The fight of my wife and me for saving our marriage ended in nasty sex with dirty roleplay

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NSFW: yes

Basically I married my wife ten years ago. Throughout our marriage we had plenty of good moments but in the last years we had a significant decrease in the number of times we were having sex. She admitted it was her issue, I was going for her but she was never in the mood. She lost a bit of attraction. In order to save our marriage, we started playing with plenty of sexual games (table games, we bought erotic toys,…). This was really fun at the start but she got a tired too soon. I was so angry because I didn’t know what could motivate her, I was so desperate cause I love her so much and I asked her to spend a weekend alone (I was going out because of a work travel) thinking what can motivate her. I even gave her permission to have sex with others if she wondered that would help.

After coming from my weekend off, she received me completely naked and even before saying hello, she told me that I had to check her mobile. She handled me it and I saw her sucking dick of another guy. I was completely petrified. She told me she with a scary voice that liked it a lot. “Is it because of me, because of him?” I was so confused. “No, it was because of this”, and she bring her wallet and it was PLENTY of money. In that moment I realised she got paid for sex. “Look, it is not how it looks, let me explain you” she told me.

Basically the whole thing was that she wanted to try another man so to know if the issue was our relationship or something more psychological. She joined a dating app and she received plenty of messages. She was on the verge of meeting a guy (the normal younger guy with surfing vives, she shown me everything afterwards), but she received a message of a guy that looked typical asking to meet her for money. She felt so offended and wasn’t even gonna reply, but the guy wrote the amount of money he was gonna pay. It was absurd, and we are not short but neither large on money. “Why?”, did my wife ask. “Pretend to meet me like if we just matched in this dating app, knowing that we are predetermined to have sex, and you will know after everything”. It was so creepy but she accepted because of curiosity and her personal craziness with this whole situation.

My wife looked like the sister of the guy. They were really really similar, and the guy at all times had a crush towards her sister. As he can’t obviously make that fantasy real, he was urged to convince my wife with money so that to make it real. He only confessed after he had sex with my wife. My wife felt at all times good with him, and after he told her his fantasy, she felt as turned on as she has never felt in the last years. They fucked twice more and then he left.

My wife deleted the dating app in front of me and shown me her agenda so that I was sure she didn’t save contacts. She asked me to check her mobile browsing history and I saw plenty of searches in porn websites about sister and brother sex. “I got as dirty as I never was in the last years”, she told me. “Fuck me using that roleplay, right?”

So hence this is my confession: since the last couple of weeks I have been fucking my wife playing with sister-brother role. I wondered it was disgusting, but I saw her so devoted that I started enjoying it A LOT. And we are now having sex almost every day (and sometimes even twice).

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