The Christmas Present. Part 3

I hadn’t considered that my ass was hanging out of the trunk too. I had never let anyone use my ass before. Whenever asked, I would at all times say, “It’s an exit only.” Now, I wasn’t gonna be given a choice.

“I’ve always wanted to do anal. My girlfriends have never let me. Does anyone have any lube?” He said. “Here you go.” Another voice said. A few seconds later, I felt the head of his lubed dick sliding between my cheeks.

I squeezed my ass as tight as I could, hoping I could stop his entry. I felt him direct his head to my hole, and begin to push. The pain on my ass hole started to increase as he pushed harder and harder. I relaxed for a split second to relieve the pain, and his head popped in. A sudden searing pain made me scream in agony, but no one could hear me from inside the trunk with the gag on.

“Oh my God. She is so tight.” He said as he continued pushing into me. I could tell that he had lube on, but it definitely wasn’t enough. I could feel my sphincter being pushed in as he slid in deeper, each inch causing more and more pain.

Before he was even completely in I felt his dick begin to swell in my ass, and as soon as his balls rested against my pussy, I heard him let out a loud, “Ohh!” And his balls lifted as I felt his cock throbbing, throwing his enormous load into my ass. After the first couple throbs, he started pounding away like a mad man, shooting load after load into my ass, pulverizing my colon.

The feeling of him pounding my ass faster made it feel like my insides were on fire. My hole and my guts were being destroyed by this stranger blowing his load in me. It felt so much better when he finally finished and pulled out.

A couple seconds later I felt myself being cleaned up and another dick took his place. Ten people live in the house, but I was definitely used more than twenty times before they were done. I wasn’t sure if they invited other people, or just used me more than once. After the first guy came in me, none of the rest bothered to pull out, and it just left my ass and pussy a sloppy, filled to the brim, mess.

Josh finally showed up about an hour after the last guy had finished. He didn’t have sex with me. He was probably put off by all of the cum that was draining from my holes. He just opened the trunk, and was shocked to discover me inside with a ball gag in. After I removed the gag, I explained everything that had just happened. He really didn’t know how to take it. He offered to let me take a shower, but said he had to get gonna his parents. He eventually broke up with me before we ever had sex. I don’t think that he could get over the entire frat having sex with me before he did.

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NSFW: yes

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