The best solo session I’ve ever had (24f)

After about 2 hours I just finished fucking myself and I’m weak in the knees.
First I put in my medium size butt plug to open me up and really set the mood. I got my new rose toy that I got that has a tongue, I first used it on my nipples and took it down to my clit to edge myself and make me wet.
Once I was soaked I got my fat dildo and suctioned it to the wall, I put it in my pussy and fucked the wall while the butt plug penetrated my ass.
While the fat cock was still in me I pulled it from the wall and contracted my pussy to hold it in me while I walked around picking up around my apartment.
I suctioned it to the coffee table and sat down reverse cowgirl, riding the fat dildo. I grabbed the rose toy and fantasized about having a sexy man fuck me from underneath and a gorgeous woman lick my clit. I felt myself getting hot and came all over what I could only imagine to be a gorgeous man’s cock.
I pulled myself off and knelt down, I licked up and down, tasting myself. I took it all in, practicing my bj skills. I wanted it in me again so I grabbed a book and suctioned it to that and straddled the cock on my couch and rode it until I felt myself getting weak again. I sat down on the couch, on top of the book keeping the dildo in me. I rubbed my clit with my fingers while I get more energy.
I got up and put the dildo back on the wall. I lubed up the cock and pulled out the butt plug, I got more lube on my ass and slowly let the dick slip in stretched hole. I slowly moved back and forth while holding the counter across from me, I heard myself moaning it felt so fucking good. I pulled away and sat on the floor where I fingered my throbbing wet cunt until I came one last time and licked my fingers clean.

NSFW: yes

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