The Dinner Party [MF mf over 30] – Short Sex Story

Gary and I have been best friends for as long as I can remember. We grew up together, played together, and went to college together in the same small town from kindergarten through high college. Although we attended different colleges we stayed in close touch and ended up working in the same big city. When I married Lucy Gary was my best man, and for quite a while the thee of us spent time together — he and Lucy hit it off so well, it was just an easy and natural fit.

I met and married Lucy well before Gary was involved with anybody special. A few years ago he met Teresa, and soon it was clear that their relationship was serious. They got engaged about six months after they met and were married a year after that.

I believed that Gary loved Teresa, and I believed that she loved him, too. However, part of me had to selfishly admit that I missed the days when the three of us could just hang out. Teresa was at all times cordial toward Lucy and me, but she was just… what? Honestly, a little bit of a stick in the mud. Sweet and generous but missing that spark and spontaneity.

But it wasn’t fair for me to judge the woman. Gary seemed happy and that was the most crucial thing.

One day I got a text from Gary asking if Lucy and I wanted to join the two of them for dinner at their house the next Saturday. Teresa was making cassoulet, and they would love to spend an evening with us. I texted back “sure!” asked what we could bring, and let Lucy know.

On Saturday night we drove to their place, two bottles of Cotes du Rhone in hand. Teresa met us at the door. She hugged Lucy, then kissed my cheeks and took the bottle from me. “I’ll just bring this back to the kitchen and Gary can open it,” she said. “He’s making a salad.”

Now, I had never been that attracted to Teresa. She was objectively good looking, with long dark hair that had a dramatic streak of gray, and a slim but curvy body. However, she usually managed to hide those curves with unflattering outfits. Tonight was different. She wore a skirt and a sort of wrap that showed her cleavage. As she walked away I couldn’t help noticing the swing of her ass. Lucy gave me a nudge.

We followed her into the kitchen, where Gary was chopping kale. “Yo!” he called. “Welcome, friends!” Lucy came in for a hug and gave him a kiss on the lips. “Ooh, nice flavor lip gloss!” Gary teased.

“Only the best for you,” she responded.

Teresa examined the kale. “You aren’t cutting it thin enough,” she said. “It’s going to be too tough.”

“No problem,” Gary said, and dumped the bowl back on the cutting board. He gave me a little wink as he did so.

“Mind if we open the wine?” I asked. “It’s been a long week and I could use a drink.”

“It smells delicious in here,” Lucy said. “Teresa, I can’t believe you’re making cassoulet. What a treat!”

“It’s a recipe from my grandmother,” Teresa told her. “I’ve loved it since I was a little girl.”

I poured two glasses and handed one to Lucy and the other to Teresa. She accepted it with a smile, and took a sip, lifting her chin and exposing her neck and décolletage. I felt a stirring in my groin that I hadn’t experienced with Teresa before.

I poured another two glasses for Gary and myself and soon we were in the process of preparing and eating a delicious meal. The cassoulet was incredible (for all her difficult qualities Teresa was indeed an amazing cook).

After dinner Lucy and I offered to help wash the dishes. At first Gary and Teresa resisted, but we insisted, and soon we had a system in place: Gary scraped the dishes and soaked the pots; I stood by the farmhouse sink washing the dishes and glassware, and Lucy and Teresa dried the dishes and put everything away.

At one point I playfully splashed some water at Lucy and she rolled up her dish towel and snapped my ass. “Watch it, mistress,” I teased. I gave her another fling of water from the sink but ended up splashing more water than I intended, drenching Lucy’s shirt and spilling on the floor. “Oh, shit!” I said. “I am so sorry. What a mess. Here. let me clean up the floor.”

Teresa laughed, catching us all off guard. “Don’t worry about it,” she said. “I’ll take care of it.” She quickly bent over and dried the floor with her dish towel. Her hips moved back and forth as her arms polished the floor in circles.

Lucy looked down at the front of her shirt, which was now pretty much see-through, showing her bra underneath. “I think I might need a replacement shirt,” she said.

“Let’s get you one,” Teresa said, and the two of them went upstairs.

Gary and I moved to the living room. We were on our second bottle of wine. He sat on the couch and I sat on the large loveseat facing him. Teresa and Lucy came down the stairs and joined us; both of them plopped down on the couch with Gary. Lucy was wearing a white t-shirt of Teresa’s, but no bra. “My silk bra got wet,” she explained. “So I’m going commando.” The idea of Teresa’s t-shirt caressing Lucy’s breasts was totally exciting for me, but I did my best to stifle that wondered and focus on the conversation.

“That dishwashing assembly line reminds me of the camp I went to,” Teresa said. “Every summer in France I would spend a month at my grandmother’s in Paris and another month at camp in the countryside in Alsace. When I graduated high school I became a counselor there, and we used to have a lot of fun with the chores…” she stopped herself and I could see that her face was flushed.

“Actually…” she said. “No, I shouldn’t tell this story.”

Lucy hit her teasingly on the arm. “No way! Now you’ve got to tell us!”

Gary smiled. “This is a good one,” he said. I looked at him quizzically. He just smiled and nodded at me.

Teresa sat up straight in the chair, composing herself. She looked around at the three of us as though she were addressing a formal audience. “Well,” she began, “like I said, I had been going to the camp for years as a girl. But when I joined the staff as a young woman I discovered that there were a lot of things going on behind the scenes.”

Lucy leaned forward. “Things like what?”

Teresa traced the rim of her wine glass with her finger. “Like pretty much every night after curfew when the campers were all in bed all the staff would skinny dip in the lake.”

I couldn’t imagine Teresa agreeing to get naked in public. “You were cool with that?” I asked.

“Oh, yes. It was liberating.” She met my gaze and took a long, slow sip of her wine.

“But that’s not the best part,” Gary said. “Tell them, Tee.”

Teresa shivered a little and rubbed her arms. “There was always a full day between the end of one session and the beginning of the next; once every two weeks the counselors were at camp with no kids around. We had the entire place to ourselves and could do whatever we pleased. So on the last free Saturday we decided to hold an orgy.”

My expression must have looked exactly like I was feeling because Gary started cracking up. “Oh, my god, your face!” he said. “I told you it was a good story.”

Lucy was staring at Teresa in awe. “Wait, really? And you…”

Teresa smiled and looked down. “Oh, yes.”

Lucy’s nipples were getting hard through the fabric of Teresa’s t-shirt. She held her hands together in her lap. I had my own hands in my lap, trying to control the major hard on I was getting.

Lucy was entranced. “So how was it? How many guys? Did everybody do everybody else?”

“There were more girls than guys,” Teresa said. “And there were a few of them—guys and girls—that I was attracted to during the entire session. So I made sure to act on it.”

I looked over at Gary, and back at Teresa. “I honestly can tell you that is the most unexpected story I’ve ever heard.”

She leaned forward to clink glasses with me. “Appearances can be deceiving,” she said.

Lucy coughed. “I need to learn more,” she said. “Was it enjoyable? Did it go as you expected?”

“It was so much more than I hoped,” Teresa said. Her legs parted a little and she placed her hand gently on her lap. “Everyone was so caring, and attuned. We were gentle when it was right to be gentle… and rough when it was right to be rough.”

As Teresa continued to tell the story her wrap began to slip down, exposing more of her breast.

“I had the biggest crush on the head dishwasher. He was from Senegal, and he had the most glorious cock I have ever seen. When he let me taste him I was in heaven.”

Lucy looked over at me and started to pull lightly on her nipple, teasing it through the shirt. She spread her legs wider. She blushed. “I’m sorry,” she said. “We’re all friends here, right?”

Gary smiled at her. “Absolutely. I love the two of you so much. You are our soulmates.”

Lucy smiled back. “Because Teresa, hearing this epiphany about you is making me so hot.”

Teresa leaned in and kissed Lucy on the mouth. “I’m honored that my story makes you feel so nice. I would love to watch you.”

Gary leaned forward. “Can you play with your tits a little more? It’s mesmerizing.”

Lucy sat up straight and rubbed her hands down the front of her t-shirt, pushing her chest out so her firm nipples and perky breasts were in full view. “You want to watch me play with these?” she said. “You like my tits?” She traced her thumb around her stiff nipples and areolae. “I like touching them for you.”

Gary nodded, moving a hand down to unzip his fly. “God yes,” he said. “They are perfect.”

Teresa stood up from the couch and came to join me on the loveseat. She squeezed in next to me and rested her hand on my crotch, giving my cock a quick squeeze before moving her hand away again.

Lucy sat on the couch facing Gary and pulled her t-shirt over her head. She dropped it on the floor. Gary reached over and cupped her tits, fingering the firm nipples. Lucy moaned. After a minute or so he put his hands on her shoulders.

“Stand up,” he told her. “Move over to the side table over there.” Lucy followed his bidding. “Now bend over and lift up your skirt. Show everyone your beautiful ass.”

While Lucy raised her skirt, my hands searched underneath Teresa’s wrap. I caressed her bare stomach and then began to massage her breasts over her bra. Teresa reached behind herself to unclasp it and her large breasts fell softly into my waiting hands. I rubbed her nipples and she sighed.

Gary stood up and approached Lucy. His pants were around his knees and he chuckled as he shuffled over to her. She looked over her shoulder at him and winked.

“Gary… What do you think you’re doing?” she teased.

“I’m going to peel off that underwear and see what that glorious ass looks like,” he said. Lucy stuck out her ass and wiggled it. Gary knelt down behind her and grabbed the black elastic of her panties.

Lucy pushed her hips out. “Do it slowly,” she breathed. “Take your time. Show my ass inch by inch.”

“Oh, fuck, Lucy,” Gary moaned. “You know how to turn a guy on.”

“I can’t believe I’m doing this,” Lucy panted.

I watched the scene with Gary and Lucy unfold in front of me while I continued to massage Teresa’s tits. She turned her head toward me and we kissed passionately. Then she stood up, undid her wrap, and stepped out of her skirt. Standing in just a pair of blue panties, she turned back to me.

“Surprised?” she asked.

“Indeed,” I answered, and pulled her gently down. She fumbled with my belt and fly and soon had my hard cock fully exposed. She licked the tip and opened her mouth to take me.

Over by the side table Gary had finally removed Lucy’s black panties, revealing her firm round ass. He spread her ass cheeks and started to vigorously lick her soft pussy from behind. Lucy grasped at the table.

I put my hand to Teresa’s chin and nudged her up. “Turn around,” I said. “Let’s watch our spouses together.” Teresa stood, stepped slowly out of her underwear, turned away from me, and carefully lowered herself onto my cock. Her pussy was soft and warm — like a cassoulet, I wondered — and I let out a moan of pleasure.

We sat together like that, coupled and fucking slowly in that position while we watched Gary and Lucy get themselves ready. Gary stood behind her, one hand placed firmly on the small of her back while she spread her legs for him and he guided his long thin cock into her waiting pussy. She reached down to finger her clit. “Fuck me hard,” she told him. He pushed his hips forcefully into her. Lucy bit her lip. I could hear her grunt each time he thrust into her, and I knew how much she was enjoying this.

I was playing with Teresa’s nipples with one hand while toying her clit with the other, every so often rubbing her pussy lips when she rose up from my cock. Her breathing became more intense.

“Tell us more about that day at camp,” I said.

Teresa moaned. “The dishwasher fucked me while I sucked off two of the maintenance staff. My friend Anabelle watched, then she licked his cum straight from my pussy and I watched another guy take her from behind.” Teresa’s chest was rising and falling. Her words came out breathlessly. “I tried to take all three of the guys at once, but my ass couldn’t handle a cock in it back then -— I’d never done it before and it hurt too much. So they licked my asshole instead.”

“Oh FUCK,” Lucy screamed, shaking with a passionate orgasm. Gary kept fucking her like a piston until he finally pulled out and released his load onto her bare back and ass. Droplets fell to the carpet.

Teresa turned to me and whispered, “Please unload your seed deep into my pussy. I want to feel you coming inside me.” I couldn’t handle any more and I grabbed her hips, thrust into her, and came with intensity. Teresa shivered again and gave a mewling sound, pressing into me. I held her close.

After a few minutes we came down from our high and the two new couples looked over to one another.

“So, next Saturday at our place?” Lucy said.

NSFW: yes

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