That Massage Place Everyone’s Talking About, pt. 2 [F38/M25/M25] [Massage] [Toys]

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“Room Five, down the hall.”

Claire stood up and made her way through the double-doors. She was now in a narrow corridor lined with doors; as she watched, one opened ahead of her, and a young woman in a set of plain white bottoms and short-sleeved top emerged and made her way down towards the other end- one of their masseuses, presumably. Claire made her way along until she spotted the door marked *5*, and cautiously let herself in.

The room was, again, brightly lit and inviting, and spacious given it was largely unfurnished, save a couple of small tables round the outskirts and, of course, the large upholstered massage table in the middle. “Ms. Mulligan?” The speaker was a youngish and- alright, yes, she noticed- rather rugged man in the same plain white attire, with a good-natured, square-jawed face that broke into a welcoming smile as she entered. “I’m James. Declan and I will be your masseurs today. We’ll just take you through one or two things before we start, and if there’s anything more we can do just say the word.”

Declan had been sorting objects on one of the tables in the corner including a scented diffuser and two large massage oil dispensers, but turned to face her and likewise smiled convivially. Again, Claire noted, he was rather handsome and no less toned- muscular arms showed off by the apparently customary short-sleeved white shirt. If this was standard, she thought with amusement, then she had to wonder to what lengths this place went to source its supply of attractive twentysomethings as its staff- then again, if this was the guilty pleasure of the town’s posh residents, maybe the pay was terrific. “Hi there, Ms. Mulligan. There’s not much to tell about the massage itself. The entire booking takes around an hour and forty minutes. The first hour or so is spent entirely on massage; we’ll ask you to turn over after around forty-five minutes. Then comes ten minutes of warm-up stimulation just from the external vibrator, and then the final thirty minutes which couples vibration with penetration by the machine.”

He stepped aside, and Claire saw for the first time- she must have missed it behind him- the machine itself: just as it had been pictured, a kind of upright mechanical pulley with a dildo on the end of a long arm coming out from it. Sitting on top of it was the wearable vibrator. Claire felt a little hot around the collar again, along with that same mixed feeling of being both excited and slightly wary.

“All of that more or less takes care of itself,” James added. “The important part you need to keep in mind is *these*.”

He passed Claire a set of two small matching remote controls, each with two buttons- one red, one green. “The settings are all preconfigured,” James said. “They’ll both move through several patterns and intensities over the course of the session- but, you’ll have these. That one’s for the vibrator-” he indicated one, which Claire now saw was labelled with a white letter V, “-and that one’s for the dildo machine. Green button starts it- you have to do that yourself, as I’m sure you know- and red stops it altogether; it’ll also stop itself automatically anyway once the time for the session is up.”

Claire nodded along, taking a remote each in her left and right hand. *Where would we be without technology, eh?*

“Now,” James said, nodding to the table, “if you’d like to undress and hop up on the table, we can begin- feel free to take one of the towels if you’d prefer to be covered.”

Claire sidled off into one corner of the room. James and Declan had dutifully turned their backs, but, though she felt a little pink in the cheeks as she reached for the hem of her top, Claire figured there wasn’t much point in hiding anything- if they were going to see her while she was being fucked by a machine, she thought with wry amusement, seeing her body was fairly minor in comparison. Nor was it her first experience with nudity- she’d dabbled in life modelling on occasion, one of those wilder ventures which May, perhaps not shockingly, had not joined her in.

Claire removed her top, jeans and underwear and set them in a folded pile on a vacant little table along with her bag. At the last moment, she remembered to tie her hair up, then made her way over to the table, clambering up and settling in to find a comfortable position on her front, face down in the little half-open rest that looked down towards the floor. “Ready,” she said.

It felt a little surreal the moment that both pairs of hands first arrived on her body, strong but measured and with the glossy warmth of the oil. They started out just around her ankles and lower legs, firm but gentle, moving in near-perfect symmetry as they worked at each muscle. Claire closed her eyes and took a deep breath. This part was, certainly, relaxing, though she wondered whether she’d really be able to relax fully, with the knowledge of what was coming later on upon her mind.

The twin sets of hands progressed slowly upwards, over her calves, her knees… when they reached her thighs it became a little harder to maintain that air of total relaxation. “It probably goes without saying,” Declan said, “that although we can and do provide a tailored massage for everywhere except the genitalia, *if* there is anywhere else you’d prefer us not to touch you-”

“Oh, no, go right ahead.” Claire smiled a little to herself. As before, if she was prepared to go this far, she wasn’t going to baulk at the thought of a more sensitive massage. She settled down and felt a flutter in her belly as both pairs of hands continued their progress further up her legs, crossing paths at her inner thighs, their touch ever so tantalising… now, she could say unequivocally that she was getting aroused. Well, the boys were certainly easy on the eyes as well as the body…

They moved on, now kneading her buttocks and then the small of her back, which was only marginally less intimate. Then further up- her back, her shoulder blades, her shoulders and neck themselves. The time trickled by- how much, Claire couldn’t have said. Now, this part was *extremely* relaxing. It was certainly no shady or dubious enterprise- her masseurs clearly knew their craft, coaxing the stress from each zone of her body with methodical precision. She felt loose and freed all over; the warm caress of the oil seemed to be seeping into her being, the still quiet and the heady scent from the diffuser making it all the more tranquil. Quality service. May, Claire thought, wasn’t going to be terribly thrilled with the news…

Then eventually- could it really have been forty-five minutes already?- came the words “you can turn over now, Ms. Mulligan.”

Claire raised herself up and, feeling both a little shy and faintly excited, turned over to lay on her back. James and Declan, she supposed, had seen it all many times over by now in this place. James met her eyes briefly and may have smiled reassuringly for a moment, and then they were picking up where they left off, slowly kneading her shoulder and collar muscles, and then on down, each taking an arm and working their way right down to the wrist.

This time, Claire kept her eyes open. Perhaps it was knowing what was coming next- or perhaps something to do with watching as two good-looking guys slowly touched her now-glistening body- but now the anticipation was really building for her. What to expect, she didn’t quite know- but perhaps that was part of the excitement. She lay as patiently as she could and waited.

God, now they were massaging her chest and breasts. They could hardly have failed to notice her nipples were getting hard. Claire could now quite plainly feel the tingling between her legs. It felt so strange to be merely laying here, passive, while they touched here so intimately…

They moved on. Her sides, one side each. Her abdominal region. The dips right around the tops of her thighs. Any trace of shyness Claire had until this point retained was now all but gone. Now there was just anticipation. She wanted what was coming next.

Then Declan moved momentarily away, and when stepped back into view the slim vibrator-holding belt was in his hands. “You have to fasten it,” he said, passing it to her. “Again, it feels silly, but rules are rules.”

Claire sat up and took the belt in her hand. It slipped on around her waist with a click-tab to seal it in place. The vibrating attachment- she assumed it was, anyway- protruded and hung down a little from the centre, and when the belt was tightened and the click-tab sealed fully, the whole thing fit so snugly that the attachment was pressed flush against her clitoris through her folds. It would, she was sure, have been quite impractical in some positions, but it sat in place comfortably as she lay back down against the table. “Perfect,” Declan said. “Whenever you’re ready.”

Claire picked up the first remote in her left hand, and pressed the green button.


An initial feeling of shock registered as the vibrator whirred into life, though in fact the vibrations against her clit were comparatively slow and gentle. “This is the first cycle,” James reminded her. “Ten minutes before you add the machine. Think of it as like a warm-up. Now, we’ll resume…”

Claire took this in without really processing it. Mild though they may have been, the vibrations were already getting to her- all that time to think about it, the erotic anticipation of the final stages of the massage; yes, she was more than ready for things to go up a gear. This time she did close her eyes again, laying as still as she could manage, soaking up the sensations as the vibrator buzzed away against her.

The two sets of hands returned on her body. Now the feeling of their touch had acquired an altogether different underscore. She felt suddenly more alive to every sensation, and her two masseurs knew it. No longer were they merely kneading her muscles- now there was something more sensitive, more *stimulating* in the way their hands glided over her body, in tandem with the device that was humming away on her clit. *Oh my…*

Her hips almost instinctively wanted to push upwards as if to find some greater relief. The vibrations, Claire was beginning to realise, weren’t *quite* adequate. They were just enough- oh, it was devious- they were just enough to get her good and worked up in tandem with the massage James and Declan were still lavishing her with. But no more than that. It was as James had said: a warm-up. A warm-up for what was coming next.

Coming right about now.

Right on cue, the vibrations suddenly slowed almost to a stop at the same moment as both pairs of hands left her, and she opened her eyes to see James folding down a panel in the table that she hadn’t realised was there. It left a gap in the lower half of the table squarely between her legs- a clear space into which Declan was now pushing the dildo-mount machine. “You’ll need to sit up,” he said. “Again, you have to complete the final set-up, but it’s simple enough. Just line the phallus up with your entrance, make yourself comfortable and then press the green button on your second remote.”

Claire scooted forwards on the table. She positioned her legs so that they were either side of the machine, then, feeling a little silly yet undeterred, took a hold of the dildo in her hand. It had been pre-coated in a layer of warm lubricant- not that she’d need it; the teasing of the last ten minutes had left her dripping. Claire adjusted it on its metal appendage, then, moving extremely carefully and still a little distracted by the faint buzzing that remained against her clit, lowered herself back down as she guided the dildo towards her, leaving the tip right against her opening as she lay on her back once more. “Ready?” they both asked her.

Claire nodded. “Ready.”

She hit the green button on the second remote.

Unlike with the vibrator the first time, there was no sudden spring to life. Instead, there was a faint sound of motion from the machine, and then very slowly, the beginnings of movement between her legs. Claire waited in anticipation. Everything up until now had been divine, but this was the one element she’d really been sceptical of. Was she really going to get it from a mechanical-

Wait, it was starting. Very slowly, but she felt the sudden thrill as the silicon cock pressed smoothly inside her, making her catch her breath. It went perhaps halfway in before stopping and retreating, a couple of inches or so back, then coming in again, working its way into a slow rhythm, in, out, just a couple of inches at a time. The faint vibrations were still teasing her on top. Claire bit back a whimper. Even this felt exhilarating- though she could feel a tingle of yet more anticipation inside her, pent up from the massage and the maddening vibrations on her clit…

“I think we can resume,” Declan said gently.

“Yeah,” Claire breathed.

Her masseurs began to work her body again. Claire lay still and breathed. The hands, the oil, the warmth, the vibrator, the dildo- fucking hell, her senses were barely equipped for it all.

And it was building.

Slowly but surely. The vibrations were getting stronger. The thrusts of the machine were beginning to pick up speed and were pressing deeper into her; long, luscious strokes where she’d barely even had the chance to process the tingling, twitching satisfaction of one before the next was upon her. And then there were the hands, both sets of hands that were now long past mere muscle massage. They glided over her stomach, slick and smooth with the oil- they brushed her thighs, they cupped and kneaded her breasts, their soft yet firm caress almost maddening. They never strayed too close to her centre. They didn’t need to. That job was taken care of.

It kept on building.

“Oh my God.” The words escaped her without even really meaning to. It was suddenly hard to refrain from crying out, or to keep her body still on the table. She was getting close, and it was like nothing else she’d previously experienced. It was building not just in her core, but in her belly, her fingertips, her whole body- just, of course, as James and Declan caressed each inch of it, in perfect tandem with the thrusting of the machine, with the whirring of the vibrator on her clit, pushing her harder and harder and-


Claire came like she had never come before. Her orgasm pulsed through her, and *right* through her, not merely between her thighs but through her entire body; she was squirming under her masseurs’ touch as her legs twitched with each earth-shattering contraction around the dildo inside her. Just as the massage had exorcised all the tension in her body, so too was this burning up all that sweet, erotic anticipation that had been building until now, satiating it with each delicious, throbbing beat inside her…

She began to descend from the peak at last, her body starting to relax, though Claire was conscious of both the dildo and vibrator still working away at her as her orgasm receded. They seemed to be moving at a lower ebb- they must, she realised with some amazement, be on some cycle that slowed itself to a more gentle pace to allow for the increased sensitivity of her climax. But, unless she was much mistaken, they were beginning to pick up again. They weren’t done with her yet.

The twin caress of both sets of hands was back doing things for her once more. James and Declan had largely let her simply soak up the intensity of her climax, but now they too, like the devices, were working her up again, manoeuvring her body with consummate ease.

This time it took no time at all for the intensity to build. Her sensitivities were already super-charged; the buzz of the vibrations on her clit alongside the ceaseless thrusting inside her, and the massage, the constant, meticulous touches that left her utterly open for every sensation that was raining down upon her-

The second orgasm came before she could even prepare herself, every bit as intense as the first. Claire could no more have stopped the string of vocal exclamations that escaped her than she could have held back the fresh waves of pleasure pulsating through her body. The realisation briefly passed through her mind that in different circumstances she would have been a little self-conscious about how demonstrative she was being in front of two all but strangers. Her next realisation was that she didn’t care. This felt fucking incredible. That was reason enough.

The second one passed, just as the first had, along with the slight respite of the slower setting on the devices and the more gentle ministrations from the two masseurs. But then once again, it was gathering pace. How much of this *was* there? How long was it taking between these orgasms- minutes? Seconds?

The pattern was familiar to her by now, but if anything knowing what was coming was making the anticipation even stronger. The vibrations, the thrusting, the wonderful massage. That momentary, empty feeling of the dildo retreating out before the next thrust stroked irresistibly back in. The hot, desperate feeling inside her that the sensual hands on her body seemed to be coaxing to the surface. Warm, sticky, breathing deeply, twitching involuntarily, Claire came again. And again. And… did they count as separate orgasms, if one began more or less as the other ended? Call that five times, if so, each one pushing her to fresh levels of intensity, trembling under her masseurs’ ministrations. It was beyond pleasure; it was mind-numbing, it was perfect, it was… slowing. Receding, the thrusts coming slower, the vibrations dialling down. The dildo pushed back with less and less depth until finally, it drew out of her completely and rested there, just as the last of the vibrations slowed to a stop. Claire lay on the table, her chest still rising and falling, the maelstrom of sensations fading gradually from her body. “The session is now over,” James said gently. “I hope it was to your liking.”

“It was…” Both boys did an excellent job of maintaining a professional manner, Claire thought, though she thought she saw a flicker of a smile around his lips that said he knew the answer to that. “Yeah,” she said meekly. “I liked it.”

She was going to need another minute just to catch her breath properly. James and Declan retreated and began packing up, moving the machine out from its slot within the table and returning the folding panel to its original position. Claire sat up slowly and fumbled for the clasp around her waist. She removed the belt- even the faint brush of the now dormant attachment between her legs making her catch her breath once more- and handed it back to them. “Feel free to go,” Declan said. “We’ll need to prepare things for the next client.”

Claire nodded, sliding off the table and over to her folded clothes. She redressed- the residual oil on her skin probably wasn’t going to do them any wonders, but a little extra laundry seemed a moderate price to pay for today’s experience. “I…” She turned back to her two masseurs. She was still tingling all over; the mere brush of her underwear between her legs piquing her sensitivities again. They’d probably seen her more laid bare in the last two hours than most of her past lovers. And yet, this was presumably just another day at the office for them. “Thank you,” she said sincerely. “That was… I don’t even know what to call it, but I’m glad I did it. Thank you.”

This time, both of them did break character into a pair of smiles. “You’re very welcome.”

Claire allowed herself a small smile of her own as she picked up her bag and made her way out through the door, into the corridor and down back through the double-doors into the foyer. The same receptionist was back behind the desk, and looked up as she approached. “Ah, Ms. Mulligan. Was your first session everything you’d hoped for?”

Claire was sure she was probably blushing again, but she could brush it aside this time. This was no place for embarrassment. She’d come here as May’s mystery shopper, and though she doubted her friend would be too pleased with her findings, she’d gotten more than enough to make it worth her while. “Pretty much,” she replied. “This is some place you’re running here.”

“Excellent.” The receptionist’s hand was hovering over her computer mouse. “So, would you like to book a repeat session for next week?”

“Oh.” The sensitivity that was still yet to really die down between her legs seemed to ramp up for a moment. “I, uh- well, I’m actually not from round here; I was just visiting and a… friend, recommended it to me. I probably won’t be back here again.”

“I see.” The receptionist shrugged. “Well, we’re glad you could join us at least for today. Though perhaps you’d like to take one of our cards, just in case?”

She offered a small tray of white and gold business cards. Claire hesitated- for all of two seconds. Even the card was tasteful. She took one from the tray and slipped into her purse. “Just in case,” she agreed. “Now, can I settle up?”

The receptionist nodded and offered her the card machine. “No need to worry,” she added, catching sight of Claire’s raised eyebrows. “We show up on bank statements just as *‘FT Therapy’*. We recognise the need for discretion.”

Claire keyed in her PIN and removed her card as the screen flashed green. “Perfect,” the other woman said. “Thank you, and enjoy your day.”

Claire sealed up her purse and made her way to the exit. A good day had already been had.


“Seriously?” May’s face was dismayed. “And they didn’t offer you anything else? Anything that would have been beyond… well…”

Claire shook her head. “They were totally professional. I told you, they’ve completely covered themselves. I say you just drop the issue and let them get on with it.”

“And what about the emails, the complaints?”

“It’ll only get worse if you try and fight them over it and lose,” Claire said. “It’s the Streisand Effect; you try to censor something and it gets it even more publicity.”

May sighed. “Maybe. Any other suggestions?”

Claire smirked playfully. “Get yourself an appointment; it might help you de-stress.”


“Kidding, kidding.” Claire held up her hands. “On that note, I guess I probably won’t write that feature piece. Even if I did change the names like I planned, maybe someone would join the dots and trace it back here.”

“Thank you,” May replied tetchily.

Claire rested her chin on her hand. “Still, though, I’d like to do *something* with it. Maybe like… a short story. They probably couldn’t print it in a fiction magazine, though…”

May snorted. “Yeah, probably not.”

“But the story’s gotta get out there somewhere. I mean it was *so good*, May- y’know when you orgasm so hard that your toes actually start to curl a little-”



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