The hot girl on the train (FF) (lesbian)(20-30) (masturbation)(public masturbation)

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I hate Thursdays. The one day I have to commute to the office, everyone has to do a day apparently, no idea why. Most of us hate it, we’ve all got used to working at home in our PJ’s. Sometimes I sit working in just my knickers, I do love lounging around in as little as feasible, especially when it’s so hot.
But this Thursday I’m fully dressed, sweating in the summer heat, waiting for the train, on my way for another day listening to my colleagues moaning about being there too!
The train pulls in, I grab my seat, praying nobody sits next to me or even opposite. I place my bag on the seat next to me and lean back ready for the 30 minute ride.
It’s fairly quiet, I quick scan the carriage to make sure there is nobody I know that I may have to make conversation with, nobody wants that in the morning.
The train pulls out and I begin to check my emails. I clock the stunning girl walking down the carriage, mainly because she isn’t dressed like a normally commuter, more dressed for night out. Short skirt just covering her arse, amazing tanned legs in high heeled leather knee length boots, tight halter neck top that barely is holding her breasts in. She stops at the seats adjacent to mine and sits down, resting her legs on the seat opposite. She glances over at me and I look down quickly, I realise I’m staring. I look out the window, but I can see her in the reflection. I feel the familiar heat in between my legs as I close my eyes, fuck this is not the time to get horny.
I try concentrating on my phone, but I can’t help stealing glances at her. She seems to have gone to sleep, eyes closed, smooth shapely legs stretched out, skirt almost to her waist and I can see her nipples through the tight material barely covering her tits.
I close my eyes and imagine taking one of those nipples in my mouth, stroking those infinite legs and my hand moving under that barely there skirt. I feel the wetness in my pussy and I cover my legs with my suit jacket I’m so glad I brought with me today. I quick glance around but the carriage is nearly empty. My hand slips inbetween my legs, under the jacket. I’m so glad I didn’t wear knickers today, wondered it would be too sweaty and my finger finds my already swollen clit. I stare at the hot girl and stroke my wet throbbing clit with one finger. Imagining her naked body isn’t hard, as my fingers slide into my dripping hole. I have to bite my lip to stop myself moaning as I work on my own pleasure. She stretches and sighs in her sleep, her mouth drops open slightly and I imagine kissing that mouth and then her mouth sucking and licking me.
I work myself to the brink, fingers slipping in and out of my pussy and tapping and pinching my clit. I suck a finger on my other hand so I don’t cry out as I feel myself cumming. I shudder as I cum and the wetness oozes out as the waves of pleasure wash over me.
My eyes closed, I relax back for the rest of the journey, my itch scratched.
10 minutes later we begin to pull into the station. I open my eyes and sit up straight, adjust my clothes, feeling that my cheeks are flushed from my little playtime. I look up and the girl is staring straight at me. I feel myself flush with embarrassment as she smiles knowingly at me. Did she see? I wondered she was asleep?
She flicks a quick glance around and then parts her legs giving me a full view of her shaven pussy with her skirt riding up. She giggles and then quickly straightens up as the train stops on the platform. We both get up and grab our bags. I let her go before me, slightly embarrassed I’ve been caught out.
Just before she steps off the train, she stops suddenly- I almost bump into her- she turns and leans toward me, grabbing my hand and quickly sucking my finger.
“I will be on the 4’0clock going home if you want another view!” She laughed “Perhaps we could go for a drink after?”
“Maybe” I giggle.
“Look forward to it” she grins.
And then she was gone. Striding down the platform.
I watch those legs disappear from view, going to be a long day counting down the minutes till 4 o’clock.

NSFW: yes