The Faithful Wife Part -6 [adultery] [revenge]

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I cried the entire night. My dreams, my future, my life shattered like a broken mirror. There was nothing that could fix it. For the next two days I did not go to office. I barely eat. I even started ignoring Jack’s video calls. I just answered his voice calls and talk a little telling him that I was busy with work.

On the third day, Diana visited me.

“What have you done to yourself Angela?” she asked me. “ Come on girl ….you look so skinny. I am so sorry for you”.

I just hugged Diana and cried.

“It’s time to forget that bastard. You must move on”, she tried to console me.

She spent an hour with and finally pursued me to get ready.

“ Come on Angel, just try to forget Jack now. Let’s go and have some fun.”, Diana said.

Diana was dressed in formals. So, she borrowed an one piece spaghetti short dress from me.

She then asked me to dress sexy. I had no intention of doing so but she finally persuaded me to wear something revealing.

“Come on darling, wear this white minidress. You look too hot in it”, she said.

I wore that white minidress as suggested by her.

We then went to Roxy. I took shots of tequila and then sat at a table. Diana took a cocktail and sat near me.

“Hey sweetheart don’t be sorry. Enjoy the moment.” She said. “ Now show off your cleavage. There are many hot guys here who will go crazy for you”.

I tried adjusting my dress. My cleavage was now visible and I could see guys staring at me. Some even approached and asked for a dance. However I politely declined.

I knew that I became too sensitive. After returning back to home that night, I realised that a sexy and gorgeous lady like me can get many Jacks. The way I was stared at in the club made me feel that. Yes..I shall live my life.

Next evening I went to another night club. This time I went alone and was dressed more provocatively. I put on dark red lipstick. I wore a bra like crop top and a satin miniskirt. My cleavage was visible and my legs and belly too. I did not wear any bra or panties underneath. I would let anyone do anything. I looked like a slut. I wanted to be a slut.

I drank and danced with many guys. One handsome guy even touched my belly. He held me from behind while dancing and put his hand up below my skirt.

I did not withstand. Infact I liked it. I pushed my back on his erect penis below his trousers. He rubbed it on my skirt.

I then turned towards him and rubbed his thing with my hand. He pushed his lips on mine. I too let him do whatever he wanted.

“Do you have a car”, I asked him.
“Yes, I do” he replied.
“Let’s go for a drive then,” I suggest.
“I shall be pleased” he said.

We then left the club in his car. He drove away from the city area to a secluded place. Then he stopped the car.

He then started touching my breasts and caressing them. I felt so horny. I lifted my skirt exposing my privates. He caressed my thighs and kissed them. Then I removed my bra and sat in the seat half naked.

He played with my tits and kissed and licked them. I felt good.
He then removed his pants and took out his thing. I touched it. It was big…bigger than that of Jack’s.
I the took it in my mouth and gave him the blowjob of his life.
Then we stepped out of the car….almost naked.

He unzipped my skirt and let it fall. He then asked me to lie on the bonnet with my face downward, my breasts touching the cold metal.

He kissed my back and licked every part. He bit my ass and licked my pussy with his tongue swirling inside my wet vagina.

Slowly, he entered his dick in my pussy and started moving up and down. I moaned and moaned. He pushed harder and faster. I was having extreme pleasure.
“Come on fuck me….fuck me harder”, I shouted.

He was now fucking me like a damn machine. I was filled with ecstasy and I was yelling with pleasure like a whore.

Finally, he cummed inside me. I too had the climax.
Then we dressed up and he dropped me near home.

I had wild sex with a stranger. The faithful wife had now become a slutty hot wife.

To be continued…..

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