The day she[f18] made me[m39] hers F/d Part 6

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I felt her pussy begin to envelop my cock, I had slipped the head in and felt her pussy tighten around it. Fuck it felt so good. The reality of what I was doing hit me. I had a sense of guilt but that was being overwhelmed by the fact of how incredibly hot this situation was and how badly I needed to have my little girl.

I could feel my balls tighten and it took all my will power not to unload in her right there. After I calmed myself down I lowered myself further into her, taking the time to enjoy the fact that I was almost balls deep in my little girl. With one final push I was completely inside her. I could feel her pussy clenching my cock. She was so tight.

I layed myself down on top of her and removed the ball gag so I could kiss and talk to her. One of her hands reached up to hold mine and the other I used to get a grip of her hair. “This is incredible babygirl, I’m so happy we are doing this!!” I whispered in her ear, trying not to move for fear of busting a fat nut.

“Me too daddy, this has been everything I’ve been dreaming of, your cock is so thick, it fills me up perfectly, almost like your cock is made for my pussy”

“I know your close daddy, I can feel your cock pulsating inside me, it’s ok, I understand, it’s only our first time and I want you to cum deep inside me. I’ve got an iud so we are all protected.”

Those words started to send me over the top. I instantly started to pound Kayla’s tight wet pussy. After a few hard deep thrusts I felt it. The squeeze under my balls. The slight burn of my cum welling up inside ready to come shooting out. The pleasure started to roll over me. With one last hard deep thrust I buried my cock as deep as I could get as I felt the first rope of hot sticky cum erupt from my cock.

That sent Kayla into orgasmic spasms of her own, I felt her pussy begin to contract and milk my cock of all of my seed. Each rope getting shot out of my cock caused me to emit a primal grunt. Rope after rope of thick cum. I lost count of how many I had injected into her. It must have been 8 or 9 in total. I’ve never blown a load like that ever in my life. I shot that much into her it came squirting out of her pussy as I was pumping more into her. It was the best orgasm I’d ever had.

As her orgasm slowly faded away, her pussy stopped with the contractions that had milked my nice, thick daddy cock dry. We laid there in our embrace. The events of the last couple of hours going through our minds. We stared into each other’s eyes and giggled like little kids before we kissed passionately once again.

I slid my now semi soft cock from Kayla’s pussy and rolled off her. She rolled over to cuddle me with a big cheeky but satisfied grin on her face. She asked me quietly “I think I should move into this room now, what do you think daddy”

“I think that is the best idea ever babygirl!!!”

We then drifted off to sleep together. Content and extremely satisfied with what had just happened. Our new found love would only grow from here.

We hope you have enjoyed the story of our cumming together, pun intended!!!

We have so many dirty secrets to tell.

We hope that our stories give a bit of insight into what a proper incestuous relationship is like and what is involved because it’s not just all sex and easy fun times.

Until next time…

NSFW: yes

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