the first time i had sex with my gf

This story is truth
Oki my first story is kinda hot u see me and my gf been friend since hight college and she been cosplaying as long during covid she decided to begin taking pictures and ask me if i wanted to be her photographer i said yes and after awhile we started to date ( lil background)

The story start on our first date and photoshoot during a convention here in montreal she was dress as nezuko from demon slayer she was on her back and i was taking oic when i decided ( she was cute and hot ) to kiss her hard on the mouth after two min of making out i lifted her leg over my shoulder to strart to gring on her what i felt like extremely wet pissy

I decided it was to much and unzipped my jean and started to fuck her but we were in a public space and when i cum inside her i figure that we were wacht by bystander and they clap there hand we both blush and left her cum running down her leg me still hard af

NSFW: yes

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