translator somewhere in New York before he passed away, worked for some stock brokers and probably did a bit of trading himself. He felt a sharp jolt of anxiety as he neared the large dark painted door that finely contrasted the blinding white of the house concrete walls.

Before he could ring the doorbell, the door swung open.

“Heyy, you’re here!” Min opened the door wide jumping on tippy toes greeting him. She looked glowing, much younger, still dressed classy but a stark contrast to the usual attire people are used to seeing her in. A tight dark yellow skirt at half thigh length, dark opaque silky stockings, and a revealing button shirt with deep cleavage and bare arms and shoulders. The first time Marty has seen her ever like this, or without shoes for that matter, but the biggest surprise, her body language, her voice, her manner of speaking, he felt like talking to someone his age, not the old angry hag from a day ago, this was someone else, Min looked and acted as if she was 20 years younger, very energetic and jumpy, and had it not been for her mature frame and a few wrinkles around the eyes he probably would’ve guessed she was. “Come on in hurry, I was just finishing up with the food, don’t worry about shoes, just make yourself at home”. Who is this? – Marty wondered.

As he let himself in while she hurried to the kitchen, he admired in respect the interior design of the place. Art deco era furniture, lots of gold and wood, and those reflective white walls. From the outside he could’ve swore he wondered there was a second floor, but now it just looked like one open floor plan with rooms separated only by cased openings. Was there even a bathroom? Everything just looked like one room connected with holes and arches. There was only one staircase at the end leading up to an open floor with a king size bedroom bed on it and a few night stands and closet visible from the, what would be the living room area Marty guessed. Everything minimalistic, utilitarian, perfectly suiting her sharp and perfectionist way of doing things.

He sat down on the wide sofa facing the big flat screen TV. One thing was for sure, she may be minimalistic but she definitely has deep pockets. The whole place looked like a retro futuristic luxury hotel, yet somehow empty.

“Please don’t be too much, please, I measured it three times” she said to herself as she slowly placed the muffins on the large plate and took them to the living room. “Here it is, I’m so excited!” and she was, smiles ear to ear, glowing white teeth as she approached Marty.

“Wow, thanks Ms. Lei”

“Please Mr. Donovan, it’s Min when you’re in my house. I’m tired of hearing that on a daily basis” she dismissed him kindly.

“Uhm, alright, Min?” he tried saying it but it came out as a question. “Min, alright” that will take some getting used to. He still had paralyzing anxiety around her.

“Help yourself please, don’t be shy I made them today they’re fresh” she brought the plate just a few inches from his chin with a massive grin.

He took a bite from one of them, sweet, a bit too sweet, he avoided sugar especially during training periods. “Thank you Ms…ugh, Min, I love them”.

She rubbed her wrists together like an excited frat girl. “Thank you, I don’t get to cook a lot for people so I’m happy to serve when someone visits, alright, so how do you feel after that quiz yesterday? Still anxious?”

“A bit, again I’m really sorry, I tried my best but like I said”

“Shh, no need to explain, I know how you feel Mr. Donovan, we’ve all been to high-school, I know the pressure you’re under. It’s normal for a boy your age especially with raging hormones right before finals to cave like that. There’s nothing to be ashamed of, sometimes you just need to let things happen and take their course. Don’t worry I’ll bring you up to speed and we’ll see what we can do about fixing your grade if I see you’re really trying. All I ask” she grabbed the notebook and placed it in his lap “is that you show me” and handed him a pen from the table. “Alright let’s begin shall we”.

The tutoring session started uneventful, Min got to work directly by charting out the most essential things Marty needed to know to pass her class. Starting with highlighting essential chapters and definitions, formulas, some memorizing tips and tricks before moving on to explaining the deeper ways of calculating certain aspects. And as usual Marty’s thoughts began drifting off some 20 minutes into the lecture. He ate three big muffins during that time, and Min didn’t seem to object to him eating while she was explaining or even while he was writing things down. In fact she fashioned a slight smile every time he took a bite. She was proud of this, he wondered, poor woman’s unmarried, no kids or parents living with her, maybe for years. And her reputation around town and social life weren’t the best either. He remember once he saw her with another Asian woman in town at a coffee shop, maybe she has a sister. Should I ask her? Damn it Marty focus, if she asks if you’re paying attention and does a quick quiz you’re screwed, he said to himself.

And then it happened, the tightness. He was scanning her figure the entire time she was explaining, trying to sneak a peak every time at her cleavage but nothing. The temptation and tension unfortunately let to an unexpected incident, for he was now trying to press down with his notebook what might be the strongest and fastest growing erection he ever had in his life desperately trying to puncture thru his and the paper. He tried once to shift his penis on the side when she wasn’t looking, but that only made the situation worse. He was average sized but this was the worst day to wear training pants instead of jeans. And it just kept rising, and rising, filling up all the empty space under the notebook.

Min noticed Marty wasn’t really paying attention at some point.

“Like this right? Mr. Donovan are you listening?”

Marty couldn’t let out a word, the anxiety was back.

“Look it’s ok” she continued “some of these concepts are a bit hard to grasp a hold of but don’t worry, all in good time” she took a pen “here this for example is wrong, it should be thirty five over seven let me just” she started scratching with the pen on the notebook. Unfortunately for Marty she was scratching exactly above where the tip of his dick met the notebook. One second, two seconds, three, and that’s all he needed to erupt. His legs squeezed together, shortness of breath, that familiar tingle going up from the spine towards the ears and the release of hit from head to toe in a fast flash. He started cuming just as soon as she stopped scratching, his orgasm ruined, but the ejaculation didn’t stop, the semen just kept on coming and going thru his underwear, leaving a massive spot on his pants. At the same time a wave of nausea, fear, anxiety, and yet happiness overflowed within him.

What now? Fuck, fuck fucking fuck, fuck this, fuck this whole day, this whole year. He berated himself in his head. The notebook was still on his lap. Maybe if he timed it right, when she wasn’t looking, he could fake an emergency call and rush out the door, or maybe the bathroom if the stain wasn’t so big he could wipe and dry it off? Where even was the bathroom in this place? Did Min even notice his reaction? Her facial expression seemed to change, she made a slight stunned gaze and a pause to his jerks, examined him head to toe but said nothing.

“Ms. Lei, oh God, sorry, I mean Min, ugh, where’s the bathroom please? I had a bit too much juice this morning”

“Oh it’s actually just behind the exit to the garage on the left over there” she pointed outside the living room “please help yourself”.

He didn’t think this thru, he just sat there. How do I get her to go away? Please God, how do I kill the awkward pause.

Min was staring at him with a puzzled expression. They’d been sitting like that for half a minute without moving.

“…Well? I mean, would you like me to hold your hand?” she laughed it off to break the silence. That’s the last thing I need is for you to touch me now, Marty wondered jokingly. “Oh shoot I forgot I had another batch of muffins in the oven, one of these days I’m gonna set the house on fire hihi” she rushed off to the kitchen.

This was Marty’s chance, time to prove his athleticism, three seconds to get from the sofa to the bathroom, jumping over the coffee table and books, between the bar table chairs as if he was pushing thru a football line, three, two, one, locked. FUCK!!! Front door is thru the living room again, no way I’ll make it, plus the erection was still there, how is that even efficient? He thought.

He tried fumbling desperately with the door knob, maybe he could force it in and blame his clumsiness later, say it was by accident. Not a chance, won’t budge. Ok, maybe the garage door I can sneak out the back, wipe it off and clean with something in there, maybe some turpentine, better a pee looking stain than this, there was literally cum oozing out thru the pants fabric like a thin layer of foam. Not a chance, locked also. With his raging erection still holding and stain fully visible and leaking down, he turned around to face Min holding the fresh batch of muffins, mouth wide open staring at his groin.


This is my first ever written and online published work. As you may have guessed I’m not an English native so feel free to critique my work in the comments and tell me if I messed up any colloquialisms, phrases or words, any help’s appreciated 🙂

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