that one time i (20f) wore a buttplug to a final

so last semester, i had a two and a half hour final in one of my classes. out of boredom and horniness (i get *extremely* horny when i’m ovulating lol), i put in a small yo medium sized buttplug to wear during my biology final. the whole time i was super turned on and wet knowing what i had in me and how nobody else knew what i was wearing underneath my skirt and thong. after the final was over, i got up from my chair and noticed a slight wet print where my pussy was in the chair and im 99% sure the girl sitting next to me saw it too. i was so mentally drained from the exam and so turned on from the whole scene that i didn’t even care if she saw. i think about that day fondly and would totally be open to doing it again this semester lol.

and before you ask, i got a 92% on my biology final. im a clever girl 🙂

NSFW: yes

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