The camping

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France, May 25th.
We just arrived back at the camping from our hiking trip. Both sweaty and hot. The weather is hot and humid. We take our shower stuff and head to the shared showers.

We’re thinking about each going our own way, me to the mens showers, you to the women’s. But we don’t. We may be dirty and sweaty but we’re also very horny. It has been a while since we were in a good spot to fuck.

You come with me, the camping is as good as empty and who’s gonna be in the showers at this hour of the day anyways?

We feel the water… It’s hot! We shower, soap each other and while our legs are tired of the walking our minds are very awake.

I rub your back and slide my hands over your shoulders to your breasts and pussy. You like this soft and short massage.
I continue doing this.

Nobody showers at this hour of the day, the water stays hot.

Your pussy is wet and slippery. I gently slide my fingers in your pussy and begin rubbing the inside of your pussy.

You moan, silent at first but you quite quickly forget where we are and the moans get louder. Sooner then expected and a lot faster than you’d hoped you feel your body tingling. After about 10minutes of playing with your clit you come. It’s not that you don’t like coming but this was too soon. You wanted to enjoy it longer.. much longer.

We get out the shower. To our surprise there’s a guy there. Drying his half long hair in front of one of the mirrors. He’s only wearing his tight boxers. Quite sexy for a camping. As we get out, he stops what he’s doing. He sees the surprised looks on our faces and smiles. We quickly look at each other and smile back.

He definitely heard us. As we leave the showers you look back to him. Your eyes cross and he gives you a wink.

You’re intrigued. On our way to our tent i’m saying: “What a showoff”. You counter me by saying you think he’s hot. I shut up.

We’re back to our tent, read a bit, taking a nap.

We begin cooking. The water isn’t even boiling yet, but the flame of our gas is dying slowly.

Shit.. and we saw a “shop closed” sign on our way in.

We put on some clothes. You decide to go to only camper on the camping a couple of plots further to ask if they have something.

You knock on the small camper door. Its Hot Guy. Still his tight boxers on, although he did some effort and also put on a shirt. Only half buttoned.
“I’ve been expecting you” he says. “Come in”.
You’re confused.. expected me?
In your confusion you get in.

You’re trying to ask for the gas but when you’re just about to speak the words something catches your eye… are those cuffs?

Your mind goes all places. Between your legs it gets warm instantly. But your mind is focused. Your eyes are searching the whole camper know. You spot little details, theres a rope lying weirdly under a cushion, why are there so many belts on that coat rack?, is that a whip?,…

You feel your pussy getting warm and wet.

He sees you’ve noticed it. Your eyes crossing his.

You’re soaking wet and as in a reflex your hand goes to your pussy.

He looks you firmly in the eye. He doesn’t say a word but you feel his eyes piercing “don’t”. Your hand stops.

Both your hands come together and go slowly towards him.
He takes one of the belts and puts it round your arms. He tightens it. He pushes you on the camper bed.

He takes two more belts and puts one around each leg, he spreads them and ties them on the sides of the bed.

He puts the rope around your arms and pulls them up in the air connecting it to a hook in the ceiling.

You can’t go anywhere, your pussy is so wet even your pants is getting wet.

He blindfolds you.

Everything is dark you can’t move. You’re only focused on your heartbeat. Its racing.

You feel a gentle touch on the inside of your legs. It goes around for about 4 seconds. A slap. It tingles, hell your whole body tingles.

Another gentle touch. This time on your breast. You’re expecting a slap. It doesn’t come. Another touch on your thighs. A slap on your breast. You try to squiggle but you cant move. Your mind is trying to anticipate on the touches and slaps but it’s impossible.

He opens your pants. He slowly gets his hand in your pants. He stops. His hand is now resting on your wet pussy.

You have a hard time breathing, his other hand is on your mouth.

He puts one finger inside of you. He’s moving it slowly up and down. You can barely breath, your whole body is focused on his one finger.

You feel him stronger now. You still cant breath. He’s using at least 3 fingers right now, but you can’t be sure. You’re so wet about anything would fit in.
You start to struggle, but you can barely move because of the belts.

AIR, he let his hand go, you gasp for air and your body and mind are ready to come. “Don’t you fucking come yet” he says. “I’m not done”.

He places his knee on your arm puts his cock in your mouth. Again trouble breathing but you focus on breathing true your nose. It works. It seems to all have calmed down a bit. Your laying with his half his hand in you, his cock in your mouth, focussing on breathing and not coming. “Enjoy it while it lasts”.

You’re preparing yourself for whats next.

But your mind goes all places and can’t focus.

Then suddenly, after what seemed like hours. He holds your nose. No breath.

He starts fucking your mouth. In the meantime you feel his hand moving up and down. You feel spit and drool running all over your face. You feel his cum you cant do anything but spit it out while his cock is still in your mouth.

You try to focus on your pussy while thinking: “if he can cum so can i”.

You made him mad. He pulls his cock out of your mouth. And you feel his hand going out.
He slaps you on the face, one time, two times. You’re enjoying it. He slaps your pussy. Right on the spot. And it makes you moan and cum even harder.

You’re smiling, he hates it.

He removes the belts.
He pulls you by the hair and throws you naked out of the camper.

You smile, laughing even. “There’s nobody here i don’t care!”. While heading to the showers you see him leave.

NSFW: yes