The camping trip (an unexpected naked week with friends) Part 2

I threw my trunks on as fast as I could. I was still in disbelief with the events I was just a part of. Confused about why it had happened and why my wife was ok with it. I hurried after Chrissy and my wife. As I caught up with them I admired their gorgeous asses in their bikinis. Chrissy’s was half crawling up her ass, I am guessing because of the hurry when she was putting it on and not really caring. The walk to the pool was about 5 minutes and the two of them made idle chitchat like nothing had happened back in the tent. As we rounded the corner just before the pool John and Katie were coming toward us. “Wow” was all I said when I saw them.

Both John and Katie were completely naked. My wife let out a surprised but happy squeal and Chrissywas looking at John’s hard cock with a lustful grin. Katie’s tits were standing at attention bit they looked so inviting with their small dark nipples and hot loop piercings. She had a small landing strip that matched her dark brown hair but other than that she was fully hairless. My cock was growing evident in my thin swim shorts.

My wife was the first to speak “what are you two doing?”

“So we got to the pool and everyone there was naked. We asked a couple what was going on and they said it’s the annual 20-40 year old nude week.” Katie said.

John piped in with “Yeah I guess we should have read the activity sheet better huh bud” as he smacked me on the shoulder.

“Then we decided if we are here we should let loose a little and join them. I mean what’s the harm, some guy seeing these beauties.” Katie brags as she reaches up and bounces her tits with her hands.

John let out a snicker.

As I am watching Katie who’s not helping the circus tent I am pitching in my shorts I hear Chrissy say “I’m in” and look over the see her peeling off her bikini bottoms and top releasing her tits for me to see for the third time today. Then Sarah chirps up and says “yeah me too” and I look over to see her bending down peeling her bikini off as well. I have a perfect view of her ass from behind and all this has got me excited even more.

At this point they are all staring at me. “Come on babe let’s see that thing you got in there” comes from Katie. I think to myself well she is the only one left here who hasn’t seen it. John and I work out together so I know he has seen my dick once or twice. I shrug my shoulders and pull down my shorts. My cock springs out and all four of them are looking at my crotch. Katie walks over to me and grabs it, looks me straight in the eyes and says “let’s all have a fun week”. Then she scampers ahead to the pool.

We all follow her around the changing shack to the pool. As we getters I see about 20 or so other people either in the pool or sun tanning, all of them nude. We swim for a bit and chat with some of the others at the pool like it’s any other typical day at the pool. At one point I am in the hot tub with Sarah, Chrissy, Katie and another woman we don’t know. The four women were chatting about their husbands and kids and I was relaxing back against the wall. John was off talking with a blonde woman at the other end of the pool.

As I am relaxing I feel a hand touch my thigh. I open my eyes and look to my right where the hand came from and see Katie with her head turned away from me. She is sitting close enough to me that I can feel the water between us move when she shifts her weight. While carrying on about something stupid John did last week she moves her hand up to my half hard cock and starts stroking me slowly. I lay my head back and think just let her Jim this could be fun. I lay my head back and just try to not moan. She moves her hand up and down slowly massaging the head with her fingers in the most amazing way. As she is doing this I feel another hand reach from the other side and make its way to my balls. Now this I know is my wife because she knows that is the quickest way to get me off. She scoots closer to me and whispers in my ear, “just relax and let her get you off, it’s my fantasy for all my friends to make you cum this week as many times as they can.”

Katie keeps stroking me as she moves close enough that I can feel her breast move against my arm. This only fuels my excitement. She can tell and starts stroking faster. By this time the other woman in the tub says she has to go and gets out. As she stands I feel the water move in front of me and open my eyes to see Chrissy standing in front of me. She looks at my wife and Katie and says she is going back to the campsite. They say ok and she leaves the pool giving me a wink and mouthing the words have fun.

The stroking continues for a few more minutes then Katie stops stands up and straddles me. I get nervous and look to where John was and realize he is much to preoccupied getting pulled into the sauna by the blade he was talking to. I look back to Katie who is now positioning my dick at the opening to her wet pussy. Instinctively I thrust up and she let’s out a little squeal of ecstasy as I enter her tight folds. I reach around and grab her ass giving me a better hold on her while I drive into her sweet cunt.

While Katie is riding me, my wife continues to fondle my sack getting me closer to blowing my load inside this amazing soft pussy. Katie rides me harder and faster as the daylight dwindles over the pool. One of my fingers finds her tight asshole illiciting an “ugh yeah” from Katie. She starts moaning and falls forward biting my shoulder to keep herself from screaming as her orgasm starts to wash over her. This is all I need to push me over the edge as I begin pumping rope after rope of hot cum into this gorgeous slut of a woman. Katie couldn’t hold back after that she moaned into my neck as she spasmed through her orgasm. My wife climbed out of of the hottub as Katie collapsed on my lap and recovered from her orgasm. As she was able to Katie got off of me and I helped her out of the hot tub. My wife was walking to the sauna where she opened the door and walked in. Katie and I gathered our swim suits and walked back to the campsite to check on Chrissy.

To be continued…

NSFW: yes

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