Testing new waters for ourselves – Short Sex Story

My wife and I are exploring more of our sexuality and we recently discovered that something we enjoy is sharing personally written erotic fiction with one another. She has suggested I should try posting mine so here is a fragment of my first piece.

Paige’s chest heaved in a slow deep rhythm, and she wasn’t sure if she was gonna begin hyperventilating or just stop breathing altogether. Her mind was racing nowhere, just sitting still at a million miles an hour as her rapid pulse rumbled in her ears. She tried to recall how she’d ended up in this situation, but she just kept replaying the same moment in her head, over and over; Ross came around the corner, smiled his typical friendly hello, and the light seemed to catch his bright eyes. Paige had wondered how lucky it was that someone was in the office to take a look at her computer issue near midnight on a Friday. Paige had called so she could get back to work, but now her underwear was at her ankles, and Ross’s fingers were tracing back up along her calves. Perhaps she had indeed been lucky.

Steadying herself slightly Paige managed to catch her breath and open her eyes. Looking down at him Ross was already staring up at her with that smirk. Paige wasn’t entirely sure what he meant with it, but she knew what he’d done with it as a sigh escaped her throat. When his hands slid her skirt up past her thighs Paige’s head tossed back, splaying out her wavy chestnut hair, and her eyes shut tight. Ross gently guided Paige’s legs aside and she felt the cold metal of the chair’s arms against her skin. It could have been that which brought out the goosebumps, but Paige suspected not. She could feel wetness making its way beneath her and an intense warmth flooded her pussy. When Ross grabbed her hips and pulled the entire chair towards him she felt a strong clench within her; the anticipation ached. The moan which softly released itself from Paige seemed to spur Ross on as his fingers gripped tighter into her flesh. She wanted him to rip her clothes off, to sweep her off her feet. She could picture him pulling her onto his quivering cock and her breathing intensified.

His mouth began to work its way along her inner thigh and Paige rocked her hips to better present herself to his endeavour. His warm breath first touched her blushing lips and Paige released one of her white knuckled hands from the armrest to grab a fistful of Ross’s hair, holding him close to her hungry little hole. As his tongue flicked over her clit it was electric. He began to grunt out appreciatively, gutturally voicing his own eagerness and pleasure. Paige brought her other hand to her breast and began to massage it. She wanted Ross to play with them, to tease her stiff nipples, but knew she’d have to patiently do it for herself for now. She yanked at the shirt, popping off a couple buttons, and slipped her hand into her bra. Cupping her soft round tit, Paige pinched her nipple and worked it back and forth between her finger and thumb, wishing for the moment when it would be Ross’s teeth. When Ross’s tongue began to dart inside of Paige she had to hold back the urge to wrap her legs around his head. Paige let out a long loud “Aaaaaaaahhh!” She had willed herself to stifle the scream that had boiled up, but if anyone else was on the floor they likely heard that. Paige couldn’t bring herself to care, or to even think about anything other than Ross’s tongue. She bit into her lip as she panted out a series of short quick moans. Her back arched as she felt it coming. She was about to.

NSFW: yes

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