The final act [m4f] [30s/40s] [tease] [edge]

It’s Saturday night, 11pm, all I hear is the sound of the rain crashing against my bedroom window, the anthem of an Irish autumn. I lie there still thinking about why you weren’t keen on me calling around earlier. I know our first couple dates went well and I only hope that it was nerves. That I’m even 100% sure something was gonna happen.. even though the wondered of seeing you in your own surroundings had overtaken my thoughts that week.

I hear my phone buzz.. once then twice. A message from you saying sorry and what am I up to. The second buzz was an image. I click into it not seeing exactly what it is at present.. black fabric.. skin.. I refocus and see your leg hidden by a black lace stocking. One finger is slid under the edges. I instantly feel a rise in my chest..

I ask what this is in aid of. You say you’ve all the time wanted me to see more and last night was a little tease. You wanted to make sure I was a good boy in my disappointment last night.. I’ve passed her test. She asked do I like that I see..

I stare again at her alabaster skin in contrast to the dark black fabric of her lingerie. A red finger nail breaks up the black and white delight. Of course I like what I see, how about I see more of that body I ask, I know the rest will make me lose control..

Control, she says, is what she requires right now. She tells me to get in my car, drive to her house, drive around the back and wait I hear from her. I hurriedly pull back on my clothes, as if every few seconds we’re counting. I can’t stop glancing back at my phone to look at the picture.

I drive down that quiet, dark, rainy, country road. Her house hid among the engulfing green hills. I arrive to the gate, I dim my headlights and slowly pull around the back of the house. My car is facing the back of her house. I leave the engine running, the vibrations of my seat edging my on, waiting for her to hear me.. do I call? Do I do as she says?

I think I see a curtain twitch but it’s dark.. a buzz of my phone. She’s calling. Hello she says.. I’ve never heard that greeting be more intoxicating. My response comes from deep, I can feel it rise from my groin.. as I try to remain cool. She says turn my head lights up full, and place my two hands on the steering well.

The lights flood the back of her house and light up the red curtains in a window. She says make sure I’m on speaker phone and don’t move my hands. The curtain twitches again.. what is going on.. As I lean forward in my seat. One curtain then the other slowly glide back as if in the theatre to reveal that black and white tone two beauty. She is stood there black lace caressing every gorgeous corner and edge of her body. Her skin glows, her curves fill the window and her lips are crimsons red.

She asks again if how my control is.. I just about say not bad… she must know she has me. I watch her move her hands along the sides of her neck, grazing her breasts and losing her fingers among her short blonde hair.

I can hear her deep breaths over my phone, I tell her how fucking amazing she looks but she sternly looks straight at me.. eyes locked, telling me that silence is a requirement to form me. I nod and she smirks. Her hands return to satisfying her torso. I can only imagine how good it feels. Her finger tips playfully dip inside the edges of her panties, she goes between looking straight at me to her head and neck arched back.

I can see her hands delve further in, I’ve never listened more intently. She tells me that these could be my hands.. maybe… one day. I’m stuck in her spell. I watch her hand as it moved between her thighs and inside her pants. She groans with every visible hand movement. Her other hand pulls on her bra, exposing her breast as it almost not planned.. she purposefully feels her nipple between her finger and thumbs. I moan with an unfair despair and she giggles.. good boy she retorts, just keep watching.

Her hand movements are constant, steady, getting faster, her body writhes in the floodlights.. this performance all for her satisfaction and I’m the lucky audience. My cock twitches, begs to be touched. I hear her create, I know the final act is coming, she cries and moans and finally.. that gush of movement and noise coalesce.. I can feel the pre cum between my legs. She pants and whimpers.

She looks again directly at me, smirks and tells me to be here the same time tomorrow as she hangs up the phone..

NSFW: yes

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