The 4 Chris’s [MFM x2]

You gave yourself a small pinch on the arm. “Ouch.” Yes, this was real. You really were standing in front of Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Chris Pratt, and Chris Pine. You and your friend Naomi couldn’t help but let out a little squeal of joy and excitement. Your hubby had told you that it was silly to enter that contest on Omaze but you entered anyway. When the phone call came telling you that you had won, that you and a friend were gonna get to go to the Oscar’s, that you would be the ‘dates’ of the Hollywood Chris’s you had nearly fainted. Now hear you were. In front of them with your heart beating so hard.

Pine took a step towards you. “So happy to meet our lovely dates. I feel like we won the contest.” He smiled at you and reached out his arms for a hug. You just stood there mouth agape and let him embrace you. As his arms encircled you you couldn’t help but notice he smelled like his namesake. Your knees almost buckled as your fantasy was playing out in real life before you.

“Get yourself together.” You said silently to yourself. As you snapped back into reality you looked over at Naomi and saw her getting a hug from Evans. You couldn’t help but be a bit jealous at the wondered of getting to embrace him. As Pine let go of you your focus was just on keeping yourself upright. You wanted to try your best to impress them. You looked past Pine and saw Pratt. He had that devilish smile of his on his face as he was clearly checking out your friends ass! You wondered maybe you should be mad at his brazenness but that smile was melting away any notion of that. Then you looked at Hemsworth. His gaze was upon you. But he wasn’t looking at your face. His gaze was clearly lower. He was looking at your body. You had chosen a red dress for the evening. One that sunk low showing off the cleavage that your pushup bra was helping with. The dress flowed down over your hips, showing off your womanly curves to those that looked. It ended halfway up your thigh, shorter than you normally wear but you had wanted to show off for your dates. You had also put on 2 inch heels. Short enough that you could walk comfortably in but long enough that you felt they helped shape your legs and ass. The ass that Hemsworth was clearly trying to get a peak at now.

You couldn’t help but bend over slightly to ‘adjust’ your heal. Giving him a better view. As you stood back up you could see what you wondered was a look of hunger in his eyes. Where with Pratt there was humor and lightheartedness in his gaze at your friend with Hemsworth there was strength and possibly some danger…… You couldn’t help but blush and quiver at the wondered of what he might do to you.

Just as quickly as his gaze had turned to that look he wiped it away with a smile. Then Pratt said “OK Pine and Evans quit molesting the girls. We are going to get into trouble if you keep manhandling them like that.” Naomi and you both could only giggle. Hemsworth then said with his deep voice: “Come then let’s get inside the auditorium” And with that he took one of your arms and with Pine on your other arm he led you inside to the Oscar’s. As you walked up the steps to the entrance you looked behind you to see Noami with Pratt and Evans on each of her arms. A look of joy and disbelief on her face. You caught her eye and she mouthed “Thank you!” At you.

As you walked into the auditorium your mouth dropped in amazement. You, Naomi, and the Chris’s were being led to your seats by an usher. They were waving and saying hi to people as you passed. RDJ, Scarlett Johansen, Cheadle and so many others. All of the marvel cast along with so many other celebrities you could never have dreamt to be in the same room as. You finally got to your seats and sat down between Pine and Hemsworth. You looked up and smiled at them just as the lights dimmed and Jimmy Kimmel took the stage to start the show.

You watched in astonishment at this amazing show. All the stars that have been on your TV over the years. The first hour went so fast it felt like you didn’t even blink. As the second hour ended Pine nudged you and said “I hope you’re enjoying the show. I know it can be boring at times.” You looked up into his eyes and desperately tried to discover your voice before you got lost in his handsomeness. “I’m having a great time! Especially because I’m here with you.” You blushed in embarassment immediately after the words escaped your mouth. Pine smiled and replied “Glad to hear that.” And as he turned back to the show he placed his hand on your thigh. His fingers on your bare skin just below your dress line.

The electricity you felt from his touch. It ran all they way up your leg to your pussy. You were instantly wet and wishing now that you had more to cover you than the tiny red g-string that matched your dress. You shifted a bit in your seat. He removed his hand and whispered “Sorry was that to much?” you whispered back “No. I really liked that.” He looked at you with a twinkle in his eye and a grin on his face. He then placed his hand back on your leg. This time a little bit farther up and with his fingers under the hem of your dress.

You could have nearly cum right there as Pine ran his fingers across your leg. I mean this is Chris Freakin’ Pine! But you used all the willpower you could to calm yourself down. As you did you placed your arm under his and put your hand on him. He smiled and placed your hand a bit higher. Your heart skipped a beat as you completely forgot about the show. Your focus on what was going on with you and him.

You close your eyes for a moment to try and get your heartbeat and breathing under control. As your eyes are closed you feel his hand move a little further up your leg. A little closer to where you really want it. You open your legs a bit wider hoping he understands what you want. He inches closer. He must be able to feel the heat radiating out from you now. His fingers contact the edge of your panties. He slips his index finger inside your panties. You let out a small gasp. As you do you feel a large hand on the small of your back.

The touch snaps you out of your bliss and back to reality. You open your eyes to see Hemsworth looking at you. His eyes darting back and forth between your eyes and where Pine’s hand was busy. That same look he had earlier was back. “that’s very naughty of you.” He growled quietly. Pine replied before you had a chance to: “she’s so wet. Should I make her cum?” “Make her ask for it.” Hemsworth replied with a smile and a look of lust. Pine’s fingers are circling your clit bringing you closer and closer to your orgasm. He whispers in your ear: “You need my permission to cum. You better ask nicely.” You can’t believe him! But at this point you need your release. “Please Chris can I cum…..ungggh……. Please Chris make me cum.” You ask as quietly as you can. As the last word eacapes your mouth he increases the pressure he is applying to your clit. Sending you over the edge. You grab onto his arm and have the quietest, most intense orgasm of your life.

As you come down from your orgasm you notice Hemsworth is looking at you at you with a smile on his face. “Give me your panties.” You slide them down your legs. They are soaking wet and smelling of you. Hemsworth grabs them from you and places them in his pocket. Leaving a bit of the string out so that you and others could see his trophy. As you collect yourself you realize the show is winding up. The winners of best picture are on stage accepting their award. As everyone stands up and claps you hear Pratt say: “about time. Let’s get to the real party.”

As you walk out of the auditorium Naomi and you fall a bit behind the Chris’s. You whisper to her “Hemsworth has my panties.”

“What!!!” she almost yells back.

Pine looks back over his shoulder with a knowing smile “Everything ok back there?”

“Yes everything is fine.” You say back and he turns around continuing his walk to the limo. You turn back to Naomi. “Pine fingered me during the second half of the show!”

“O MY GOD!” Naomi squealed. This time Evans looked back. “Sorry girl talk.” Naomi said to him. He turned back and kept walking.

“I thought you said Hemsworth has your panties.”

“He does. He watched Pine play with me then I gave him my panties after.” You tell her while blushing.

Naomi looks at you for a moment then says “I would call you a slut, a very lucky slut. But I was feeling both Evans and Pratt’s cocks for most of the second half.”

“O MY GOD!” you squeal back at her. This time both Pratt and Hemsworth look back. “Sorry guys just can’t wait to get to the party.”

They turn back. But as they do you notice Hemsworth’s hand on his side. Twirling your panty string as he walks. You blush and turn back to Naomi. “So……. Who is bigger.”

Naomi Giggles and says: “Evans felt big…… but Pratt might have the biggest cock I’ve ever felt.” You giggled back as you felt a tingle down below.

“Here it is” you hear Pratt say as he stands beside a limo.

The men open the door and stand to the side. Allowing Naomi and you to enter first. As you walk by Hemsworth he gives you a light spank on your ass. The slight sting getting you wet again as you climb in. Once everyone climbs in the driver starts the car. You can not see him with the partition glass up but you trust he knows where he is taking you. As the limo starts moving Pratt says “Well that was my favorite Oscar’s ever!”

“Mine too.” Says Hemsworth as he pulls your panties out of his pocket and holds them up as a trophy for everyone to see.

You feel like your gonna die of embarrassment as the Pratt and Evans cheer. “Well now we have to know.” Says Pine.

“Know what?” You say.

“Who wears sexier panties?” He replies.

You look at Naomi worried about how she feels about this. All you see is a look of lust on her face as she looks back at the Chris’s. You can not blame her for that. It is exactly how you were feeling too.

You watched as Naomi stood up. She had on a dress similar to yours in style, however it was black and sparkly. She walked over to Evans and turned around. With one hand she lifted her dress up above her waist. She was wearing a purple thong. It was larger than your g-string and should have covered her more except that it was crotchless. You could see her wetness from wear you sat.

“Could you help me with this?” She cooed.

Evans grabbed the sides of her thong and began to remove them. As his hands went lower he leaned in and kissed her ass. She shook a bit as he did. Once it was off she put her dress down and walked back to sit beside you. Evans threw her panties at Hemsworth. He caught them with his other hand and put them on display for everyone beside yours.

“Those are both very sexy. Clearly its a tie. You both win.” Said Pine. The other guys nodded in agreement.

“What do we get for winning?” You said.

Pine opens the sun roof. “Take a look.”

You and Naomi look at each other with a confused expression but do as your told. You both get up and make your way to the sun roof. Its a big enough opening that you can both fit through it. You stand on the seat below it and lift yourself up to your belly button outside. Naomi appears a moment later beside you.

You can see the moon shining tonight. But you don’t need the moonlight as the city is shining all around you. Just as you are about to ask what your supposed to be looking at you feel a hand on your leg, then another hand. Then a larger hand starts to feel you. You feel them moving up your legs. Lightly massaging you as they go. They lift up your dress. Revealing you to everyone inside. Your wetness almost dripping at the wondered.

Just then you feel a kiss on your thigh. Then another on your other thigh but this one feels a bit different. Then two kisses at the same time in different spots. They begin getting closer to your pussy. Kiss by kiss moving inch by inch. You can feel that one of them is behind you and one of them is in front. You look over at Naomi and can see by the look on her face the same thing must be happening to her.

You reach out and hold her hand before closing your eyes to enjoy the sensations. The one in front is at your bikini line now. Slowly kissing closer. You can feel his tongue come out and play with your outer lips. Slowly teasing his way to your clit that is so desperately asking for attention. As he gets closer the one behind you is moving from cheek to cheek kissing one and then the other. Steadily moving closer to the middle.

The reach where you want them at the same time. Their tongues moving back and forth, in and out, touching you everywhere. You can not help but let out a big moan as they consume you. You can hear Naomi beside you. Her moans matching yours. Each one getting louder as you both get closer to an orgasm.

As you listen to her moans and feel their tongues tasting you. Your orgasm hits you like a ton of bricks. It washes over your whole body. The electricity coursing through your veins as you grind harder into their faces. The city noises drowning out your screams of pleasure as you speed down the freeway. Naomi gets hers beside you and you place your hand on her back. Feeling the shockwaves going throughout her body as she has what you expect is the best orgasm of her life.

Once your orgasms subside you both slink back inside. As you get back in the limo the roof is closed behind you.

Evans hands you a water and says “We are almost there and you look thirsty.”

As you finish taking a drink you feel the Limo slow down and turn into a parking lot. A moment later it comes to a halt. Hemsworth opens the door and beckons you out. As Naomi goes by him he gives her a spank. You follow and get your spanking to. If it was efficient to get any wetter you would have.

As you look around you your disappointed to see its your hotel. Realizing the best night of your life is over you can not help but be a bit bummed out. You turn around to see the Chris’s getting out of the limo. Hemsworth now has each of your panties hanging slightly out of his pockets. Still making you blush at the wondered of someone seeing. Hemsworth looks at you and says “no need to be sad. We aren’t done with you yet.”

A smile come across both yours and Naomi’s face. You fumble for your room key and nearly skip across the lobby as you make your way to the elevator. The few night owls in the lobby have shocked looks on ther faces as the Chris’s walk by. They are wondering who these girls must be to have the Chris’s following them.

You get to the elevator. With how big these guys are the 6 of you barely fit inside. You reach your floor.

Pratt asks you “What room are you in?”

“1236” you reply.

Just as you do you get spun around and lifted in the air. You barely have time to register whats happening as Hemsworth puts you over his shoulder. You look over to see Naomi on his other shoulder. Pratt grabs the room key from your hand as Hemsworth begins to fireman carry you both down the hallway. Your asses and pussy clearly on display for anyone in front of him. You see Pine come up beside him and he gives you a spank as you get carried. You see Evans come up on his other side and you hear the spank he gives Naomi.

Hemsworth stops as you hear Pratt say. “Hear it is guys. Let’s have some fun!”

Pratt opens the door and holds it open for Hemsworth to walk in with you. As you pass him he gives each of you another spank. You can not help but moan at the contact. As you hear the door click behind you hemsworth drops you both on the bed.

Pine says: “remove your dresses and show us what we came here for.”

You take your dress off as quickly as your able to. Naomi doing the same beside you. You then spread yourself out and on display. Watching the lust in their eyes as you do. Naomi gets on her knees and puts her shoulders down on the bed. Reaching back to spread herself open. Your both wet and ready for whatever comes next.

They all start to undress before you. Each of them looking more like bronzed gods with each item of clothing they remove. Finally you get to see what you wanted. 4 hard cocks pointing directly at you. Each one looking proportional to the man that carried it. You couldn’t help but lick your lips in anticipation .

They were all alphas I their own worlds but clearly the alpha here was Hemsworth. He was the first to come over to you. He grabbed you by the hair and guided you over to him.

“Show me how you take care of a hard cock.” He growled.

You had never dealt with one so large but you were excited for the challenge ahead of you. You grabbed his shaft with one hand. Looking at how small your hand looked in comparison to it you realized you would need both of your hands. You start to stroke him up and down. Slowly at first as you licked his balls. As you started to move a bit faster. As you did you felt a tongue between your legs. You looked down to see Pine eating your pussy.

You moan in delight and go back to sucking on Hemsworth’s balls. Hemsworth smells and tastes better than you ever wondered a man could. You begIn to lick up his shaft. You wanted to take your time and tease but you can not help it. Your desire for him. Makes you swallow him the moment your at his tip. At least try to swallow… he is so big that your barely able to fit a third of it in your mouth. You look up at him as you do. He meets your gaze and says: “I can tell you like my cock. Your doing a good job with it.”

At the encouragement you begin going faster. You want him to cum from this. Before you cum from Pine’s tongue. But as you speed up he pulls away from you. You desperately want him back in your mouth. More than you have ever wanted a cock in there before. He leans down and gives you a kiss. Then pulls back and growls: “What do you want?”

You look back at him and say “Your cock.”

“And where do you want it?” He replies.

“In my mouth.” You moan back at him.

As he gives you back his cock you hungrily take it in your mouth. As you get as far as you can go you feel another orgasmic wave come over you. Rushing through your body as Pine’s tongue flicks away at your clit.

You suck on Hemsworth’s dick as you ride out your orgasm. As you start to come down from your orgasm he pulls away again and asks:

“Are you ready for more?” You can only nod a yes.

Hemsworth growled: “what do you want?”

“Your cock”

“Where do you want it?”

“Inside my pussy.”

He moves to the end of the bed. Pushing Pine out of the way. He flips you over putting your ass in the air. He gives you a quick lick from behind. Forcing a moan from your lips.

As he does this Pine walks over to your face. He gives you a kiss and says: “I hope you are ready.”

As the last word falls from his lips you feel the head of Hemsworth’s cock against your opening. You were as ready as you could be. He slowly moves inside you and you gasp. You feel a hand reach out and grab yours. You looked over to see Naomi with Pratt inside her pussy. And Evans in her other hand. But they had paused what they were doing to watch you. To watch how you took him. Another inch, another gasp.

“Halfway now.” Hemsworth roared and then spanked you. You were seeing stars it felt so good.

He slowly worked himself in bit by bit. As he did so Pine whispers in your ear: “How are you doing?”

You look back at him and say: “It’s so fucking goooood!” As you finish Hemsworth pushes the rest of himself in. Making you cum in absolute ecstacy as he does. You writhe and moan as your being filled like never before.

Hemsworth shouts “You’re a loud one. Pine can you make her quieter?”

Pine comes over and puts his cock out in front of you. You greedily take him into your mouth. Wanting nothing more in the moment than to be filled in every way efficient.

You glance over and see Naomi doing the same thing. A competitive feeling coming over you. You want to drain your cocks before she can drain hers. Your working your tongue and lips up and down his thick shaft. You take Pine’s cock out of your mouth for a moment to say: “cum for me. I want your cum all over my tits.” With a growl he starts shooting his hot cum all over you. 6 big ropes of cum onto you.

You look back at Hemsworth and say “I thought you were going to fuck me?”

He roars in a rage like you’ve never seen. He pulls out of you and spanks you hard on both cheeks then flips you onto your back. He grabs you by the waist and pulls you to the edge of the bed. Sliding his cock all the way inside you as he does.

He then lifts you up. And with your legs locked behind him he carries you over to the wall he places you against it and fucks you like you have never been fucked before. Faster and faster. Harder and harder. Finally he grunts and lifts you off his cock putting you down on your knees in front of him.

He grabs his dick as the cum starts shooting out of it. Covering you in his seed from head to toe.

He looks down and smiles at you. “Thats the prettiest you’ve looked all night. C’mon guys let’s go.”

You looked over at Naomi. She had Pratt’s cum all over her ass. Evans wasn’t done. But they all had that look on there face that said they knew not to argue with Hemsworth. They put on their pants and walked out the door.

NSFW: yes

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