The first time my(19m) ex(20f) blew me to a fictional game character [Part 2] [M/F] – Short Sex Story

With all the context for actions here explained in part one, it’s time to begin with the good part.

A week after Lara’s second attempt to get me to fold, I went over to her house to watch some HBO and chill.
In the days leading up to this there was much to be anticipated for.
“I want to stuff it all in my mouth”
“I want to suck you dry”
“And I want you to be fuxking turned on to the max to fuxk my face without limits”
So… even as we were watching a good show those things came to my mind.

As we were spooning watching TV I wrapped my arm around Lara and squeezed one of her tits, which have all the time given my an instant reaction from her, and this time was no different. She raised her arms up and tensed, expected me to play with her body more. I slipped my other arm under her to grab her free boob and squeezed her chest harder than the first time.
Lara was a tease.
Lara was a slut.
And she knew it.
She backed closer into me and started grinding her ass on my crotch in a sensual rhythm, trying to stir awake her beloved cock. Lara was in love with my dick, almost if not more than she loved the rest of me.
This lil latina knew how to work her hips, and if she wanted it up, she’d get it up.
She continued her erotic dance-grinding while we spooned, my attention was split between the soft mounds in my hands and the clothed ride my dick was on.
It didn’t take her more than a minute or two to get it achingly hard, and she was more than happy to remedy that.
She fit my bulge between her ass cheeks and continued to roll her hips. Every time her ass pushed against me, she’d exaggerate it and push harder the next second. It felt like an eternity in paradise, but in reality it couldn’t have been more than 30 seconds before she got impatient for me.
Lara reached behind her and groped over my grey sweats, rubbing her hand up and down my length once…twice before she dove her hand inside and pulled out my cock.
“I *need this*” she moaned as she pushed her ass into me again, forcing my dick straight up and gripped by her small hand.
She scooted forward enough to give her hand enough room to slip out. She brought her hand to her lips to spill a small amount of spit on it before snaking it back down her body and wrapping around my cock again. She had gained more experience then you would think efficient in the year and a half we were dating for, and by this point she was more than familiar with how to twist and stroke a dick to spread her spit all over the length.
All the while I awkwardly tried to arrange my hands to where I can keep feeling her up while slipping into her loose shorts, where I found she wasn’t wearing anything underneath. I rubbed the outside of her slit for a second before slipping the tip of my middle finger in to discover her clit, giving her a soft but fast rub on her most sensitive part.
Lara squeezed her legs together and covered her mouth to suppress any sounds, while her other hand was still busy behind her desperately speeding up on my lightly lubed dick.
Without words she pulled my hand out from under her shorts she released my dick, so she could get up and get me to reposition closer to the middle of the bed. Lara got back on the bed on top of me and we started to kiss, moving our tongues together for a short minute before she sunk down the bed and tugged my dick a few times before taking it into her mouth. Lara once told me she loved the feeling of my dick growing in her mouth more than anything else in the world, and that was shown to still be true when she excitedly kept my full length in her mouth as I started to slowly pump in and out. She looked up at me with her adorable innocent brown eyes while my cock continued to grow in her mouth and begin to push into the back of her throat. Her eyes grew teary, but she was confidently keeping my length fully in her mouth, and I could feel the head of my dick down her throat. We stared into each other’s eyes for what was almost a minute when she finally had to come up for air. There was nothing better to ever see than her face when she opens her mouth for breath and my cock partially still on her lips. The sight of my dick, now magically covered completely in her saliva with strands still connecting it to her mouth all the time drove me crazy. She took a second to catch her breath and swallow some excess spit before playing her next card.
Lara knew I loved cock worship, and she loved it too.
“I love sucking your big cock…”, she half-moaned, half-whispered to me while her right hand wrapped back around it, eagerly stroking it. I discover it hard to believe someone doesn’t have a switch flipped for them whenever they hear the lewd sounds of a lubed up cock getting jerked by a slutty, subby gf.
“I love feeling your cock in my mouth….”, Lara whispered before diving back down, taking it down to the base in one fluid movement before partially gagging and coming right back up. She’d stroke faster and continue:
“I love how it tastes….*it’s smell*…,” she ran her tongue up the length of my cock, taking a long exaggerated breath in before giggling. As soon as her tongue left she didn’t waste a second and started stroking as fast as she was before. I was definitely getting worked up.
“And these…I’ll always cherish these precious balls”
Lara jerked me off faster and tilted her head. I had to lift my hips a bit so she could get to them, but she readily took my left nut in her mouth, licking all around it and sucking hard before an audible “POP” when she let it go. She did the same to my right nut, stroking faster and faster as she did so, before *slightly* slowing down when she released it.
She smiled at herself and looked at me innocently, before putting her index finger from her free hand into her mouth and started to bob her head like it was my dick, rolling her tongue around it. Obviously, she sped up and was beating my dick so fast her hand was a blur. I was getting close fast.
She stopped sucking her finger and reached for my phone, unlocking it and going through my downloaded porn and sauce. She started playing one video and replaced her stroking hand with her mouth, bobbing her head fast and making sounds every time my dick got plunged into her throat.
A minute went by…2 and I was trying everything to hold off as much as I could. Then she went back to scrolling through, finding some things and taking her mouth off my dick temporarily, going back to stoking at a regular pace as she asked “can you imagine Sombra sucking your dick?”
“Uhhh…” I didn’t give a real answer, still worried she’d get angry and storm out or leave me blue balled and kick me out.
“I know you have….she’d look so hot with your dick in her mouth. She’d deepthroat you too-”
(Remember part 1, I was hesitant for a reason.)
“Hold on Lara.” I grabbed her hair, not as hard as when we’re rough but just enough to pull her head up a bit, and her hand gradually stopped stroking.
“Are you sure this is ok?”
“Yes. Now fuck my throat and imagine I’m her”
She was persistent though. She went back down and started fucking her throat with my cock while I was stuck confused. She came back up for air and went back to stroking…giving me more to think about.
“Or maybe Giovanna(Guilty Gear Strive) using her big tits to get you off? I know how much you’d *love* that…”

“…Ok Lara one sec.” I sat up and she stopped everything. My wet dick slowly relaxed as we had a 5 second back and forth, consisting of:
“Are you SURE you want to do this? I don’t need this and I just love you”
She immediately spat on my dick and went back to stroking. That was enough for me to lay back down and accept that this was happening. My girlfriend is stroking and sucking me off to fictional characters. What did I do to deserve this?
She was back to stroking at human speeds. My dick was starting to sound like Mac and cheese getting rapidly compressed by a autohammer.
What I still didn’t expect was the ending.
Lara had found an image of Giovanna unbuttoning her shirt. The panel next to it was a titfuck, with the dick mid cumshot with a facial and cum on her tits.
Lara showed me the image on my phone, noting my surprise before she stretched up to my ear and whispered:
“*I know how badly you want to cum all over those tits….****Why don’t you think about that when you shoot all that delicious cum down my throat?***”

That was one of the hottest things I ever heard. There was no fighting that.
I hesitated for a second and she pressed “Yeah?”
“Yeah sure”
She went back down and spat on it again before beating my dick with a vigor that would leave the Flash astounded. I had never seen her stroke it that fast before, and there was no way I was gonna make it past a minute of this. Her next words sealed my fate.
“Don’t look here, look at her and imagine painting her with all that saved up cum…”
That was it.
Fuck Lara I’m cumming”
She didn’t need to hear that. As soon as my dick pulsed in her hand she took it all in her mouth just as it exploded. Her eyes were wide as I shot rope after rope point blank into her throat. It didn’t stop. She had to pull back a bit and keep a little less than half my dick in her mouth as it kept cumming. More and more of the cum she was so desperate for before flooded her mouth, until she had to pull back farther to the point only the head of my dick was still in her mouth. Her eyes were shut as she struggled, but she was a professional cumdump. When it finally ended she slipped off my dick and a small bit of cum dribbled onto my spent length. She looked at me, stuck her tongue out to show me how much was still there, and closed her mouth to swallow the last millisecond before she dropped any. She immediately sprang forward to get the last bit off cum from my dick and then jumped up the bed to snuggle me. I kissed her head and thanked her, and we stayed like that for a full 2 minutes before my phone rang because my ride was outside. I briefly kissed her goodbye before leaving.

That was the first of some very special moments. I hope part 2 was worth the wait and you all enjoyed hearing about this. Again if there’s demand there’s plenty more I can distribute. Opinion if you want more or any questions and that’s it for now.

NSFW: yes

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