texted my husband this morning, ended up making a little movie…

The text read “you should come back here and lick me”. I had just gotten out the shower and it’s been a while since we’d had the time to fuck. He was in the living room but came quick.

He showed up less than sixty seconds later, pulling off his clothes and dove right in. I was still holding my phone and I opened the camera app and started filming. Then he wanted me to go down on him and I handed him my phone as I returned the favor.

TRY THIS GUYS lol. I had never filmed it before and wasn’t planning to but the idea just hit me. The combo of him watching and receiving, he nearly came in under a minute! We had to pause a bit so I could finish on top.

As soon as I got comfy up there, I handed him the phone once more and went to town riding him. We had just yesterday talked about choking and he reached up and grabbed me while I came…. guys, GUYS!!! Again, the combo of “filming” it and feeling it made him bust a good long one for me.

Again, if you have never done it, try it! We had a gooooooooooood time!

NSFW: yes

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