Thanksgiving 5some

Just happened, backstory: fucked a family friend a few thanksgivings ago, also fucked two other family friends and got a handy from their milf mother. I hosted thanksgiving today and invited them. Everybody cleared out the house around 9:00. Already had a group message with the 4 girls and we were all down to fuck. As soon as the last person left we all went flying upstairs to my office type room. We all got naked and I pulled out bottles of coconut oil and we lathered each other til we were all oily. I ate all of their pussies one by one. Let them suck me one by one. Fucked them in every position that we can think of one by one. All while the others rubbed us up and down. The person who I had the most fun with got my cum. I ended up cumming on the older sister and daughter of the family. I exploded everywhere. My room is filled with coconut oil, pussy juice, and cum. Most fun I’ve ever had getting Pussy.

NSFW: yes

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