The first time I had sex with my ex was outdoor (explicit)

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Ok before I begin my ex was a really sexual needy guy, he goes to the gym often so he has some muscles he tall and sexy, he also has a really thick and big dick, let’s call him Johnny (fake name for privacy), I’m a little bit taller but more skinny and I have a more feminine body type, we where both really needy but we only blowjbow each other, masturbated, etc etc, we never had sex we talk about it but could seem to discover an interesting and fun way to do it that is not just typical, we wondered that maybe toys and lingerie could be fun also some bdsm, but it wasn’t enough for us, so one day that we were watching porn and masturbating together we saw a video about outdoor sex, that’s when the switch on both of us turned on, we immediately search a good place and talk about it, so after that week we both agree to have our first time in a forest that was far enough from home but not to far, that day we took some toys and sexual clothing with us, we both were really happy and kinda excited so we played with each other on the ride, once we arrive we walked into the forest after some minutes we found a Comfortable place to stay, it was a tree with some rocks near, that creat a good place to lay down and it also had some nice cover and shodow, we started kiss soon after that, he took the lead ordering my to lay down and pulls his pants down while he took his shirt off,
Johnny said “Here you go the dick that drives you crazy, you know what to do with it”
his dick was laying in my hard as a rock, I never seen him that excited, I started to suck him taking his whole dick inside my mouth while I rubbed my self, he then grabbed my head and started to push it deeper and faster I was almost choking but he made my stop, I was catching my breath while he slapped his dick in my cheeks

Johnny then said “good boy… I don’t want to cum in your mouth this time, let’s do what we always wanted”

He grabbed picked me up and then put me in top of a rock, he left me there so he could take some toys which were really simple it was a dildo that vibrates and was fairly big and thick, he put it close to me but he wasn’t done yet he bringed really lewd new lingerie, it was a sort of dress they was open in the back and small too, it made my ass looked bigger

Once I put it on he got closer to me and started touching my ass sticking to fingers right up and expanding my butt he took some lube that he had close, then spread some in me, he grabbed the toy and with no hesitation he shoved it really hard I obviously moan really hard and I started to cry softly, he kept doing that but before I cummed he stopped, he took the toy out quickly leaving my but wide open and prepared, he got closer to my putting his cock in my anus entrance, he rubbed it a little bit so that he could see my reactions, he told I makes really lewd faces and probably it was one of my most desperated faces he knew I wanted him to fuck me really hard.

After some second of rubbing he said

Johnny “that’s cute… But if you think that little toy play was the hardest thing I can do your Damm wrong… Now open wide and prepare your self, you can moan as hard as you… No one will hear you ”

I was so excited his attitude was so assertive, I wanted him to destroy me, I opened my legs and said nothing I just gave him a “Fuck Me” look

He instantly shoved his dick inside me I could feel it opening my insides on how hot and hard it was I couldn’t stop moaning he was shoving so deep and so hard that my ass was doing really lewd sounds, he slapped my ass to make moan moan and harder

I could feel it twitching inside of me, after every thrust tried to reach deeper and deeper, after some minutes of really hard sex I was at my limit and so he was, we both cummed, he did inside of me, and the pull out his dick to then rest on top of me, he looked exhausted really cute too, it was completely different from some moments ago I just hug him for s while, once he catched his breath he told me to clean his dick abd I did I sucked him till he cummed again and the he dressed up tho, he told me to stay in that like a little dare to make the moment even more exciting

After that we went back home and rested.

I think I should go back with him we had our difference but I think we can solve them.

Well bye bye and thank for ready I will keep telling you things like this next time~

NSFW: yes

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