The Biker part 1 – Short Sex Story

Night out with the girls became a night filled with rough fucking.

My friends and I decided to go out before college started up again. All out slutty for our last night out before being confined to hours of homework.

I wore fishnet stockings, a pair of washed out jean short shorts and a black bralette with see through top. My 40D cups were too big for the bralette and they were dangerously wanting to spill out.

Two bars, a club and many questionable decisions later, we were coming to the end of our night. We were walking downtown when a group of bikers stopped next to us. They were whistling, yelling and calling for us to come over.

After probably a second of debating, we did and they were quick to scoop us up. Many of them had that stereotypical dad bod which I drool over.

The biker I was talking to introduced himself as Mike. I gave him a fake name “Jessica” and before I knew it, he was groping my ass. He slipped his hand in my shorts and felt up my ass. He commented on my lack of underwear and then slipped his other hand in.

I am pushed up on him, arms wrapped around his neck while both of his hands are massaging my ass. I could hear my friends with the other bikers but I was having too much fun with mine. He whispered to me how much fun he could have with me and what he would do if the others weren’t around.

I suggested we leave then kissed his lips ever so slightly. There were cheers and hooting from everyone around us. He called me tease, took one hand out of my shorts then spanked me. I bit my lip and moaned for only him to hear. He took his other hand out and pushed me away softly. He turned to his friends and winked.

My friends told me to be careful while he put a helmet over my head. My hands wrapped his waist and took off.

part two in the works

NSFW: yes

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