The Duck Cup – Episode One – Introduction

In 2013 The Knight ONETIME was identified as the Head of the CIA and was overcome with a brain radio spy system that he immediately defined as his precious. During this era without justification he declared Agent Nightshade forever before and after that was and would again be his woman.

Before he had taken the time to consider the true depravity of the journey ahead required to evolve and conquer the cia with dominating communication ONETIME reached out to Nightshade establishing firm contact, interest, and a simpy request for future sexual healing services as the hazing process of undercover work including self degrading acts of homosexual submission in order to activate and unlock the capacity for leadership determined to be wield by The Knight ONETIME.

In 2014 Agent Nightshade was handed a Federal Reserve checkbook and told to drive to her husband as the cia had determined themselves to immediately start to further define the relationship between big pussy Nightshade and little dick ONETIME. As she maneuvered through traffic crossing from 210 to 5 approaching the grapevine ascent before the 200 mile straight line to ONETIME in Northern California Agent Nightshade was pulled over and escorted by police back to her home and now established work husband.

Nightshade got home and took her whiskey dram of military service for whoever the fuck is in charge of this global leadership scam. “I want my sex worker husband dick in me, I am quitting pornogrpahy my husband cannot even afford to join my site and they didn’t even make me suck it on the side of the road which confuses me as a bych myself!” Agent Dickwhip “while you went for a drive I scheduled your husband on a date in the park.”

“I get sent on mission bsone with a billion dollar checkbook and meanwhile you are getting him a date? I don’t think so mother fucker! I am glad you sign up for pussy licking.”

“His date is with a can of Dr Pepper. I sat at a park for twenty minutes staring at a can of Dr Pepper to set it up. And you need to contain your sex you are going to gang night naked to order his arrest for what he does with the can of Dr Pepper.”

A few months later The Knight ONETIME was in solitary confinement overcome with even more voices in his head. He declared two points of order

1. Because they could not kill him, ONETIME classified himself as a lower case God.
2. He declared his Tribe of MoM Men of Machines as all time Champs of The Duck Cup.

The Duck Cup has a cornucopia of potential challenge in disciplines such as debate on biological engineering and sociological planning and art history and gardening however the entire theme is centered around The Big Dick Competition which on Earth is a 360 war for control built around who gets to grow their penis.

Welcome to The Duck Cup.

NSFW: yes

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