That’s why it’s called “Ecstasy” [MFM]

Sarah is having the best night of her life.

It’s the begin of the Summer and she and her friends Matt and Andy have decided to mark it in style: at the largest festival in the country. After graduating from University, they all have months of pent-up energy to release – and where better than the biggest, most otherworldly party feasible?

For three years, the boys looked out for Sarah on nights out – protecting her from creepy guys and making sure she all the time got home safe. But bar a drunken kiss with Matt one night, the friends were just that – friends. And Sarah – with her striking green eyes, jet black hair, and hourglass figure – attracted more than her fair distribute of attention. Matt, six foot three, and Andy with the create of a rugby player (albeit an out of practice one). When they step in, the creeps disappear. She trusts them like brothers.

So when Andy had suggested they take MDMA together at the Festival, she didn’t hesitate. She’d all the time wanted to try it, and what better time than now?

Surrounded by friendly strangers, all dancing as one to the beat, moving her body in methods she didn’t know she could – noticing the other ravers staring at her body but allowing herself to enjoy it- Sarah is completely lost in the music. So lost, in fact, that she doesn’t notice when the boys disappear. She checks her phone – dead. Of course. She’s been dancing for hours. But they’re a gang, they’re her boys – she has to discover them. So, brain flooded with serotonin, still dancing as she walks, she starts to move away from the crowd and in the direction of their campsite. Besides, wearing only a bikini top and a miniskirt, she’s starting to feel the cold. Perhaps Matt and Andy can warm her up.

She finds the boys in the tent the two of them are sharing; a dark blue oblong just tall enough to sit up in and just long enough to lie down in. They’d come back to get water and chewing gum for the serious case of Rave Jaw that Andy was experiencing, and made the fatal mistake of getting comfortable. They’re both lying on their front, stretched out in the tent, sharing the last of a joint. They’re already in their boxer shorts and clearly in no mood to move anywhere.

Sarah, swaying her hips to the beat still pounding from the arena, decides: if you can’t beat them – join them.

“Room for one more?”

It’s a “two man” tent but the boys push themselves against the sides as Sarah squeezes herself in between them. Matt passes her the joint and she savours the sweet smoke as it floods her lungs. Everything is so much better when you’re high. She stubs out the joint and looks up at the guys, her pupils the size of saucers.

“I love you guys.”

Andy laughs. “That’s the drugs talking, mate. But we love you too.” He puts his hand on her back and gives it a friendly stroke. Sarah freezes.

“That… that felt incredible.”

The boys laugh in tandem. “OK,” says Matt. “That is DEFINITELY the drugs talking.”

Sarah rolls around onto her back so she is facing the boys, their smiling faces looking down at her.

“You know what feels *amazing* when you’re high?” Andy asks rhetorically.

“This.” He stretches out his fingers, lightly places them on Sarah’s wrist, and slowly strokes the underside of her right arm.

“Oh my god!”

She can’t help shouting. It’s like electricity is shooting from each one of his fingertips and into her veins. Her whole body is tingling. She’s never felt anything like it.

She turns to her left.

“Matt, do the other one. Please.”

Matt, seeing the look in Sarah’s eyes, reaches over and zips the tent closed, a dim light from the campsite creating a spotlight on the centre of the tent. On her.

The boys comply, tenderly stroking the skin of her arms and marvelling at the effect it has, as she gasps. She closes her eyes. If this is how good it feels on my arms, she thinks…

Overcome by the sense of love, trust, confidence and sexual drive that only mdma can elicit, she pulls her arms away and gently takes the boys’ wrists in her hands and pulls them down her body.

She slowly guides them down to her knees, and opens her legs slightly. To make sure they get the message, she places their fingers firmly on her inner thighs, pointing up towards her skirt.

Without a word, they start stroking again.

Sarah feels countless emotions simultaneously; she feels like a slut; she likes feeling like a slut. She feels like she could have the boys stroke her skin all night and not get bored; she knows them well enough to know they’d never push her into something she didn’t want. But what they don’t know is just how wet she is. She really, really wants them to understand.

The drug has heightened her senses and completely eliminated her inhibitions. She kisses Matt first, softly on the lips. Then she turns to Andy and does the same. This time his fingers keep moving up, stopping just short of touching her where she really wants – needs – him to.

She hears a whisper: “Her neck” and the next thing she feels is two mouths either side of it, sucking and very gently biting the skin under her chin. The sensation seems to spread outward from her neck, down her body, through her breasts, her nipples, somehow finding herself even more wet. Instinctively, she opens her legs wider.

One of the boys – at this point it’s just a singular sensation, mouths and tongues and fingers all over her body – relieves her of her bikini top – briefly, a tongue on her nipple, making her whimper. Two hardening cocks are pressing into her leg. Yet still, they tease.

On her left, she finally feels a finger on her clit, through her panties. A brief stroke, just the right amount of pressure, but it’s gone in a second. She lets out an involuntary sigh.

Reading her mind, Andy – on her right – has his hand between her legs and has one finger circling her clit through her underwear. Matt continues to stroke her thigh, but his other hand is moving around to her ass.

She feels his fingers as they slide under her panties and start to stroke her pussy from behind. She’s so wet that his finger almost slides straight inside her. She starts to wriggle, to get the last barrier off, but Andy is still teasing her through it.

By now, Matt’s mouth is on her breast; flicking her nipple with his tongue and taking it into his mouth. Andy follows suit, and the waves of pleasure coursing through her body become unbearable. She – and they – need to be naked, immediately.

Three people in a two-person tent don’t so much “undress” as they do contort themselves with varying degrees of success. Her panties – soaked – finally slide down her right leg as Andy takes the hint. She rolls onto her right, kisses Andy passionately and strokes his cock through his boxers.

“These next,” she says authoritatively.

She rolls onto her left and finds Matt – ever enthusiastic – already naked and leaning into kiss her. Sarah stops for a second to appreciate the scene: two men, her two men. Her guardians, as she’d come to think of them. On their knees, their (pleasingly large, she noted) erections entirely for her, while Matt had her on the brink of orgasm.

Sarah is having the best night of her life.

She rolls onto her back and, almost without thinking, puts one hand around each of their hard cocks and starts to gently stroke them. Looking to the top of the tent, she hyper focuses on her touch, feeling each cock, slowly stroking as her heart races. Her breathing is heavy and her breasts heave and jiggle softly with every breath.

She feels like her fingers barely wrap around each dick. Even then it feels good and she hopes it’s as good for her friends. She spreads her thighs aside as far as feasible and lets out an involuntary sigh of pleasure.

The boys are working as a team now. To Sarah’s right, Andy has one hand on her breast, gently squeezing her nipple; the fingers of his other hand circling her clit rhythmically, occasionally sliding down to lubricate himself with her pussy.

She feels a finger slide inside her – she doesn’t know who it is and doesn’t care. It’s Matt, immediately finding her g-spot and curling his finger up to stroke it. Her entire world is cocks and hands and fingers and tongues, in her hands, on her nipples, her clit, inside her.

Responding to her touch, the boys have instinctively leaned forward. Two fingers inside her now, and a hard cock resting on each of her breasts. A loud moan escapes from her throat. The sound carries as it’s filled with lust and pleasure.

“Oh fuck!” Sarah manages to let out in between panting and moaning.

“Why does this feel so fucking good?! Oh my god!” Her hands are still occupied on the boys, stroking them with increasing urgency. She feels how wet she is; how much of a mess she’s making as every button is being pushed correctly.

So preoccupied with the pleasure the two boys are giving her, she doesn’t notice Andy take his hand off her body and put it behind her head. He strokes her hair tenderly, then grabs the back of her head firmly and pulls it up toward him.

“Put out your tongue,” he says, in a tone of voice Sarah has never heard – but likes.

She obeys. Andy – who once, blushing, apologised for walking in on Sarah changing – is pulling her mouth towards his cock. It’s thick, and trimmed, and now it’s being slapped against her tongue. And she loves it.

Meanwhile, Matt has replaced Andy’s hand with his mouth. Sarah feels it close around her clit and begin to gently suck, in time with his fingers still stroking inside her.

“Nnnn…. FUCK,” she cries, pleasure washing over her entire body. The drug’s ability to take one to, and keep one at, the brink of climax is driving her wild. She thrusts her hips up as Matt moves, his cock sliding from her grip. But she can feel it resting on her leg. It feels good. Everything feels good.

Her mouth opening for Andy, her tongue welcoming his swollen head. Matt’s hands, moving down her legs. His still-hardening length sliding over her inner thigh. Her pussy wetter than she’s ever felt it.

Sarah, who never kissed a boy until she was 18. Sarah, who wouldn’t let her first boyfriend go down on her and considered herself – if not a prude exactly, then somewhat vanilla. Sarah, with one hard dick sliding in and out of her mouth, and another gently stroking her pussy lips, pushing them aside with each touch.

She reaches up to guide Andy into her mouth, stroking his shaft, and feels Matt glide into her, meeting no resistance. Her pussy devours him. She pushes back, trying to feel all of him inside her, but he’s still teasing her – holding back. Only giving her his full length every third thrust – one, two, heaven – until it’s too much for her to bear.

That hyper-focus is now doubled- she feels every movement as Matt pushes in and out of her, her own hips moving back against him in unison. But every nerve ending in her mouth is aware of Andy, sliding over her tongue and between her lips.

She looks up at Andy, smiles, and licks his glistening tip, shiny with her spit. “Hold that thought,” she smiles, pushing herself up and forcing Matt even deeper inside her.

Rotating her hips as she sits up, Sarah is fucking *him* now. She can feel his cock swelling even further, the head sliding over her G-spot and making her cry out with every thrust. In spite of how high they are, she senses Matt is as close as she is. In a movement that seems impossible, Sarah turns onto her front, pushes herself up on her hands, and pulls herself away from him.

Sarah reaches her hand out to Andy, stroking his chest and then gently pushing him back until he sits down, his legs splayed and his dick almost vertical. She turns around to face Matt, and sees his dick covered in her cum. She’s impressed with herself.

Locking eye contact with him, she takes his cock into her mouth in one motion, tasting herself for the first time as she thirstily sucks her own cum from him. She leans forward, steadying herself on Matt’s hips, and then reaches her right hand between her legs to hold Andy’s dick – has it gotten even harder? – as she sits back onto his lap.

“God”, she thinks, as she slowly relishes the full length of Andy’s spit-lubricated cock sliding into her from behind, filling her up. “This feels SO good.”

She’s gonna come soon – she can feel the orgasm building inside her as Andy’s thick cock fucks her, his hands grabbing her breasts. With one hand working Matt in and out of her mouth, she takes Andy’s right hand and firmly places it on her clit, guiding him to stroke it.

Filthy thoughts flow through Sarah’s mind as the pleasure overwhelms her entire body; even she’s shocked by what her own mind pictures as she starts to think about the two cocks inside her body, on the verge of exploding. She can’t help it, “God, I’m such a dirty bitch, I think I want you to c-“ she starts to say. That’s when it hits her – first from her clit, the sensation spreading outward as Andy hits her g-spot.

She’s never known any orgasm like it; her entire body is on fire as she has to let Matt slide out of her mouth to unleash a scream of pleasure. Her body involuntarily twitches, her pussy pulsing around Andy’s cock. Squeezing him until it almost hurts. With him still inside her, she falls onto her side.

Sarah stops to catch her breath and recover; resting a moment even as she feels Andy begin to ever-so-gently fuck her quivering pussy. Her hands reaching out in the almost-darkness, she feels Matt’s legs as he leans over her.

Between breaths, she tries to speak: “That…felt…Ama-“ but the end of the sentence is muffled by Matt’s cock pushing against her lips. She opens her mouth, letting him fuck her face for a few seconds before taking control again – moving her head up and down his trembling length. He starts to moan and without thinking she reaches up and starts to stroke his balls as they tighten.

Andy is still gently moving inside her, stimulating every nerve ending with his almost imperceptible stroke, but senses that she needs a moment. He thrusts himself as far into her as he can and stops.

She has to focus hard to keep her head and hands working Matt, but not for long – she feels his entire cock throb between her lips and before she can even think, she’s swallowing the warm cum that’s hitting the back of her throat. Holding him until he’s stopped shaking, she lets him fall from her mouth, savouring the feeling of being so…used.

The tent is pitch black now, and the three friends lie in silence. Sarah can feel that Andy is still rock hard, but he’s lying still. Filling her. She focuses on the sensation and drifts into…not sleep, she’s still too high. But a dream state; neither awake nor unconscious.

Her perception of time warped, Sarah enjoys this state of post-orgasmic, chemical bliss for what feels like hours. It’s still dark, though, when she’s snapped back into reality.

Andy, in a similar state of semi-sentience, feels his leg twitch. As he moves it, he realises he’s still inside Sarah. Moving his hips back to slide out, he suddenly feels the welcoming warmth of her pussy once more. He stops halfway, feeling himself hard again. Feeling her, still wet. Should he? Tentatively, he moves back until only the head of his cock is in her. She whimpers, and moves her hips back until once again she has his entire length inside her.

Sarah can’t think of anything but the sensation of Andy’s dick. It feels almost too big, as he hits her g-spot and then stretches her lips on the way out. She can feel herself getting wetter as his erection grows inside her. They’re fucking slowly – in part not to wake Matt, in part out of sheer exhaustion – but intensely. Each time he thrusts into her, she pushes back slightly harder.

She feels him begin to tremble, trying to hold back, so she squeezes him with her pussy as hard as she can. He loses control. Sarah feels the throb, and then the strangely satisfying sensation of his cum filling her, sliding out of her, dribbling down her ass and her thighs.

The early morning sun is starting to break through the gap in the tent’s zip, and Sarah can once again see the boys. See the mess they’ve made, see their naked and spent bodies tangled up with hers. She feels Andy slide out of her. She closes her eyes

NSFW: yes

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