The Duck Cup – Episode Two – History of Gang Night

In 2001 Agent ONETIME had money burning a hole in his pocket and after burning cash on a bartender class and getting mind warped into missing on mixing a Cosmopolitan in the final class his dick wanted to hunt.

Traveling from the bartenders class near downtown Los Angeles he drove by the card casino and into the city of industry looking to see titties and feel better about the acceptance of his waste of time as a mixologist. Crossing through the 605 freeway into the city of Industry he found a choice of two strip clubs he choose the one on the left.

With plenty of twenties and dollar bills stacked Agent ONETIME was ready to party. After getting checked in he affixed himself to seat and stage in an otherwise empty strip club.

The third dancer really focused on her nipple contact with ONETIME. Caressing his face and letting him hope for a taste. ONETIME with his fat smile that advertises invitations to be suckered punched was enjoying the sexual energy created by this dancer. When the song ended she put some of her clothes on and crawled onto the lap of ONETIME.

She whispered all the right words to start entertaining him and he had already accepted the ride the adventure that he was on. She massaged his balls and rubbed her perfumed naked body against his. With him being the only customer at the stage she gave him the affection that he needed to restore his manhood from having spent a week at fantasy career camp.

“Dance with me we will have a really good time” and she hooked her finger inside a belt loop and led him to a private but exposed lap dance station. “I want you to feel my wet pussy so you know I am having a good time.” And as he explored her panty line with the invitation her hand guided him into a throbbing moist pussy that was good to go. “I need a hundred ollars to put a condom on you baby.” And without more than handy positive reinforcement by Agent ONETIME the exotic dancer had unzipped his pants and wrapped his tool.

As the dance turned into sex the couple forgot the world and got wet with a few minutes of love. Her body heating up activating the perform with her own naked sweat that intoxicated him creating a unique experience of both high and low brow experiences.

According to spy logbooks both participants experienced mutual orgasms that solidified pleasure worthy of what happened next.

She removed the filled condom, collected the cash and silently they both agreed it would be best if they both immediately departed. ONETIME knew that getting sex and leaving a dance club for less than two hundred dollars is too wise to be stupid and departed.

“Bald Eagle this is RackRoll in twelve minutes I will recieve a condom filled with the Bosses cum, what should I do with it?”

“RackRoll this is long term old school meets this advanced era, what my people would do is stand in front of the radio sprinkler take a hit and then cover your face with the Bosses cum and then turn the vacuum on. Bald Eagle orders.”

NSFW: yes

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