The Book Club, Part I (CFNM) (group) – Short Sex Story

The Book Club, Part 1

Stephanie had been a part of this book club for a few months now. Each month, they meet at a different member’s house. This is our first time hosting. From what I find out, it’s a group of 10-12 women who gather monthly to drink wine and occasionally talk about a book.

I’ve been told that the husbands often serve the women drinks and hors d’oeuvres. Never one to shy away from a challenge, and willing to display my bartending and cooking abilities, I take on the assignment eagerly.

A week before the event, I’m informed that the month’s book assignment was an erotic romance novel, so the ladies may get a bit rowdy. My wife Stephanie suggested I could play along with the fun, if I felt comfortable.

She suggested that I start the night in formal black tie attire, and lay on the charm. Then, once a few bottles of wine have been emptied, enter the living room in nothing but a bow tie, suspenders, and tuxedo spandex shorts. Steph insisted that the group would discover it hilarious, and it would be a enormous hit.

The night arrived and it began as she had predicted: ten women showed, and less than an hour in, several are clearly very tipsy. I strut around in my black tie serving wine and cosmos. Once the room is properly lubricated, Steph gives me the nod. Time to undress.

In the kitchen, I strip off my white ruffled shirt, but leave the suspenders and black bow tie. My dress pants come off, and my tuxedo underwear are left on. They’re skin tight, and end just below my butt cheeks. My package is very clearly outlined; it’s no secret that I’m circumcised when I wear these shorts. I skip socks and leave on the black dress shoes.

I load my serving tray up with fancy cheese and crackers, take a deep breath, and take my first steps out into the jungle. It takes a few moments for the chatting women to notice me, but once they do, there’s a enormous roar of cheering.

“Woo hoo! Oo la la! Oh yeah!” I hear rise from the room. The cat calling fuels my confidence, so I strut more dramatically, sticking out my butt and my bulge as I serve the appetizers.

When I get to my wife, I know I have to give her particular attention. I set down my serving tray and lift one of my feet near her on the couch, so that my crotch is inches from her face. I wiggle and gyrate my hips so my package swings in the spandex. Stephanie blushes, but I can see that she enjoys it. The rest of the ladies cheer louder than ever for more.

Stephanie reaches out to fondle my hardening shaft, it must be her natural reaction. I’m surprised at how sexual this is getting. I had figured she and the women would get a kick out of my skimpy outfit, but I hadn’t anticipated her encouraging me to become so publicly aroused.

My growing bulge has created the shorts even tighter, to where they can barely contain all of me. Stephanie grabs me by the waistband and looks to either side of her, getting nods of approval from her club mates. Then she pulls down the tight shorts, unleashing my huge erection for the room to witness.

The cheers are loud and rowdy, and I am halfway between shocked and incredibly turned on. Stephanie looks around the room with a look that suggests, “Aren’t you jealous, ladies?”

She then finishes pulling down my shorts, leaving me completely bottomless. It feels immensely vulnerable to be so exposed, yet also very exciting. Stephanie twists my hips, suggesting I turn around for all the ladies to have a 360 degree view of me.

Next, she grabs her empty wine glass and shakes it in front of me. She grabs one of my suspenders, snaps it back on my chest, and orders, “We need another round of drinks, slut!”

The room erupts with laughter and cheering. I stand and retrieve the server’s tray, and feel several slaps on my butt as I walk back to the kitchen. Pouring the drinks, I feel my adrenaline surging. Pure excitement courses through me, and I nearly can’t wait to see what happens next.

With a semi-erect cock, bow tie, suspenders and dress shoes, I confidently stride into the living room with the ladies’ drinks. I begin serving left to right, making a half circle of the women sitting on an assortment of couches and chairs.

First is Sal, an outgoing thin blonde, who I think is a teacher. Sal loudly accepts the white wine, and to my surprise, reaches out to tug on my swollen shaft. She yanks a couple times, then smacks my ass as I stroll to the next one.

Becky, a small, shy, bespectacled brunette, takes her hard cider, then deliberately grabs hold and pulls while twisting on my hardness. She gives me three slow, methodical strokes before she, too, slaps my backside and sends me on my way. I’m beginning to notice a trend.

Chrissy, the PTA mom, fondles my balls and teases my shaft with her fingers. Amy lifts her generous tits up and rubs them on me. Danielle stands up, comes behind me, and gives several wanks before her turn is up. They must have conspired this plan while I was fetching their latest round of drinks. I’m not complaining.

Chloe pinches my nipple, then Morgan ups her by licking my nipple. Angela notices how difficult it is becoming for me to not come. I visibly have precum leaking out of me, my length begging to explode. Rather than stroking me like most of the others, she takes her long fingernail and ever so gently traces around the head of my cock, nearly causing me to erupt.

I finally arrive at my wife, Stephanie, and I pray that she plans to finish me. Her devilish grin suggests she has some kind of plan in mind. I can feel the anticipatory glares of the wine-fueled women; they’ve become more quiet than before, willing to witness how this ends.

Stephanie squares herself to me, and leans forward from her middle seat on the couch. She takes my pulsing cock carefully in her palm, she grips, then strokes slowly several times. “Has he been a good boy, ladies?”

“Oh yes! Blow him! Make him work! Yeah! He’s been good! Treat him! Finish him!” The crows chants.

She looks up at me lustily, and says, “The women have spoken. You have met our approval and now you’ll be rewarded.”

Her words send shivers up my spine, both from how turned on I am, but also with how seriously she’s taking this. It feels like I’m really their servant boy, and they’ve been conducting some sort of test on me.

Stephanie strokes me slowly and deeply. Her hand grips me tight, and she makes subtle twists as she glides up and down. Her hand travels down to my balls, then her mouth opens for my desperate head. She takes my length in her mouth, and soon I can feel myself in her throat. She hums.

The girls cheer again. Stephanie draws her mouth back, leaving a trail of lubrication for the next trip. Her front teeth gently glide along the top of my shaft. I look around at the women watching her expertly blow me. I do my best to take a mental snapshot of the magical moment.

Stephanie has exceptional blow job skills, which she displays proudly. Repeatedly, she takes me deep into her throat and out again. I hold the back of her head as she cups my ass with her palms. I can’t hold off much longer.

“Come on her face! Yeah! Face shot!” The crowd yells. They must be able to sense my impending eruption. I enjoy the last few insertions in and out of her warm, wet mouth and throat. When I get a little too forceful, she lets out a small gag.

Then she pulls away, my cock now soaked with her fluids and ready to burst. She vigorously jerks her hand back and forth, while aiming my shot into the back of her throat. “Woo hoo! Yeeeaaahh! Oww owww!” They cheer.

I take one last look around at the voyeur eyes, and finally allow myself to slip off the edge. The spasms start subtly as the wave of pleasure blossoms inside of me. The rush of my seed has been unleashed, and cannot be halted any longer.

I take hold of Stephanie’s shoulders as the first steam erupts out of me and into the back of her throat. “Oooohhh yeaaahh!” One of the members yells.

My body makes involuntary movements at this point; I jerk and whip this way and that. More ropes shoot out into her mouth, and eventually the dam has dried. Stephanie makes a point to take me into her mouth again, while I’m softer, and she suctions out any remaining nectar.

I heave, and need several breaths to ground my body again. Some of the girls applaud. Not sure if it’s for Stephanie or me. Maybe both of us. I smile with the relief and rush of dopamine that comes with orgasm.

Once I’m fully back in reality, I realize the cheese plate is empty. Like the good servant boy I am, I rush to grab my tray and pick up the plate to refill it. My body has a light coat of sweat, which feels extra cool on my skin when I begin moving around the room.

The ladies have comments and cheers while I nakedly walk back to the kitchen. Before I reach the door, however, I think of a pressing question that just came up. I’m not sure which answer I hope for.

I stop and turn to them, a little dramatically. “Is this what you do at all your book club meetings?”

NSFW: yes

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