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I was invited to a buddy’s house for a bbq. Well, not really a buddy of mine. He’s more of a friend of a friend. But we’ve hung out in the same circles for a while. Really good guy and I like hanging out with him.

He was hosting a catered bbq at his enormous house for maybe 25 people. Food was great, booze was flowing and the conversations were lively. This particular crowd is mostly doctors and doctor’s wives. They party kinda hard and it’s at all times a fun flirty vibe.

The evening was fun. I was having a great time and chatting with a lot of fun people. Especially the host’s wife. She told me the first time I hung out with them that we danced once at a high college prom but I didn’t remember. She went to a different college and was just at the dance as somebody else’s date. So, of course, every time I saw her I’d tease her husband that he had married my prom date. It at all times made her blush a bit.

As evening turned to night, people began to leave and the party mellowed as parties do. Soon it was just the host, his wife, another couple and me. The host, Greg, was quite a drinker. He had been drinking really good bourbon all night and I could see him starting to fade. The other couple was pretty hammered too but I had been pacing myself so I was just fine. I noticed that Greg’s wife, Allison, hadn’t been drinking much either.

We moved outside to their huuuge deck. It was arranged like an outdoor living room with a fire pit in the middle. The couple took one couch, Greg flopped down on another and Allison sat down on the last one. As I went to grab a chair from the table, Greg said, “Just sit next to Allie, that’s what she’s hoping you’ll do anyway.” Everybody laughed and so I slid in next to her. Greg and the other couple started comparing med college stories. As the three of them were laughing on and on about their hijinks, I noticed that Allison’s leg kept brushing up against mine. She’d rearrange herself on the couch and her hands would be on my leg for a minute, her fingers would discover a way to brush against me somehow. These subtle clues were not missed by me and I met her eyes for a lingering stare.

It came time for more drinks and it was my turn to make them. Good thing too, Greg’s eyes were half closed and the other couple’s speech was getting slower and sloooower. The bar was inside and downstairs from the deck. Any of them would have just spilled the booze on the stairs or fallen down them.

As I was pouring some whisky for the group, I heard somebody coming down the stairs. A few seconds later Alison rounded the corner. She looked dead into my eyes and said, “I thought you could use a hand.” I put the bottle down and walked straight toward her.

I slid one hand around her waist and pulled her into me. My hands made their way up and down her back to her tight toned ass while I kissed her long and deeply. I brought one hand up her back, along her neck and into her long blonde hair. My fingers tightened and I pulled her head back away from me. Staring into her eyes I said, “We shouldn’t do this, he’s right upstairs.” She just leaned in and started kissing me again.

Not being one to say no to gorgeous women who want me, I obliged. I kissed her a moment more and then pulled her hair back again, looked at her and smiled. Then I pushed her to her knees. She nearly shredded my pants trying to get my cock out and happily swallowed it when she did. I kept my hands wrapped in her hair and slowly began to fuck her mouth. She submissively put both hands behind her back and groaned into my cock as I forced it down her throat. As much as I needed to cum, it wasn’t her mouth I wanted.

I slid my cock out of her mouth and looked down at this gorgeous trophy wife on her knees before me with her mouth wide open, waiting. My hand still firmly in her hair, I pulled her to her feet, spun her around and bent her over the bar. She was wearing a dress so I just pulled it up, pushed her panties to the side and pushed my thick rod into her married fuckhole.

She was so wet and ready that her pussy pulled me inside. I pushed in deeeeep and held it there. I could feel her quivering on my fat cock I pulled back slow before slamming it back in hard. I pushed her face down onto the bar as I started to slam her from behind. With my free hand, I gave her ass some hard smacks. Her heavy breathing and sloppy squishing of her wet cunt getting plunged were the only sounds for a few moments until she began to moan. Loud.

I stopped for a moment and told her to keep quiet or the others would hear us. She mumbled something and then started pushing her ass back against me. As I resumed pounding her dripping snatch, so resumed her moaning. Not wanting to have her announce to her husband that I was pouring more than drinks, I improvised. I grabbed the waist of her panties and tore them off her narrow hips. I crumbed the wet panties into a ball and shoved them into sweet Allison’s mouth. Satisfied that the noise problem had been resolved, I got back to fucking her deep and hard.

Even though it was just a few minutes that I had her bent over the bar, I felt her have several orgasms. She’d tense up and her pussy would squeeze my cock. After about the third time it started to have an effect on me. I could feel my balls start to tighten up and my thick cock start to thicken. I held myself deep inside her and shot my enormous load into her tight married fuckhole.

I slowly pulled her up from the bar and slid out of her. I turned her around and pulled the panties out of her mouth. She tried to say something but just sort of mumbled. We kissed softly and then I gently pushed her back to her knees so that she could lick and clean my cock with her mouth. When she was done, we quietly arranged our clothes, grabbed the drinks and went back up to the party.

NSFW: yes

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