The Call of The Darkside (Starwars, aliens, F)

I was bored, totally bored.
Quietly roaming the halls the of Jedi temple, I looked for something to do.
Having finally finished my padawan training and was now a full-fledged Jedi Knight, I currently had no assignments.
With nothing to focus my thoughts on, my mind wandered.
I took a moment to breathe as I felt the urge come over me. Thinking to myself I thought if this was a temptation of the dark side or just an innate feeling.

I decided to head to one of the meditation chambers. I was already walking that way, and focusing my thoughts on the force would surely help. Being a Twi’lek I felt very lucky to be part of the Jedi Order.
Many of the women of my species are slaves, prostitutes, simply objects for male use.
It was lucky the Jedi took me from Ryloth and raised me away from the rest of the world.
It’s no secret to me that I’m very attractive, even for my species. So it’s all the more lucky I wasn’t exposed to the world like my sisters.

Suddenly it occurred to me that I might be able to satisfy my urges in the meditation chamber.
I quickly silenced that wondered though. They were still new feelings to me only in the past year had I been getting them, but I knew they were wrong. Talking with my master about them he helped and encouraged me, but now as a Jedi Knight, I felt I must deal with them myself.

Nearing the chamber I noticed two Masters heading in the opposite direction toward the Archives. One of them was Master Aayla Secura, a Twi’lek like me, though her skin was blue as opposed to my pinkish-orange. I gave her a small wave of the lekku as I passed. Seeing her manner of dress I once again wondered of my physical need.

“Miss Velaa, How may I assist you?”
My wondered was interrupted by a droid as I reached the door to the chamber.
“I just need space to gather my thoughts”
“Of course mistress, I will leave you to it”

I walked into the center of the chamber without turning on the light. Sitting cross-legged with my feet under me I began to meditate. Letting the force flow through me, my mind went to my master’s words. Then, it went to my master himself. I remembered his strong stoic character. His brash attitude, and muscular arms. I remember how it felt training with him and the sweat, the feel of his arm on my back, the gentle but electric stroke of my lekku.

Trying to calm myself I refocused my thoughts, but it was no use. Almost instinctually my hands slipped through the folds of my robes. With one hand touching the space between my legs, and the other undressing my chest I was overcome with desire. Already wet between my legs I began to finger my clit gently, as I exposed my perky breasts to the cool air of the meditation chamber my nipples hardened.

Trembling with anticipation and the intense pressure on my clit I quickly uncrossed my legs and spread them. Pushing my perky boobs up I had an almost orange glow over my body. I began to finger myself fully now, pushing two fingers into my tight womanhood. I pulled my robes completely off now as my soaked insides quivered, begging for more.

Edging myself I was in a fight with my own mind, part of me resisting for the sake of the light side and the Jedi, the other needing to cum, needing the release. I fingered myself faster, my middle two fingers in me and my thumb on my clit.
With my other hand, I groped my boobs. It was electric, never had I felt such an intense feeling. I felt flooded with the force. My lekku twitched slightly, my body ached to be finished. I was ready, I arched my back and felt such heat about me. Wanting to be filled so much I considered using my lightsaber hilt for a moment. My vagina was craving climax, I needed it so bad and intended to give it just what it wanted.

I was nearing orgasm now as my lekku twitched even more, my toes curled, and my legs shook. It felt amazing. My breathing was very rapid as the orgasm took hold of me and I lost all control.
I screamed and moaned in ecstasy. Reaching out with the force I pulled my lightsaber into my hand igniting the blue blade. I panicked for a moment and tried to control myself as I came down from my high. Realizing there was no trouble I quickly ran through my thoughts and took inventory of myself.

There was no danger, my pleasure was immense and if that was the dark side then I think it just might be okay.
I decided I just might need a toy or friend though, as I had briefly been tempted to use the hilt of my lightsaber to masturbate with.

Well, in any case, I was no longer bored and I had a new goal.
Discover someone or something to help me with my pleasure. And I knew just the place to look…

End of Part 1
Please let me know your thoughts as I’m new to this fiction writing. And feedback or suggestions or anything would be great.

NSFW: yes

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