The Bikini Model Part 1 [FM] Fiction inspired by reality!

Nikita was lying on the bed, with her eyes facing upwards towards the roof. She was gazing at the gorgeous chandelier above the bed.

She was naked and beside her was Ray. Ray was facing her and was caressing her soft milky breasts and her pink nipples. They had just made love.

Nikita and Ray were about to get married shortly. Ray was a pilot and Nikita had been a flight attendant till she joined modelling.

“You know honey”, she said. “Today I went to an audition for a famous modelling director. The audition went fine and I was selected”

“That’s great babe… are so sexy and hot…I am proud of you sweetheart”, Ray replied and then smooched her.

“But..” Nikita continued…. “They want me to do sensual bikini shoots. I have never done such shoot before and I am confused. Moreover I am afraid that your parents may get disappointed if they see such pictures of mine”.

“So my baby is worried ha?” Ray said. “Don’t worry babe…. Please go ahead with your shoot. I am proud of you and I shall always motivate and support you. Remember, I stood by you when you decided to quit the airline career for your interest in modelling. I know how badly you want to be a supermodel. Come on babe….it’s your chance. So go ahead. I am always proud of you. Make me more proud. I love you”

“But what about your parents?” Nikita asked.

“Don’t worry babe. I shall manage and convince them. Rather I shall not tell about it at all.” Replied Ray and then he hugged her. They lay in the bed for sometime, hugging and kissing each other.

Nikita then got down from the bed and dressed herself up and bade goodbye to Ray. Ray had a plane to fly after a few hours.

Nikita told Ray about the offer she got but she did not tell what she had to undergo to get that offer. She had slept with the director.

Earlier that day, Nikita had gone for the audition. When she had arrived at the studio, most of the other models had left. She had been the last to perform the audition.

At first, the director had asked her to strip down to her underwear. She slowly unzipped her one-piece dress and let it fall down exposing her lavender lace bra and panties. Then the director asked her to pose in different positions and took her pictures. After that he mad her to crawl on the floor. That was disgusting but she had no other choice then. Then he asked her to remove her bra and dance to a sensual song. She was hesitant but she did that.

Then the director asked the crew members to leave and after their departure, he locked the door.
He was a young guy and married. His wife was a model too. He sat on the couch and directed Nikita to pour two glasses of wine and serve him. He took the glass and asked her to sit on his lap.

Nikita did as she was asked to do. She sat on his lap and he started caressing her breasts. He made he to drink from the other glass.

Nikita was aroused and then she kneeled in front of him. She unzipped his pants and took out his gigantic and hard penis. She then stroked it slowly and the guy kept pressing her breasts. Nikita took the thing inside her mouth and gave him a good blow job. He moaned and moaned.

Then he directed her to get up and removed her panties. He signalled her to sit on his pelvis area. When she sat there, the penis entered her wet vagina.

The director held her waist by his hands and started moving her up and down. Nikita, who was then fully aroused, also played her part. She too enjoyed the movement of his penis inside her slippery vagina. And soon he cummed…. Inside her. She too had a great orgasm.

“Okay honey….” the director said. “Join us tomorrow. You have been selected”

To be continued…..

NSFW: yes

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