The call that made me wet while crying out in laughter. …

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So, it’s Saturday. My husband left for work, I am off. He knows that I haven’t been super upbeat lately and today a little sad.

I received a phone call from his work… he never calls from his work phone. At all times uses his cell. This was the conversation:

Me: hello?
Him: hello, may I speak to ….
Me: this is her.
Him: this is …. Calling from the vaccine clinic with … hospital. Do you have a few mins to talk about a vaccine I think may be if it you?
Me: sure.
Him: so our records show that you enjoyed cuming on your husband last night and was wondering if you would be interested in a new arousal injection we are offering?
Me: laughing… what are the advantages of this vaccine or injection?
Him: engorged clitoris, increased natural lubrication, more intense organism.
Me: any side effects?
Him: yes, sorry maybe I should have lead with that. Side effects include increased saliva production, the need to open your mouth, longing for cock, and the desire for your husbands cock to explode in your mouth. One positive effect of this could be the extra protein in your diet.
Me: is this call recorded??
Him: I hope not! But as your current vaccine coordinator and health professional, I highly encourage you to get these shots… no pun intended ma’am.
Me: laughing so hard I can’t breathe. I love you.
Him: I love you too.

I have the most amazing husband who wants to distribute me with another man. He wants to see me be enjoyed by another and wants the ability to reclaim me after. I am not so much opposed to the idea so much and I am opposed to anyone else finding me as attractive as my husband does. Finding flaws in my body has prevented us from moving forward. He still loves me, encourages me, cares for me and has never pressured me. Possibly, one day.

NSFW: yes

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