The Beginning

It was 1977 we were both just 18. I had been dating the girl that would become my wife in 6 years for almost a year. Donna was unlike the three girls I had fucked over the last three years. She was a bit of a nerd and borderline prude, very shy around boys. I was some what of a jock but with only slightly above average ability.

We dated for 6 months before I fucked her for the first time. She said she had never done it before and to this day I believe her. She had a very hot body, big tits for her age, 36 c and an ass that was a little large for some but I found it perfectly round and firm I loved it. Her skin was white and very fair like a redheads even though her’s was brown. Her nipples grew long and hard when she got excited and were dark brown the size of a silver dollars. Once we had fucked every thing changed. She would fuck any time and almost anywhere.

We grew up in a very rural area with a lot of farms. On this particular day we were gonna a large outdoor party. When I picked her up she had a short sleeve denim dress that buttoned down the front stopping about half way down her shin, sandals on her feet.

As we drove down the road I ask her to take her bra off She laughed. Then looking at me said who said I had one on?

“No way” I said looking at her tits.

“The material of this is thick, I didn’t think I needed one and my mom didn’t notice.”

“Prove it to me I don’t believe you.”

Looking around and seeing no one near she began to un button the dress. “O my god your not kidding” I said as her pert tits came into view. Her nipples were hard and long like they got when we fucked. “That’s so hot”I said “your a bad little girl today aren’t you.” She giggled as she shook her tits back and forth not noticing the pickup coming up on my side. Suddenly her face showed fear as the pickup came up to the window. She scrambled to cover her tits but it was too late.

I looked to my left to see 2 guys that we went to college with, Randy and James smiling as they blew the horn. “Damn nice tits Donna!”James hollered as Randy blew the horn. I just smiled and waved as Donna tried to crawl onto the floor and hide.

I took the next right and drove to a special place we liked to go on my uncle Roy’s farm. It was a spot near the river with a picnic table and some chairs. Uncle Roy knew I took Donna there and he left us alone when we showed up.

“O my god I am so embarrassed” Donna said “I bet they will tell everyone.”

“James and Randy are good guys they won’t say anything.” I assured her as I opened the door and got out of the car and headed to the picnic table.

“Are you sure.” Donna said as she sat at the edge on top of the table “you don’t think they will tell.”

“I’m sure baby, forget about it” I said as I stepped towards her and wrapped my arms around her. As I hugged her i gave her a deep kiss then nuzzled her neck, kissing it then moving to her ear. “ God, my cock got so hard when you showed your tits.” I whispered. Stepping back I reached for the bottom button of her dress and unbuttoned it, I looked in her eyes as I un did another.

Nothing was said between us as I continued to move up her dress. Just past her waist I stopped. Reaching down I parted her dress exposing her legs and bright red panties. “Mmmmm you know how hot these red panties make me don’t you” I said sliding my hands up her legs to the waist band. She lay back on the table lifting her legs straight up as my hands went under her ass grasping the waist band I slid her panties up her legs and off.

My hands went back to her legs as I discarded her panties on the ground. Looking down at her I can see her fingers fumbling with her dress buttons, soon all of them are undone and she opens her dress for me revealing those gorgeous milky white tits.

My hand goes to her pussy, I slide my finger across the lips and feel her wetness. She gasps as I slide my finger into her. Looking in her eyes I say “God Donna, your pussy is wetter than I have ever felt. You liked being a bad little girl didn’t you. You liked showing Randy and James your tits didn’t you!”

Ooooooooo she moaned as I put a second finger in. I… “I don’t know why it made me so hot to show them. I’m so sorry please don’t be mad at me I don’t know what’s wrong with me.”

“Mmmmm baby there isn’t anything wrong with you, it was so hot my cock has been hard as a rock since it happened. Why do you think I brought you here.”

With that I pulled my shorts and underwear off in one motion. “Look at it baby, just look how hard you made me.”

Propping herself up on her elbows she looked down at my cock. Hard and twitching, bouncing up and down. “Do you want to put it in me? Do you want to fuck your bad bad little girlfriend?”

I didn’t even answer I just buried my hard 6 inch throbbing cock in her and began thrusting.

“Oooooo yes fuck me Fuck me Danny!!”

“ What if they followed us here Danny? What if they were over there watching us?”

“O my god Donna that would be so hot. They would probably be standing over there jerking their big hard cocks while they watched.”

“Mmmmm I see their big hard cocks and yell, nice cocks boys.” She laughs.

“God this has me so hot Donna.” Now I stammer as I’m thrusting “what if…… what if….. what if they want to fuck you too?”
She looks in my eyes a little confused “o god Danny that’s sooooo hot.” Then as she pulled me down down to her kissed me then looking into my eyes
I feel her hot pussy start to quiver around my hard cock as she whispers “fuck me.. ..fuck me Randy.”

I came like never before flooding her quivering hot wet pussy.
We never made it to the party.

And so it began.

NSFW: yes

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