The Duck Blind [24M/26M] [Gay] [First time]

The coffee-maker is set for 4:00 AM sharp. Cory and I wake up from the smell and roll lazily out of a shared bed in our smaller-than-normal accommodations on the lake and get dressed for the duck blind. It’s easy to get dressed, we both slept in nothing but our boxers.

Cory and I have been friends since middle-school. We played all the usual small-town sports together; football, basketball, track, baseball. We were athletes, still sort of are. Maybe a little washed up, but we can still get around just fine. That is, if you ignore Cory’s occasional limp from an old injury. He doesn’t complain though. Country boys don’t.

I’m on one edge of the bed, while Cory is standing up by the dresser in this tiny home. We aren’t more than two feet from each other. As if practiced, we both strip off our boxers to begin dressing up for the hunt. I try to sneak a peek.

You see, I’ve been into guys since high college. Despite how close Cory and I at all times were, he never seemed keen on that side of my life. I hid it while I perused Grindr in school when we were roommates. I’ve seen him naked a million times, that’s just what guys do. I’ve at all times been curious what he would be like…

I glance over the corner of my shoulder to see his tan-lined cheeks. I breathe a sigh of relief, knowing he didn’t catch me, but wishing he did, in a way. I know what lies on the other side of his body, and inwardly crave it. I feel myself swell, so I quickly grab my camo pants and hike them up.

What I don’t know is that Cory was doing the same to me. While I was shimmying my camouflage pants on, he was staring at my shoulders, rippled and large from Crossfit. His eyes moved south down my chiseled back until it met the top of my cheeks, with a little less tan-line than his. I’m paler, after all.

We get to the blind before sunrise. Cory pulls out some Fireball to warm us up and wake us up. We lay back in the blind while we wait for the sun to illuminate the marsh and the ducks to begin coming. We each take about 4 shots as the marsh starts glimmering. We look at each other and realize we forgot to camo our faces, an important part of duck hunting! Maybe that’s why the ducks haven’t gotten here yet…

Cory slurs his words as he tells me to close my eyes and he can put the camouflage on my face. I lay back, close my eyes so he can get my eyelids. I feel Cory straddle me. My breath quickens. The stick of makeup starts going around my beard line. I feel myself swell, again, nervous that Cory will feel it against him.

I feel Cory remove the makeup stick, but I know he has parts of my face still to go. I begin to open my eyes, and he tells me to close them again, he’s almost done. As I close them again, I hear a zipper noise. Maybe he ran out and needed to get the second stick from our pack?

Instead of a stick of makeup on my forehead, I feel something soft, smooth, but firm press against my lips. I don’t think that was a necessary part of the camo process, but Cory has been doing this more than me. It’s not until it passes my lips and presses against my tongue I realize what is happening. Cory’s cock. My mouth. Together. Like I at all times dreamed.

I open my eyes wide to see his rippled chest peeking out his shirt. He pulls out of my mouth, which is a strange-feeling combination of dry from nerves and wet from arousal. We make eye contact, and he immediately plays it off as a joke. I know, from the way he throbbed inside me for that few seconds, it wasn’t just a joke.

I tell him that. He was too aroused, too hard, for him not to like that. Cory denies. Deny, deny, deny, like any closeted guy would. I need to prove that he’s okay to feel like this… I pull down my camo pants, my erect cock popping out and standing firm.

I try to get Cory to relax, to accept his gay side, to experiment and figure things out. As I say this, I’m stroking to the sight of his muscles, glimmering in the early morning sun. I get up from off the ground and lean into his waist with my head, continuing to sooth him. I take Cory back inside my mouth and start softly, slowly, restoring his rigidity as he begins to relax.

I look up at Cory as I take his cock deep in my mouth. I gag, more for dramatic effect than a real biological need. I practice with way bigger toys at home, but its kinky and I like the spit it brings up. I pull him out of my mouth, spit on him and rub the spit into his shaft, before taking him back inside for more.

Above me, Cory is wide-eyed in pleasure and shock. Shock, because he’s never had a man on him previously, and would’ve bet the farm it wasn’t gonna be me to be his first! And pleasure, because of the trick I do with my tongue, right on the underside of his head… I learned that from previous girlfriends.

This combination leads Cory to be overcome with testosterone-fueled sexual aggression. He grabs behind the back of my head and shoves my face into his crotch. I get a whiff of his masculine early-morning musk as tears start to well. He releases, and I gasp for air before he fucks my face again, this time I’m gagging for real. I’m able to get one more breath before it becomes a continuous pumping of my mouth with his manhood. I open wide, eyes up at him, beard becoming wet with my slobber and my cock hard with submission.

Cory takes me by my bearded chin and stands me up. He commands me to undress. I comply. Stripping off my shirt, revealing my toned chest and firm abdominals, I then undo my belt, sliding it off quickly (secretly hoping he’ll use it one me, I place it in a conspicuous location). I then pull down the rest of my camouflage pants to my ankles.

I stand, naked, hard, throbbing, dripping, drooling in front of my childhood best friend.

Cory stands a while and looks at me as my spit makes his dick shiny. I can see tiny beads of it dripping off and twinkling in the sun. He is panting. His shirt already off and evidence of my oral skills hanging out his pants, it was quick and easy to pull those down.

There he stands, naked, hard, throbbing, dripping, panting, in front of his childhood best friend.

Cory and I discover it hard to maintain eye contact with each other. We glance from eyes to cocks and back nervously and lustfully. The butterflies we are experiencing in our stomach are euphoric. The cool wind on our naked bodies better than any drug. Hearts flutter as we embrace in a kiss. Our tongues intertwine as we explore each other. Our groins discover each other, rubbing and humping as we bite each other’s lips and kiss each other’s tongues.

A hand finds my ass. As quick as my breath already it, it only quickens. Cory notices. He grabs harder before slapping. I yelp. I smile. Cory pulls away from our kisses, sitting down and pulling me down with him across his lap. He slaps my ass again. I yelp again, thanking God we’re in the middle of nowhere.

I discover my ass red, and my body bent over the front of the blind. I can only imagine what’s coming next. I know how thick Cory is, and despite my best efforts, how tight I am. I’m too aroused to care. I need it. I need him.

Cory stands behind me facing my bare backside. He pumps himself twice before stepping forward and drawing his cock along my cheeks, tapping each a few times for good measure. I grit my teeth with a smile as I feel pressure before a pop as he makes it inside me.

Across the entire pond, you can hear a squeal from myself and grunts from Cory as he moves his hips back and forth behind me. I feel his length inside me as I relax open and he’s able to pump me faster. Soon you hear the rhythmic clap, clap, clap of me getting fucked.

Cory alerts me that he’s gonna explode, so I stand forward to pull him out of me. I push him down, driven by hormones and the most intense pleasure I’ve ever experienced. I sit him down before I sit on top of him, my hands guiding him into the right spot before I let all my weight settle and truly feel his fullness inside of me.

I start to bounce as my cock shakes around. He grabs it, stroking. I’m leaking from the stimulation of my prostate and soon he is leaned forward, mouth on my head. I bounce harder and faster, eager him to breed me. I feel tension create between my legs before, without warning, Cory’s mouth fills with the evidence of my pleasure. Apparently, this sends Cory over the edge and I feel a warmth pump away as he thrusts one last time deep inside me.

We sit there in an embrace, his cock throbbing and softening in me, my orgasm still on his lips. We embrace tighter, a friendship deepened. There are no worries. There is no hiding. There were no ducks.

NSFW: yes

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