The husband [m26] and I [f26] have taken up role-playing!

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NSFW: yes

I have been trying to think of new methods to spice things up in the bedroom. We have done many things like anal, photo shoots, watching porn together, sex in public places, and the occasional not so serious role-playing. But the last few nights have been different. We have started taking it more seriously but still keeping it playful. For example we both chose a sinario to play out, him a sales man, and mine the baby sitter. During sexy time he joked about being a sales man and we went with it but it was the next day when we went a little farther with it.

My husband comes home from work and goes about his typical routine of showering and what not. We have two snap chats. One for reddit and other things and our personals. He message our sexy snap chat and it said “hey, this is the sales man from last night. I had a wonderful time and was wondering if I can come by” I smiled and sent a snap to my husband’s person profile “Hey are you staying late at work this evening?” to which he replied “yes”. I then sent a message back to the sales man, saying  that he can come help make dinner and he agreed and said that he would be over shortly. My husband comes out of the bathroom and walks up behind me and pulls my hips back onto his crotch “I had such a nice time with you last night, I couldn’t stay away”. “Well lucky for you my husband is stuck at the office and won’t be home until later tonight”. He started trailing my body with his fingers causing goosebumps to spread across my arms and legs. He grabs my hair and snaps my head back to his chest. “Are you going to be a good girl and take this cock?”. I shudder and I could tell I was already wet. I spin out of his grasp and get on my knees. I pull his cock out and begin to lick his head. A little out of character he said “careful your mom might come out so I know you won’t really do it”. (My mother is staying with us and was in her room).

I ignored him and put the tip in my mouth and started to suck it. Me groaned a bit and leaned his head back, I started to take more of him into my mouth. I started bobbing my head up and down and would stop every once in awhile to lick the sensitive spot under the head and every time the tip of my tounge passed over it he shuddered and it pulsed in my hand. He pulled me up and turned me around fast.
He started to pull my pants down and I was actually dripping. I felt his tip press against my slit and he pushed it in. I let out a moan and leaned forward more to give him better access to my holes. He started thrusting into me hard causing me to grab the fridge handle to steady myself. “Your so wet” he said as he continued to rail into me. I begin moaning not able to control myself and he starts thrusting harder. I begin holding the fridge handle tighter to keep myself up right. I spread my legs farther aside and bent lower.

I could feel him hitting as deep as he could now. He grabbed my hips tightly and bounced me back and forth like a personal fleshlight. My hair started to fall into my face so he gathered it all at the back of my head and pulled it back so I was looking at the ceiling. He leaned in close to my ear “are you going to let me unload in that tight married pussy”. His breath tickled my ear causing more goosebumps to travel along my arms. I was so turned on, all I could do was moan in time with every thrust. He started pounding harder and I knew he was close. He started to squeeze my hips and his trusts got deeper and slower in succession. and smacked his dick on my ass as he ca m all over it. “I think we burned dinner”. We chuckled and cleaned up. ” I think you should probably leave before my husband gets home”. I pulled my phone out and sent him a snapchat. “Are you still at work?”. Yes, lots of paperwork”. “OK hurry home, I miss you”. I said my goodbyes to the sales man. And my husband returned home and reclaim his pussy again that night. The next day it was my turn to choose a sinario. So while he was at work I sent him a snapchat saying ” Hello, I saw your ad and was reaching out to see if you still needed a babysitter for this weekend “? I watched as he read the message and started typing. “Yes, I do”. And I was already horny in anticipation.

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