The goodnight moment [F/M 30s][flirting, tension, romantic, build-up, F displaying self]


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“Goodnight J.”

“Night Ames.”

Amy shuts her door and I walk down the softly-lit hotel hallway back to my room.

Amy and I have been coworkers for almost two years. We are on different teams, but my boss and her boss have know each other since forever and climbed up the ranks together; as a result, we end up on a lot of the same projects. We like to joke that we are our respective boss’s right-hand man and woman. We have developed a great working relationship, over many long brainstorming sessions and even longer coffee breaks. Last month, we were told we would be going on our first work trip together to secure an essential client. So here we are.

As I am walking away my mind wanders back to Amy and what I am missing on the other side of that door. She must be taking of her shirt now. I wonder what her breasts look like. Does she go to sleep naked? Does she think of someone when she’s lying in bed?

I rush back to my room.

The next day, we work hard and get a lot done. We make a great team; our bosses will be happy. It’s a pleasure to spend so much time together. Sometimes I think I catch her staring at me. Or is it me staring at her? Either way, she’s cute. Every so often she gives me a wry little smile. The day goes past in a breeze.

Once again, after dinner I walk her back to her hotel room. I imagine we’re a new couple on a weekend getaway.

“Good work today J.”

“Back atcha, partner.”

“Well, goodnight.”

Amy leans forward and gives me a peck on the cheek.

Before I can think of what to do, I hear the click of the door closing in front of me.

“…goodnight”, I stutter, to the empty hallway.

The following day is one of heavy strategizing. I am determined not to be caught off guard again when the goodnight moment comes. Amy notices I am absent-minded. This time, the day drags on.

Naturally, by the time my moment finally comes, I have completely overthought it; before she can even open her mouth, I blurt out “Wellgoodnightthen!” and clumsily bend forward to kiss her on the cheek. She is somewhat taken aback by my enthusiasm. I think I’ve blown it. Then, as she collects herself, a knowing grin breaks out on her face.

“Goodnight then.” She moves a step closer and plants the gentlest of kisses full on my lips.

Door, click.

The rest of the week passes in a blur. We push ourselves harder than ever before during the day to do a good job, and we spend each evening at dinner laughing and joking, just enjoying the other’s business. When the goodnight moment comes, we get bolder each time, kissing for longer, touching hands, me holding her waist, finally exploring our tongues.

Before we know it the end of the work trip is upon us. The trip is a success: the client is secured, and we know our bosses will be over the moon. We celebrate with an extravagant dinner, blowing the rest of the budget on champagne.

But when we walk down the hotel hallway for the last time, we are both quiet. This is our last chance. We have never acknowledged our goodnight games in our conversations up to this point. Should I bring it up now? What do I want to do? What does she want me to do?

“Well, here you are Ames. This is you.”

“This is me.”

“So… goodnight, I guess… I mean…”



Those were the last words we uttered all night.

She moves right up to me and gives me a wet, slobbery kiss as our bodies rub against each other. My cock is stiff and poking through my trousers and into her dress. She slightly parts her legs and stands up on the tips of her toes so that my bulge can poke between her thighs. I grab her ass and pull her even closer towards me.

At this point she pulls me backwards and we almost fall through her open doorway. At last, I am here, past the threshold, in Amy’s room. I pull the door shut and hear the familiar click.

The dress drops to the floor. Amy doesn’t want to tease me anymore, she wants to show me everything. Her bra comes off, revealing her gorgeous breasts, just as I’d at all times imagined them. They are quivering, waiting to be touched and licked.

Her panties fall down too and she is naked. She lies on the bed and spreads herself open, showing me her glistening pussy. I just want to stand there and drink her all in.

As a final gesture, she throws her head back and to the side. She opens her mouth and lets her tongue slide out, coated in saliva. Meanwhile, with one hand she reaches down and parts her pussy lips wide open, revealing her clit. She grinds her hips into the bed, giving me a fleeting glimpse of her asshole.

Here she is, Ames, my friend, my colleague, my daydream, telling me to use her, to love her, to come in her, with her, on her.

My clothes join hers on the floor. Let’s start.

NSFW: yes

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