The Arrangement Part 2 (FMMMMMM) All Characters 20+ – Short Sex Story

An hour later a sleek black town car pulled up in front of my apartment and Adam got out of the back seat. He opened the door for me, allowing me to slide in. “You have a bag,” He smirked, eyeing the black backpack I was carrying. “You’ll be naked from the moment you step into the condo till the moment you leave on Monday morning. The only thing you’re allowed to wear is what we give you… If we give you anything.”
I nodded, my cheeks becoming flustered under his gaze. “And where will I sleep?”
“Wherever we leave you,” Adam reached up, turning my cheek so I would look into his eyes. “Now tell me your name, baby girl.”
“Stella,” I whispered, feeling my choice become surreal.
A smile played on Adam’s lip before he leaned in, gently pressed his mouth against mine and kissed my lips. The kiss was soft and gentle at first causing me to melt into his body, but then his mouth turned rough against mine. I could taste the smokiness from his whiskey and I kissed him deeper. Adam grinned against my lips before his other hand slid down to my waist and pulled me onto his lap, causing me to straddle him. As my tongue slid against his, I could feel the hardness between his legs… It was obvious he was excited with anticipation for what he was gonna do to me this weekend… for what they were gonna do to me… I moan into Adam’s mouth at the wondered of it.
Pulling his mouth away from mine, his gray eyes slid down to my mouth before his thumb gently grazed my bottom lip. Instinctively, I opened my mouth and wrapped my lips around it, flicking my tongue over the tip back and forth. I watched as a dark expression flashed over Adam’s eyes. “Your pay doesn’t begin until you walk over the threshold of the condo, but god damn do I want to fuck this pretty little mouth.” That’s all he said for the rest of the car ride.
By the time we made it to the condo, my legs were shaking with anticipation and I could feel just how fucking wet my panties were. He led me down the hallway and stopped at a door that read 224 before twisting the knob to open it. Adam stepped in first, holding the door open for me to follow. The five other guys were inside, all spread out with drinks in their hands.
I stepped over the threshold and smiled at them… my cheeks warm under their gaze.
Behind me, the door closed and Adam dropped my bag. “This is Stella,” He announced to the room. As he did, his hands came up and went to the zipper of my dress. “Stella, the men will introduce themselves but first we have rules you must follow for this weekend.” I nod my head as the dress falls to a pool at my feet. My bra and panties are the next to go…
Suddenly I’m standing in nothing but my black heels in a room full of six men, all staring at me. My pussy clenches in desire.
Adam walks around me, grabbing my chin and forcing me to look at him. “You will be naked at all times. If one of us wants something, you will give it to us. Your pussy, mouth, ass… they’re free for us to use at all times. Clear?” I nodded my head. “When we leave, you will be tied up. If we invite a buddy home and they too would like to fuck you, your holes are for their use. You are nothing but our slave this weekend. There are no outs… On Monday morning after we leave the 10 thousand will be waiting for you, cash.”
My heart was pounding in my chest… I looked past Adam to the other men who all seemed to smile at this proposition and something dawned on me. How many other women had been offered this? How many other women allowed themselves to be defiled for the same thing? Just the wondered had me clenching my thighs together.
Adam grinned as he looked at the men. “Gentlemen, I think it’s time you introduce yourselves.” Suddenly, Adam pushed me to my knees and tapped two fingers on my chin. “Open up, baby girl.” I opened my mouth only for his cock to be shoved in. Adam’s cock was long but girthy, precum already smeared across the top from the car ride. He fucked my throat, making sure to grab the sides of my head so I stayed in place. When Adam finished, he made sure to pull out and shoot his load on my face.
Behind him, Trevon stepped up with his big black cock hard as a rock. He shoved it down my throat. Next I opened my mouth wide for Micheal, wrapping my lips around his girthy 6 inch cock that made me gag from the thickness. Kace stepped up, wiping my lips with the head of his cock before pushing it deep to the back of my throat and fucking it hard. Once Kace was finished, Marshal introduced himself and rubbed his cock against my face before allowing me to suck it. Then last but not least, Damien pulled his gorgeous black cock out and fucked my throat until I couldn’t take anymore… all pulling their cocks out and finishing on my face after their introduction.
Afterwards, I stayed on my knees as the men smiled down at me and admired their work. Their seed slid down both of my cheeks, dried on my neck, and was plastered on my breast… It felt good… but I knew the arrangement was only getting started.

NSFW: yes

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