Day Drinking The Hot Tub


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I broke my own rule, DON’T have sex with friends

It was one of those perfect summer evenings and after a day at the beach, Rick my friend Deb and I were in our massive hot tub enjoying cocktails, laughing and joking with each other.

We’ve been drinking most of the day so by this point we are all more than a little drunk when the conversation starts to take a different tone. We started talking about turn-ons, past adventures, and future fantasies.

Keep in mind while we all talked Rick and I only offered the R-rated version of our life as we knew we would freak our friends the fuck out if they knew the details of our sex life.

Rick, Debbie, and I all exchanged more than a few glances back in forth when Deb told us in great detail how she had sex with her now ex-husband and one of his old friends from school when he visited a few times. She ultimately began to figure out her husband Joe liked having a cock in his mouth a little too much and that led to the divorce last year.

Wow, I said didn’t see that coming and Debbie started laughing as she was obviously completely over it.

Booze had gotten the best of me when I blurted out that Rick and I had a threesome too. It no sooner left my mouth when I asked myself, what the fuck did I just say? Rick was staring at me in disbelief. Trust me, I knew Rick would love seeing several of my hot friends naked but both knew friends, and discussing our unusual lifestyle was at all times a taboo.

Deb “You can’t leave me hanging there, I spilled my guts, now fess up”

Rick got out and took our wine glasses to fill them with more truth serum (aka wine).

Deb moved closer to me in the tub, smiled, and said let’s hear it “Spill”.

I decided I would give her a few details about our first threesome with Jennifer. Only a few details just led to more questions from her. Rick just said oh boy, when he came back and realized where I was in the story.

He handed us our wine and got back in with us now sitting opposite. Rick was laughing when he said, has Deb been sworn to secrecy and did she sign a non-disclosure agreement?

Several times over the next 15 minutes and 50 questions later Deb kept moving closer and was almost on top of me. What started as little moves and brushing her leg against mine became more deliberate. A small part of me was a bit surprised because our friendship had never been sexual in any way and although Rick would make comments about Deb’s body, he would at all times do it in front of her and me so we both laughed.

I was more than a bit curious as to what was happening right now, but I’d had too much to drink to really care or stop it. Suddenly Deb put her hand on my cheek and turns my face to hers and kissed my lips, softly at first but then more passionately when I didn’t withstand her.

Rick slid over and was now sitting on my other side and started kissing my neck making a shiver of excitement run down my spine.

Deb then pulled the halter strings of my bikini top, she gently pulled it undone and waited for me to object… so when I didn’t, she then put her tongue into my mouth as Rick untied the back of my top and pulled it away, exposing my breasts.

I let out a small moan of pleasure as Rick’s hand snaked around my back and cupped my left breast, running his fingers over my nipple, feeling it stiffen under his touch.

Deb’s hand moved from my cheek down my breast and then under the water to my legs, she then put a hand between my thighs and I parted them a little, knowing where she wants to go and I was already feeling my pussy starting to respond to the attention the rest of my body was receiving.

Rick turned my face to him and started kissing me while still playing with my nipples as Deb’s hand moved to my pussy.

I gasped as her fingers press against my clit through the material of my bikini bottoms. She presses a little firmer and I move my hips to press myself against her, encouraging her to play with me.

Deb then moved my bikini apart and slid a finger into me and I moaned and gasped as her fingers lit up my pussy.

Deb smiled and pulled away from me for a moment, she then took my hand and helped me out of the water. As soon as I stood, Rick pulled the strings of my bikini bottoms and I was now completely naked.

Initially, they had me sit before having me lie on my back on the deck that surrounded the tub.

They both spread my legs exposing my bare pussy and Rick and Deb took turns running their hands up and down my legs and thighs. They both took turns teasing my wet pussy and my clit.

Deb finally slid her finger into my pussy and I moan as she found my G-spot. It was like I had given her a fucking map because she hit it instantly and kept rubbing it. Meanwhile, Rick was still licking my clit.

Deb then put a second finger into me as she took Rick’s place by putting her face between my legs. As she flicked my clit with her tongue, jolts of pleasure shot through me making me shiver and gasp. Rick again took my nipple in his mouth and begins to lick and suck and bite as Deb licked and sucks my clit at the same time. In this world, there is no better feeling than this.

I watched as Rick stood up and moved behind Deb, he was undoing her bikini top, and as it dropped into the tub I watched him begin to rub her large breasts with both hands as she licked me.

I watched Deb as she took her hand and slowly pulled her bottoms off inviting Rick to her pussy.

Rick stepped out of his suit and pulled Deb into his now hard cock. Within a couple of minutes, Rick slowly slid his cock into Deb’s pussy. I could feel her breathing change as she licked me and Rick pounded her pussy from behind. She was now allowing the momentum of his push to grind her mouth harder into my pussy.

It wasn’t long before I feel the familiar tension of an orgasm starting to create in me, I moaned louder and louder and started rocking and lifting my hips and grinding my pussy against Deb’s mouth.

Deb took my cue and increases her rhythm, curling her fingers up against my g-spot harder, licking my clit a little faster and soon I was screaming as I came hard on her fingers and tongue!

Rick was rubbing Deb’s tits and pinching her nipples as he fucked her harder but slower now.

I had recovered from my intense orgasm and worked my way back into the tub and while keeping my head just out of the water I could get to Deb’s Clit, and I did!

I started licking her Clit and Rick’s shaft as he pumped her. I could feel her legs shaking and getting weak so I just sucked hard on her clit and she started yelling I fucking cummmming.

Rick pulled his massive cock out of Deb’s soaking pussy and it was clear he was ready to cum and wanted to but didn’t inside her.

He stood in front of me and buried his cock into my throat about five times slowly. He pulled it out and asked do you want this cum baby?

YES, I said, all of it!

Rick looking down at me started stroking his cock and when Deb slid next to me and put her tongue out he lost it.

Oh my god, he said as he milked his load into both of our mouths.

I can not believe what just happened…………..

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