The beginning part 2


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A couple of weeks pass, and Laura and Matt have been sexting back and forth. Every time there, together, a tickling incident happens, and she leaves her panties for him to discover every time. She wants to take the next step. The mother inlaw and her husband are all gone for the day, and her father inlaw is home by himself. She devises a plan and calls him. “Hey what are you doing ” she ask Matt answers “Just finishing up at the hardware store, what’s up” he ask “Well thhe washing machine is acting up and I don’t want your son to be mad when he gets home, could you come and take a look at it” in a sexy little voice. “Be there in about 15 min,” he tells her.

Matt gets to her house taps on the door, and he walks in she greets him at the door ,”we have to be quite, your grandson is sleeping and I don’t want him to wake yet” Laura says with a devilish grin “Ok, so what is going on with the washer” he ask. They walk into the laundry room, Matt sets his tools down “It seems not to be spinning right, it didn’t make me cum as it usually does” Laura says to him as she looks all slutty. “Can you fix that for me?” Without saying a word, Matt pulls her to him and kisses her on he lips, he pushes hs tongue past her lips as they begin to make out.

Matt breaks the kiss, “I think I can fix that for you. I brought the right tools, ” he tells her.”I knew you were the man that could, ” she answers and grabs his hand they walk their way into the living room couch. She sits on the couch, looking at his big bulge in his pants. He starts to kiss her again, pulling her shirt off, He finally sees her small perky tits and starts to suck on them, Laura moans and takes his hand places at the top of jeans and she feels Matt slide his hand into her pants. She stops him for a second. ” Is there something wrong? Do you want me to quit? ” he asked.”No, I am just nervous. ” She responds,”What’s wrong?” he asked, ” I want you” Matt says in a confused tone.” I want you to” Laura says “Then what’s wrong’ he ask again. “OK, it’s just I have a really big clit and don’t want you not to like it” she answers. With out saying a word he pushes his hand deeper into her pants and under her panties, he starts to feel the heat radiating from her pussy, he feels her vald pussy and then starts to feel her clit it is big which makes his cock throb. “God, that turns me on so much” he tells her as he is rubbing her clit while 2 fingers finger her wet pussy. They continue you to make out and she grabs his hand and says harder, Matt takes the hint and starts to finger fuck her pussy harder. Her breathing has become heavier, and she moans “Please, Fuck Dont stop Fuck, Fuck Oh Shit” her body begins to tremble and his hand gets covered in her sweet juices.

Matt pulls his hands out of her pants. He can smell her sweet aroma , bring his hand to his mouth, and licks her taste off of him. She grabs his cock and kisses him. Just as she was getting ready to pull his cock out. The grand wakes up and starts to cry. “Go get him” Matt responds Laura gets up and grabs the little dude she brings him into the living room “Papa is here do you want to see him” Matt grins when she puts him in his arm.” I am sorry he woke up I want to make you feel good” she tells him, sounding disappointed about not being able to. He hands the baby back, “Don’t worry come down in the morning, wife will be gone and you can use our machine, is what yoi tell my son” Matt kisses ber hard and grabs her ass, before he walks out the door she hands him the panties she was wearing he brings them to his nose and inhales. His cock is rock hard as he gets into his truck he is glad he doesn’t live to far away as soon as he gets into his garage he pulls his hard cock out. He starts to stoke and starts to sniff her panties. He thinks about splitting her lips with his tongue and then fuckjng her he starts to cum thinking about cumming on her face as his hot thick white baby batter shoots out on to the steering wheel and his hand. Finally his cock gets soft, he grabs a towel and cleans himself up and then the truck. He heads in to change his cum stained clothes and shower.

Part 3 coming soon

NSFW: yes


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